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Dame Cicely SaundersDear Richard,

My good help on Mondays  - in the woods mostly.  I am copying this to everyone on my main list + a few others.  There is no question that homo non-sapiens is at a cross road, and Frost's poem is apt here

Induced insanity is all about - yesterday I was almost assaulted, certainly verbally, by the proprietor of the good fruit and veg shop in Bovey for not wearing the 'mandated' and usually grossly contaminated mask.  This designed to speed viral transmission, and bacterial infection of skin and possible lung.  There were women driving about with their decorative masks on;  I hoped the mild hypercapnia and hypoxia would not affect the safety of the vehicles.

So to rekindle our humanity, our love for our neighbour, inspiration is at the centre.  So when, by the 2 cider barrels you had filled with juice from the orchard Sue and I planted within the wood pasture in 1988, I was very pleased to meet your friend from school days - Spike.  This man of muscle and brain, who works for Stihl, is my man too.  I share his love for trees and timber, and look forward to working with him.

But this is the key, and why I am writing pre-porridge.  And there is again the mystical synchronicity.  Spike's partner has been a nurse in palliative care for 18 years.  I told Spike how, as a student at St Mary's in about 1963, I walked with a few fellow students down to Bayswater by Hyde Park to meet Cecily Saunders.  I imagine she took us to a bedside.  She reminded me in her stature and gentleness of my mother - a Cecelia.  And I managed later to retrieve her name.

You too will be inspired by the story of her life, growing on from a most unhappy family.  And it was interwoven with 3 Polish men, the first 'Jewish' with whom she shared a spiritual love.  All this emphasises the universality of our humanity, the shedding of genetic and 'belief' connections.

The fight for truth and for the good, against elemental evil, is being waged - and will be won.  In my chosen field, there will be a renaissance of medicine in Britain, and OUR NHS will be re-built.  I speak of this here

I share this e-mail with a friend via the www. Sir Julian Rose, who is married to a Polish lady, and who has been in Poland recently to do with preserving the best of true agriculture.  I look forward to meeting him at Hardwick near where I used to row for St Mary's!  And with Dr Peter McCullough in the US.   My friend Mohammed Iqbal Adil, who has been crucified by the fascist GMC and whom I have defended, has just sent this overnight Being on Youtube, with 'fact checking' it might not last.

(Dear Peter. You speak too fast for my blunted hearing.  The development of your knowledge re C19 and your response to it, is very important to know. I should love to see your interview of 21 minutes in text.)

for truth