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"Thank you for contacting Devon and Cornwall Police. Please accept this email as acknowledgement of your correspondence......"

I thank the Chief Constable's Staff Office for this acknowledgement 6/12/2021 12.21 pm.

I add this briefly.  As a result of the maelstrom created deliberately by HMG in this country, force officers, their families, and many relatives will have been subject to the worst of the medical services currently available, and the best here and there.  Perhaps like my wife who was asked to phone the GP surgery and was number 11.  She waited later all day until 7 pm, and now waits again for a call promised at 10.30.  Now 12.30 pm  As I say,'the vortex sucks for ever louder.'

I spoke publicly by the Dart to about 300 20-11-21 re the plandemic and my hopes for a renaissance of medicine in the UK and the re-building of OUR NHS.  This is relevant to everyone, including our dear children and those yet to be born.  And later on line -

Part 1  My 31 minute contribution is from 1.03 hours to 1.32 hrs.

This should be read Chief Constable by every member of your force, including the civilian employees.  Written in the Guardian which I do not read.  By a fellow doctor, Professor of Public Health Allyson Pollock with whom I correspond, and a barrister Peter Roderick.  Together they put forward a very well reasoned 'NHS Re-instatement Bill'.  Has the 'bobby on the beat' got £4000 for his and his family's medical insurance?  Does he know that in an emergency, perhaps injured in a road crashe is attending, due usually to excess speed, that it will not be the Nuffield or Spre or -, dealing with him, but the skeleton of a demoralised NHS shell.

for truth   and with respect

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Dear Chief Constable,

This e-mail has not been acknowledged yet by your team - 12.21 pm.  However, I add this report from Russia Today.  Another alert citizen of GB sends me the links to pertinent reports.  It should be a source of shame that the British media - especially the State Broadcaster the BBC, carries no reports of resistance overseas, and scant coverage of the efforts that British doctors and scientists are making to bring actual facts to the public.

I alluded to the widespread demonstrations in Australia.  Here is the link

The police there have often shown great brutality and lawlessness in enforcement of C19 rules/laws etc but some have spoken against all this.  The policing seen here was clarly by consent, and I am confident your force will continue to reflect the good nature of most people here in the SW.

for truth and with kind regards

David Halpin

ps  This will be posted on  given we are dealing with the public interest.

To Chief Constable Sawyer, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, and others to include Dr Paul Johnson, GP in Newton Abbot and Chairman of the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group - soon to be subsumed by diktat into the Integrated Care Plan/System/Template >>  "South West Integrated Personalised Care" > Integrated Care System (ICS)

(For Devon - )

Dear Chief Constable,

The senior officer who would have read my e-mails to yourself will know that I asked for anonymised autopsy reports on the 11 humans who died at the Holmesley Care Home, Sidford back in February.  My FOI request was turned down.  They died around the same time and it is likely that, given the reported closeness in time of death, there was a possible relationship to an experimental vaccine.  At the same time 11 persons were admitted to the RD&E (where I served), ten being care workers, and one a resident of the home.  Your force later charged and arrested temporarily two care workers with recklessness or similar.  There had been a cluster of deaths in a care home in Anglesey, and closer to home, at the Appleby Lodge, Callington.  The manager of the latter was shown weeping at the loss of those she cared for -

I have just received this from a good friend, who was a senior social worker for children in the north of our islands, and more recently a PhD in an aspect of OUR LAW.

This 15 minute video is made by a detective sergeant in the Northern Territories of the formerly British colony of Australia.  He served for 28 years in that force.  He is a very intelligent and moral man.  The ending would do for the 'First Lesson' on this Sabbaoth -

Australia has become - not a proto-fascist country, but an ultra one.  However, the Aussies are rising up - as the British surely will - and I know your force will continue to police with consent and with respect for our freedoms, so hard won.

The process has been described well by Milton Mayer - attached, but then the minds of a majority were changed over 6 years.  My definition of fascism - attached. 

for truth   and with respect for your office

David Halpin