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Part One. The case of the GMC versus Mohammed Adil FRCS Ed FRSCI

I became sharply aware of biased judgement and response by the GMC when I brought evidence in 2011 of serious professional misconduct against two key witnesses in the case of the unnatural death of David Kelly CMG Dsc, the pre-eminent UK germ and chemical expert. His death has never been subject to a formal inquest. I will deal with this in Part 3.

Part 2 will encompass GMC failings in its duty towards standards of care provided by medically qualified persons, especially since the emergence of Covid_19 in the autumn of 2019. The campaigns by the UK government which followed, the propaganda paid for from our taxes, and especially the inoculation of experimental RNA contained material, have no basis in the sciences within medicine. This current paper by David Hughes MA is a very punctilious analysis and record confirming the latter phrase ‘ no basis in the sciences within medicine’-

The evils are the more stark given the ‘roll out’ of the experimental inoculations to children over 5 years of age starting this week in the UK.

Born 08/12/1958  GMC Number 5183820 Nationality British.Mohammad qualified MB BS 1986 in the Nishtar Medical University, Multan Pakistan. He served as house officer and SHO for five years there before coming first to Eire in 1991. His fellowships were gained in 1996. In his training in these isles he has served in leading surgical units. Altogether he has served for 30 years in the NHS, and for many years as a consultant general surgeon in mostly long locum tenems posts.

His central specialism is colo-rectal surgery; he is very adept in laparoscopic techniques. The many testimonials and references speak of his empathy with patients and of his surgical skills. All was well for him and his patients until 30/06/2020whilst working as a consultant general & colorectal surgeon from 1/03/2020 at North Manchester General Hospital NHS. He was dismissedand removed from the Medical Register. In April he had exercised his right of freedom to speak out of his concern for fellow man. In interviews on ‘social’ media he opposed the mixtures of advice, rules and statutes arising out of the bill, first titled ‘The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill’ and passed after 48 hours of minimal scrutiny on March 23rd.He saw great harm coming to poorer folk especially and to the medical services in the UK. He noted a global dimension and a well predicted plan of subjugation of the mass of humanity. His predictions have all come to pass.

His central urge was to follow the Hippocratic oath of ‘do no harm’. This a simplification of Greek texts, but absolutely plain in meaning.

I came into contact with Mohammad in April 2021 when bringing what I saw as negligence by a general practice in response to injury caused by inoculation of experimental material into a tyre fitter friend of mine. He dearly wanted to see his father, whom he considered did not have long to live in his care home.

I have stood with him since because I loathe lies and injustice. I joined him in his defence when a claim by the GMC was to be heard at the Manchester High Court on 26-06-2021. He was then in Pakistan serving as a surgeon to keep his skills honed and some income going. This is a quote from the first e-mail from him 23-04-2021 – edited slightly

I am sorry to hear the way your complaint to the GMC has been handled . You have rightly said that in my case the GMC rushed into making a quick decision in suspending my licence. I was told to appear before an Interim Order Tribunal  ( IOT) in 4 days. My two requests for the adjournment were declined by the GMC. (He had no time to instruct a lawyer.)

During IOT hearing on 01/06/2020 I was given 240 pages to go through in less than 2 hours. I found this challenging. My request for the adjournment was again declined by the GMC during the IOT meeting and my licence was stripped off in no time; I was suspended for a period of  12 months simply because of expressing my view point on covid 19 at that time.

I add that a trawl (as phrased by the barrister who later represented him at a subsequent IOT) revealed one error – at the Chesterfield Hospital. He brought out the wrong end of the large bowel in an emergency colostomy for obstruction due to a rectal cancer. The patient was moribund and had mesenteric and liver metastases. The admitting surgeon, instead of dealing with the patient himself, gave Mohammad the ‘dirty end of the stick’, and ridiculously and dangerously had asked him to perform this operation on a grossly distended bowel by laparoscopy. This would have bound to end in gross soiling of the peritoneal cavity.

For brevity I will simply note the most egregious actions, accusations and omissions of the GMC. There are so many.

a. He asked thrice for the records of the ‘colostomy’ case – over months. Something needed to be hidden?

b. He has been subject to five ‘IOT’s. Note that the GMC in setting up the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) and the IOTs requires 5 members of the latter, 2 being ‘registrants’ ie doctors on the Medical Register. Each of the 5 IOTs he has attended virtually, have had only 3 members, with the lawyer chairman counted in, and only one doctor. GPs in two, and a paediatrician in another. Not one of these would have fully understood what he took on re. the colostomy.

c. I was very closely involved when he received notice of the claim being made to the High Court in April/June of 2021. The claim ran to over 110 pages I believe. (On file). E-mails from me to him in Pakistan sometimes failed to arrive. He and me, as his requested McKenzie friend, insisted that the hearing be in open court – face to face, so he could answer his accusers.

d. This request was refused. And nether he nor I received the password and code number for the joined video conference. I waited in vain to speak on the telephone with Justice Stevens. In fact I was excluded from the ‘court’ ie the ‘virtual’ hearing by the Justice. He gave a nod to justice by reading my submission. Attached 1 – Address to Justice Stevens.

This was a kangaroo court bent on ensuring that Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRCSI remained off the register, with no income and a fully dependent family. And absent from clinics and theatre in spite of over 300,000 patients in the UK waiting with symptoms of potential cancer for investigation eg colonoscopy, diagnosis and often a surgical procedure.

In the second week of January this year he was faced with the fifth IOT. The barrister advising the GMC (why a barrister) was a Mr Lasker. The conditions imposed were draconian in my view. Attached 2. He was to work as a registrar for 3 months with strict conditions requiring him to maintain close contact with two arms of the GMC, and under the supervision of a Responsible Officer – Mr Jonathan Brooks MA MB BChir MRCOG. He is a gynaecologist and obstetrician, who also has a key role in Holt Doctors. My response to these imposed conditions was that he should refuse them, having put myself in his shoes. He would be working, if any hospital ‘trust’ would employ him, in often chaotic hospitals, chronically short of medical, nursing and other key staff, with added deficiencies due to self-isolation, contact tracing, actual physical illness and known psychological illness resulting from HMG responses to Covid_19 etc. ‘Fault’ would be found, in spite of his great skill and commitment to his patients. He remains ‘officially’ off the specialist register until June of this year. ie Two years off the Medical Register.

Now follows copies of e-mails between Mr Brooks, Mohammad and myself. Close analysis will reveal the threats, the intimidation, and the clear intention to stifle any word from Mohammad which fits with that central duty as doctors to ‘do no harm’. This includes – as with the final paragraph in Brook’s second letter, close surveillance of relevant social media. In spite of Brook’s request for ‘confidentiality’, public interest and Mohammad’s interest overide his plea.



From: Jonathan Brooks - Holt Doctors <>
Date: 9 February 2022 at 12:42:58 GMT
Cc: Revalidation
Subject: FW: Holt 14270 Communications

Dear Mr Adil

You will have seen in Mr Halpin’s unsolicited email (9.2.22 11.33) addressed to me and copied to you, that he intends to publish via the internet my letters to you (8.2.22 16.31 & 9.2.22 10.12), in whole or in part.

I would suggest that it would be advantageous to you to immediately communicate with Mr Halpin and expressly forbid him to share your private personal communications with any other individuals.

I would point out that you introduced Mr Halpin as your “McKenzie friend”. It is therefore your responsibility to limit the possibility of Mr Halpin breaking your confidentiality.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Brooks



From: Jonathan Brooks - Holt Doctors
Sent: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 10:12 am
To: MI ADILCc: Revalidation
Subject: RE: Holt 14270

Dear Adil

I will try to answer your question. I am not the GMC and I am not a lawyer. I have no more access to GMC papers than you do. But my past knowledge of the GMC governance systems leads me to believe the following course of events:   (NB, when I say “GMC”, this also includes “IOT” and “MPTS”)

2020 GMC suspended you 1.6.20 (“media concern”) whilst the GMC considered how to deal with your case – and others.

2021 During its investigation of the “media concern”, a clinical concern (colostomy at Chesterfield) was declared by Chesterfield – not previously reported.

2021 GMC took expert advice and 19.7.21 GMC referred the “colostomy concern” for a Hearing on 13.6.22 [case number C1-2743335318]

2021 During its investigation, the GMC picked up on your numerous loud protestations against the GMC’s decisions and perhaps your self declaration of what mental pressure this was putting you under. The GMC then started a (mental) health Concern as a separate matter [C1-2689071882].

2022 GMC lifted your suspension 11.1.22 and made reference in its judgement to 1) colostomy concern, 2) health, 3) media concern  - in that order. [see document: MPTS 11.1.22] and set Conditions on your LtP.

In that document:: MPTS 11.1.22

The GMC acknowledges the hardship this suspension has caused you – and they lifted the suspension.

They set Conditions to cover the “colostomy concern” and the “Health Concern”

They acknowledge that evidence suggests that your mental health is not impaired.

They acknowledge that you had stopped posting on social media.

They acknowledged that there were strong arguments about a right to express opinion etc

All this leads me to believe that the GMC no longer intend to pursue a hearing into the “media concern”. At worst, the GMC might give Advice (not Warning or sanction) to use whistle pathway, not media.

In the Annex A – Case Examiners Decision [C1-2743335318] concerning the “colostomy concern”, please note that the GMC explicitly state “In our view Dr Adil’s errors are easily remediable. However he has not provided us with assurance that he has insight . . .    ie the GMC are giving a BIG hint to you that if only the doctor would make a simple acknowledgement of his surgical error and show what he done to remediate, the GMC would merely dismiss the case perhaps with just Advice. But if you go on and on fighting the concern the GMC will take this as showing no insight and will sanction you further.

In the Annex A – Case Examiners Decision [C1-2689071882] similarly, the Tribunal imply that if the doctor stops writing and speaking of the GMC’s mistakes/harassment/persecution, then the GMC will accept that his mental health is OK and will dismiss the allegation at the C1-2689071882 Hearing.

I suggest that you read the documents again:

Annex A – Case Examiners Decision [C1-2743335318]

MPTS 11.1.22

Read the documents carefully, not letting your anger cloud your understanding of what these papers say.

Understand that the GMC is there to help doctors work – and work safely. The GMC only stops doctors if there are immediate patient safety concerns unresolved.

Accept that you may not work before June 2022. Have the courage and good sense to believe that if you show INSIGHT, ACCEPTANCE and REMEDIATION, in humility then all this will go away.

In saying all this, I am stepping beyond my role as your Responsible Officer and doing so as a colleague – fellow doctor and surgeon.

I personally would advise that you consider cutting all ties with people and websites that are associated with “conspiracy theories” and the like. Aim to get quietly back to medical practice as a surgeon in the UK and enjoy that role peacefully and cheerfully.

Jonathan Brooks

Responsible Officer
​DDI: 01756 664298


From:MI ADIL <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sent:08 February 2022 21:54
To:Jonathan Brooks - Holt Doctors
Cc:Revalidation holtdoctors
Subject:Re: Holt 14270

Dear Jonathan

Thank you for your email summarising our meeting today . As you had said that my media complaint has been dropped by the GMC but remaining two cases against me are still pending which I was unable to understand in the heat of our conversation at that time . Would you be able to electorate further about this matter . 

I would appreciate if your could provide me evidence when GMC has made this decision . 

I will be grateful for this clarification.

Best regards 

Mohammad Adil

Sent from my iPhone


On 8 Feb 2022, at 16:31, Jonathan Brooks - Holt Doctors wrote:

Dear Adil

Thank you for sharing a Teams Meeting today.

I am sorry that your “McKenzie friend” was unable to connect and join us – but you can share this email with him, as you see fit.

As we talked, very understandably you shared your frustration about being prevented from working properly as a Consultant Surgeon.

We discussed how you must focus on the upcoming GMC/MPT Hearing on 13 June 2022 and show a measured understanding of the issues.

We outlined the sequence of events that has brought you to today.

2020 you made some media presentations that at the time were unacceptable to the Trusts at North Manchester and Lincolnshire. You were dismissed and reported to the GMC.

2.6.20 you were suspended from practice.

2020-21 in gathering information, Chesterfield reported one instance of surgical mishap a year previously which had not been reported then

2021 possible health issues were raised

11.1.22 IOT lifts your suspension and grants a LtP with Conditions

26.1.22 referred to a Hearing (13.6.22) regarding the surgical episode

8.2.22 to date, the GMC have not raised a FtP Hearing about your media posts (and I think are unlikely to).

The situation today is that you are struggling to find a locum position that can accommodate the Conditions of your LtP.

You are having difficulty in accepting the GMC process.

You listened to my advice as RO:


1. Be careful to complete all professional forms accurately

2. Consider undertaking an Appraisal which will help demonstrate the following (and can be used to demonstrate to the GMC):

    1. That you understand and accept the GMC Conditionsattached to your LtP

    2. That you have maintained your surgical knowledge and skills

    3. That you demonstrate excellent mental health.

1. Prepare for the June Hearing by practicing how to make a succinct defenceof the surgical mishap, show humble understanding and show sensible mental health

2. Avoid all appearance of noisy complaint(in writing or at the Hearing) about GMC/injustice/suffering/discrimination/etc

3. Prepare a bundle of papers that contain your testimonials, references to produce at the Hearing – if required – but not otherwise.

Feel free to share this email with your McKenzie friend. Take professional legal advice as you can.

Do not be surprised if the Hearing ends abruptly with dismissal of the case, on the first day. But this will not happen if you go in there fighting or playing the hard-done-by doctor who is being persecuted by the system.

My personal advice is to avoid going to media sites that promote conspiracy theories, however plausible. And of course never post responses – they will inevitably find their way to the Regulator.

Sit tight and be good.

Jonathan Brooks



These are my e-mails to Mr Brooks -

Dear Mr Brooks, 8-02-2022

Thank you for including me in the meeting, my main function being to listen.  Since you do not know me from Adam, I attach a recent CV.  Attachment 3. This was prepared in my attempt to join a three man committee chaired by Professor Jane Dacre.  This was being set up to survey the work of the Health and Social Care committee of our parliament.  I was unsuccessful in this.

with kind regards

David Halpin  (MB BS FRCS)  Haytor  01364 661115

ps  At the last Zoom meeting I attended, I could get no sound.  I hope to correct this.



On 08/02/2022 9:15 am, Jonathan Brooks - Holt Doctors wrote:

To discuss: locum placements MPTS Hearing  Appraisal


To a Responsible Officer of the GMC UK  Mr Jonathan Brooks MA MB BChir MRCOG re Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRCSI - presently not registered as a qualified specialist

11.33 am 9-02-2022

I have referred to  I am sharing this with some fellow 'conspiracy theorists' ie doctors who adhere to 'do no harm'  - 

Dear Brooks,

I have learned the likely reason for me not being able to join you in your conversation via the Microsoft TEAMS.  I have not been downloading the frequent 'patches' from MS.  I apologise for delaying you and my friend Mohammad.

I sent you my most recent CV given that we were to have a most important conversation ie about the exclusion of a very skilled surgeon from OUR NHS and from his income - for TWO years.  You confirmed you received this and you possibly skimmed it - being long.  I felt that we three doctors - Brooks, Adil and Halpin, should know our bona fides.  I do not have yours but have gathered from the internet that you head the Holt Agency  and possibly have a connection with Gynaescan -

I learned a little more re Holt when I 'phoned yesterday to tell you of my connection difficulty.  As the call was being passed on I heard it said that the agency had 'thousands of positions available in the NHS'.  Not verbatim - the gist .  Before the inevitable 'music'.  I have been aware of the 'cut' taken by medical and nursing agencies.  I have to ask whether you see any conflict of interest between your earnings via Holt, the slow destruction of the NHS - long planned (read Redwood and Letwin) and your position re the GMC.  I have witnessed the destruction of OUR NHS first hand and opposed it over many thousands of hours more recently and for years in service as an orthopaedic and trauma specialist   52 references

Mohammad shared your letter to him with me - sent after the discussion between you and him.  You were happy, of course, that he did so.  I now share that with friends who see the GMC for what it is.  I point below to its outrageous silence in the absence of informed consent for inoculation, without need, of what I call often, for brevity, toxic junk.  You will find by searching 'covid' on my website that I have stated my views based on research and the best medical education, as clearly as I could.  I also note that bribery of 'doctors' is also of no interest to the GMC, but this actual crime has been going on for years - re inoculations, ‘screenings’, administration of certain medications /statins.

I now attach you letter - addressed imperiously to 'Adil'.  (As you know, I suggested we used given names)  You might want to amend your letter, and thus your decision taken on behalf of the GMC.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS St Mary's W2 1964 

ps  I have learned just now that you have sent a further letter to Mr Adil.  I have read it but I will only quote from that with his permission. (Edited - given to me by Mohammad)  In all this I bear in mind the millions waiting for investigation, diagnosis and treatment - including those with symptoms of potential cancer.  I also have in mind the negligence of many in our profession - eg diagnosis over the 'phone, with auto photos of skin lesions, of diagnosis being passed to others without medical qualification, 'prescribing' pharmacists (see the pharmacist in charge of the 'roll-out' of C19 vaccination in Cornwall - an expert in 'informatics'.  etc  



Dear Jonathan and Mohammad,  8-02-2022 14.59 hrs

I have got the link via chrome but then find another dead end.  You will have to count me out.  I regret that.  I add that whilst the GMC has kept you from your posts Mohammad over 21 months, it has turned a blind eye, universally, to the absence of informed consent for the inoculation of an experimental 'vaccine'.  It having not undergone a third phase trial with close prospective observation of the participants.  Further, the medical staff are being remunerated for each and every inoculation - up to £30 pounds when carried out in care homes etc.  'Do no harm'.

I have direct evidence within this parish alone of very serious adverse reactions to the Astra Zeneca/Oxford and Pfizer 'vaccines'. One aet 65, a friend, with infarcts in the penis (excised in part) and an ulcer over the L Achilles tendon - painful and open, with slow granulation at six months, and likely death of the visible tendon beneath.  He also suffered dizziness and hearing defects. (Pathological process now added – thrombosis in the relevant arterioles.) 

Centrally - you did nothing which 'brought the profession into disrepute'.  In fact the opposite. 

for truth


ps  Search  >>  about injury to another friend - presumed systemic end artery thrombosis >>  



It is patently obvious that the ‘crucifixion’ of Mohammad Adil is part and parcel of the totalitarian purpose in silencing all voices dissenting from the ‘official’ C19 narrative. This in spite of the ruling by Justice Dove in the High Court in favour of Dr Sam White after a hearing 4-11-2021 and the absence of any known response to the same truths being voiced by intensivist Dr Steve James – firstly to the banker/’Health’ secretary Javid. (edited – now 22-02-2022 a spokesman for HMG and its war council re the Ukraine. ‘Sanctions’ being an act of war.)

Meanwhile, with sufficient funds gathered for High Court action, Mohammad will have to find the best help for a hearing there, with all likelihood of success and re-instatement on the Medical Register. Substantial damages will be awarded.