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12th August 2022

Further e-mail to Professor Pollard BSc MBBS PhD (Lond), DIC, MRCP (UK), FHEA, FIDSA, FRCPCH, MA, FMedSci  Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity, Oxford University   ( and to Dame Sarah (Gilbert)

I have had no responses to my two previous e-mails, the first being sent 25th July, and the second the 3rd of August.

Update on our daughter Fiona - saw the oncologist last Tuesday with her partner, and we parents.  Fiona has agreed to undergo chemotherapy.  She is having preparatory blood tests etc, the insertion of a permanent IV line, and the start of chemotherapy in two weeks +.  The kindly doctor and senior nurse were explicit - cure was not being presented, but hope encouraged, which our dear Fiona has, along with great courage.

I saw my tyre fitter friend yesterday, Derek Hopkins.  He helped save me from a potentially serious road accident.  I had had a rare puncture in my pick-up.  The spare wheel was rusty from long disuse.  In the few miles to his workshop, the wheel nuts had worked loose!

He was saved from likely death due to systemic micro-thromboses from the toxic junk your team developed because he was already on Warfarin.  He had first suffered DVTs and PEs from a crushing injury of his chest when a combined harvester collapsed on his trunk years ago.  He has suffered DVTs and PEs since - hence the prophylactic warfarin.

Read these please, central is my friend Derek Hopkins, and my surgical colleague Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRCSI who has been excluded from his expert practice for 2 years plus - (the posting will be copied to the acting chairman of the GMC - the General Medical Council)

Freedom of Information.

I require you to answer the questions I posed you in my first e-mail. addressed also to Dame Sarah.  I recall that - in modern parlance, you had a 'light bulb' moment in a taxi, to do with the supposed terror of a pandemic. 

Either to my home address  or via  e-mail.

for truth

David S. Halpin MB BS FRCS

"There have been no acknowledgements from Professor Pollard nor Dame Sarah.

I omitted to add that there was the most oppressive mixture of advice, mandates and statute regarding care workers especially.  Some who would not submit to this experimental and unnecessary inoculation were dismissed from their posts.  Others were not taken on for their caring work for the same spurious reason.  Totalitarian is the only summary. 

Our daughter Fiona, with a living to earn after a rest for some months, submitted.

She underwent a loop colostomy 8 days ago, after 6 days of intestinal obstruction.  Advanced spread was found.  She is in good spirits and will fight her cancer.  She is seeing an oncologist in Yeovil next Tuesday.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

Dear Professor Pollard BSc MBBS PhD (Lond), DIC, MRCP (UK), FHEA, FIDSA, FRCPCH, MA, FMedSci  Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity, Oxford University   ( )

You will recall that I have written to you previously - pleading for your unit not to give the 'vaccine' in trials to 7 cohorts of children 6-17 yrs.  The trials went ahead in 5 DGHs but were later stopped, and I asked you why.  I did not get a response.  Some relevant correspondence posted on my website -

I have referred at least every 2 weeks to the 'Yellow Card' listing of adverse reactions to the Astra Zeneca/Oxford Vaccine Group (AS) experimental material and focused especially on Guillain-Barré syndrome.  The latter because it can be disastrous, especially if above T3 spinal level requiring mechanical ventilation and later risk of death.  And also because in this passive means of surveillance and general failure to report a likely majority of 'adverse reactions', this dramatic syndrome is more likely to be reported using this deficient system.

Many adverse reactions emerged, after setting aside a rag bag of conditions due to the fact that an 'AI system' was recruited to collect data.  Cerebral venous thrombosis was one category and one reason why use of the AS material was withdrawn from use in other nations.

With my daughter in mind, and the many others who have submitted to these inoculations I ask the following questions under the Freedom of Information statutes.  I need to explain that our daughter might have known of my strong opposition to such inoculation, considering it unnecessary, experimental and potentially harmful.  However, having been a carer/supervisor for 9 years, and then having a year's break, she thought she might have had to work again in that capacity.  The propaganda for such was overwhelming and included 'reducing the risk of serious disease in the elderly.'  She had two doses of the AS material - in March and May of 2021 - attached - dates, batch numbers.  I assume as with all other subjects, there was no informed consent.  What rational person would be inoculated if they were told this - especially if of Catholic or Muslim faith -


'Package leaflet (for patients)' -

 6.Contents of the pack and other information
What COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains
One dose (0.5 ml) contains:

Chimpanzee Adenovirus encoding the SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein ChAdOx1-S*, not less than
2.5 × 108infectious units

*Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells and by recombinant
DNA technology.

This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The other excipients are L-histidine, L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, magnesium chloride
hexahydrate, polysorbate 80 (E 433), sucrose, disodium edetate (dihydrate), water for injections (see
section 2 “COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca contains sodium and alcohol”).

My questions -

1.  Please identify the adenovirus of the 'chimpanzee'.
2.  Was this one chimpanzee or several?
3.  How was disease caused by this adenovirus expressed in this or several primates?
4.  What veterinary diagnosis was made in these animals?
5.  Bearing this quotation from   in mind  - 

A replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector (ChAdOx1) is used by the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved for use.[47][48]

How stable is this adenovirus once a strand of amino-acids that trigger production of 'spike protein' in the human victims, is spliced into this pathogen of a primate/s?

6.  And I note this second sentence  in this Wikip[edia account of Adenoviridae -
They have a broad range of vertebrate hosts; in humans, more than 50 distinct adenoviral serotypes have been found to cause a wide range of illnesses, from mild respiratory infections in young children (known as the common cold) to life-threatening multi-organ disease in people with a weakened immune system.[2]

Depending on your answers, more questions are likely to arise.  I finish with these comments.  I recall, when serving as an anatomy lecturer at King's College in the Strand (whilst preparing for the primary FRCS) that the Professor Nicol was researching the ageing process, and aiming to prevent aspects of it!  Apoptosis would have been central in this.  I note this reference in the same Wikipedia account -

The early genes are responsible for expressing mainly non-structural, regulatory proteins.[2]The goal of these proteins is threefold: to alter the expression of host proteins that are necessary for DNA synthesis; to activate other virus genes (such as the virus-encoded DNA polymerase); and to avoid premature death of the infected cell by the host-immune defenses (blockage of apoptosis, blockage of interferon activity, and blockage of MHC class Itranslocation and expression).

This would appear to be a benign effect of the 'vaccine' but note these observations -

The intended 'induced insanity' of the C19 vehicle has lead to depression, anxiety and fear **, especially in those suffering to a degree already.  This will certainly have made people look older.  But a very observant friend, and a professional gardener, has remarked on how her 'jabbed' customers have 'aged' markedly.  Some have had sudden, painful vertebral 'collapses' - I imagine 'wedge compression fractures' which were familiar to me as an orthopaedic and trauma specialist.  But one subject was a previously fit lady and a retired physiotherapist.  She was known to have had her bone mass measured and was NOT osteoporotic.  My early hypothesis is that there has been apoptosis ie death, of osteocytes.  Long lived cells.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Dartmoor  This to be posted on my website

** The inculcation of fear (body bags into lorries in NY etc etc) was advised by a group of psychologists, and told to SAGE.  This was thought necessary for control of younger adults so they would comply with the advice, mandates and statutes, and be willing to be inoculated with toxic junk.