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This at 12.10  7-01-23  I linked to 'VigiAccess' as urged by Marilyn Day, noting the caveats re access and 'confidentiality' -

There is a vast list of ADRs for this product on the AI gathered and passive (ie grossly under reported) Yellow card 'system' in the UK.  ** - see footnote. At the last search - link below - there were over 490 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome ie paraparesis/plegia or even tetraplegia.  5 deaths and there would certainly have been more.  People ventilated with existing lung disease do not always survive mechanical ventilation.

Then having clicked ' search database' I put in 'astrazeneca/oxford' AFTER clicking the box - 'I confirm ......

Result -  'no result'.  So 'astra zeneca' alone    - nil re 'vaccine'  > so   'astrazeneca'     20 products. The last being the vaccine.  So clicked on that.  2 screenshots - in case this 'facility' is taken down.

First - shows that this toxic junk, before it was withdrawn first by several European countries for its morbid thrombotic effects, was most often inoculated into the supine in Europe.  Note the dominance of the female gender.  Thrombotic effect due I believe to the induced 'spike protein' which inflames the vascular intima - the normally wonderful, slippery lining which ensures smooth blood flow.  Platelets gather > clot generated. This good friend is a case in point - he survived only because he was on Warfarin long term.  Body wide arteriolar thromboses

Second screen shot - note the dominance of the 18-44 yr population.  We do not know what percentage submitted, nor how many inoculations were received.  It would have been one or two. Then of course there were the boosters - using RNA 'vaccines' - mostly Pfizer in the UK and probably in Europe, and dominantly in the US (and recall that Johnson et al were paying £20 per 'shot' with our taxes for this toxic junk.)

Note also that shockingly - about 30,000 2-11 yr olds had ADRs reported, and about 180,000 12-17 yr olds.

BUT - note no deaths recorded, and it is likely that there were some acute ones from anaphylactic shock, and many from thrombosis - a spread of causes - from pulmonary embolism, to cerebral venous thrombosis - the formerly rare in my knowledge - of sagittal sinus thrombosis, to cerebral thrombosis and haemorrhage.  The latter in a 25 yr old from this parish - ventilator turned off 12 days in the QE hospital Birminghan, after administration of the AS junk at the 'Redditch vaccination centre'.  This fit man with his fiance wanted the Pfizer junk but the 'nurse' said they only had the 'AS' but it was OK.

The AI logged ADRs via the 'Yellow Card' are more useful, although we always have to always emphasise the fact that reporting is under done - often grossly.

Here is the link, but note last updated/locked 23-11-2022.  Why not updated?

Do view the long lists.  I see 'blindness'  330  And then think of the very difficult access to specialist opinion, chaotic clinics etc. 

Re Guillain-Barre -

Acute polyneuropathies
Acute motor axonal neuropathy90
Acute polyneuropathy30
Guillain-Barre syndrome514   5 deaths
Miller Fisher syndrome290
Subacute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy40

Look at 'death and sudden death'.

You will recall that the MHRA advertised for an AI outfit for the logging, expecting many ADRs. Irrelevant diagnoses are included - but these I believe are in a minority.

BUT one more caveat, based on a principle I taught over many years. Often 'side effects' are quoted as being in the low percent in any trial of treatment.  BUT what matters is the side effect. A case in point from my long memory. A colleague in training, and senior to me, removed a 'Baker's cyst' from behind the knee in a 25 yr old. (I always taught they are best left alone - they are symptomatic of inflammation in the joint anterior to them.) When the tourniquet was removed there was profuse arterial bleeding. He was transferred urgently from our 'Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital' to a general surgeon with vascular skills to the RD&E across a road. Too late.  Below knee amputation. In a 'series' of 'unnecessary' Baker cyst removal, the 'side/adverse effects' might have been less that 1%! Especially if the surgery had taken place through a long and careful extensile exposure.

There have been cases of sudden blindness - one in a good man I meet in the lanes - along with deafness in him.  Either due to thrombosis in the retinal vein, or optic artery.  (Of course, a connection with the 'jab' was denied at Torbay Hospital Eye Dept)

For interest I put in   'retinal vein occlusion and covid vaccine'    Look at the list - first being  


The College supports the delivery of safe and good quality ophthalmic services. The RCOphth responds to changing aspects of eye care delivery by developing ophthalmic safety alerts.

These alerts are designed to inform members to improve the quality and safety of services they provide and are based upon:

  • changes to drug safety
  • updated licencing of therapeutics
  • and adverse incidents.

Read other safety alerts here

Responding to an increased incidence of Central Venous Sinus Thrombosis

The College had considered the recent reports of an increased incidence of Central Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST) in the UK and anecdotal cases of retinal vein occlusion (RVO) in the immediate period (28 days) subsequent to COVID vaccination.

In view of this potential link, the College asks all UK ophthalmologists to consider reporting possible inoculation related cases to the MHRA using their reporting system.

There will be a third Nürnberg Trial.  The second as you know was of the 'doctors' -   I read that of the 23 tried, 6 ended with their hanging. Aside from the involvement of the ''Royal'' Colleges and the majority of doctors in lock step with this culling and grotesque injury of millions, the 'High Command' under the psychopaths such as 'Boris' Johnson will be centre stage/dock. 

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS

bccs to Ryan Cole MD,  Ute Kruger MD, Mark Sexton and John O'Looney, and Mike Yeadon - whose efforts to warn were superhuman.

Footnote ** As a young surgeon I wrote to Dr Herxheimer who ran a monthly publication - 'Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin' .  It reported trials of drugs and was done in association with Which - of the Consumers Association! I said the system was inadequate because the logging of adverse reactions was sporadic and not systematic. I suggested that after the initial animal and limited trials in human subjects, it should then be tried on a confined and fully inspected population - say Exeter and another, with care taken to ensure age cohorts were representative of the likely consumers of these 'therapeutic' agents.  This before general release and reliance on a mostly useless 'Yellow Card'. He responded in the negative.

His obituary  Quote - Weeks before his 90th birthday, speaking at a Cochrane conference in Vienna, he warned that adverse effects of medicines should be taken more seriously.