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FAO  Chief Constable John Robins QPM DL  URGENT

Dear Chief Constable,

Please forgive the length of this message; the matters within are of extreme importance. There is risk of injury, even death.  I add alteration of the genomes of children, with unknown long term effects.  

I write as a senior doctor and as a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. I have healed thousands of fellow humans, including many children. All this done with joy and with the best teams by my side.  We did not need to take the abbreviated Hippocratic oath - 'do no harm'. It was instinctual and the reason why we were educated and trained in medicine and in the allied professions eg nursing, physiotherapy etc.

I informed Chief Constable John Campbell QPM, LLB, MBA of the Thames Valley Police of a previous and intended criminal assault on the 4th of March 2021

This was a trial on seven groups of children from ages 6 to 17 of the Oxford/AstraZenica 'covid' ''vaccine''. (Parentheses since it was not a vaccine in the conventional sense).

The children were to be inoculated in five DGHs. The trial was halted. I wrote later to Professor Anthony Pollard who conceived this product, and who lead this trial. I had corresponded with him and his team previously. I asked why the trial had been halted. I had no answer. It is possible of course that CC Campbell made inquiries of Professor Pollard and that was a factor in the 'trial' being halted.


This present trial, the 'recruitment' for which is said on this website to now be complete at c.9000, may already have started. It is set to take place at 22 centres

This article gives some background and the deepest concern being expressed  The allegation of 'bribing' has been questioned.

This link above is one of about 14 press releases lauding the inception of this trial, and of previous trials. Bradford Teaching Hospitals (BTH) are stated to be at the centre of the newly-established National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Patient Recruitment Centre.  Professor Dinesh Saralaya is probably the lead clinician -

I have been in frequent correspondence with Dr Ros Maidment nee Jones. She and her husband both served as paediatricians. She has written with many other doctors objecting to this current trial, and generally against the inoculation of children with these products to do with protection against - for brevity, C19. I attach her current letter which will be signed by many doctors.

She has previously, with the signatures of many doctors, entreated the physicians at BTHs, not to proceed with this trial. I quote-   

A letter has been sent to the CEOs of all the participating centres to point out the potential breach of the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004.

The first reply has been received from the Chief Medical Officer at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: ‘Thank you for raising this issue. I have discussed with our Research Team, the Director of our Patient Recruitment Centre, and our Paediatric Team, and am satisfied that our processes are robust and fully encompass informed consent for this international study which has ethical approval. I would suggest that you contact Moderna, the trial sponsor, for further information.’ That is to say, an American drug company outranks a UK NHS Trust. Good to know!


I finish Chief Constable. There are key reasons why you should intervene to stop this trial. I will list them in order of priority

a. Children, even given that some are unhealthy, are not susceptible to C19. The mortality rate in children since C19 started causing illness in the latter part of 2019, has been negligible.

b. The study is grossly flawed and unscientific ie the 'test' product is being compared in these living children against another so called vaccine, with its own likely 'adverse reactions'.

c.  It is known that these so called RNA vaccines insert a string of foreign genes into the genomes of the recipients. This is frankly criminal. Many dangers flow from this, and only study in the long term - over years, will show if these dangers are real. eg If the expression of 'oncogenes' is triggered.  That is the formation of malignant cells. I add that it is well established that these rapidly produced products damage our wonderful natural immunity gathered over aeons of evolution.

d.  A feature of the mass 'vaccination' for C19 has been the total absence of informed consent. This was both criminal and unethical. It has instead been driven by overwhelming propaganda based on fear especially. That former health minister Hancock said he intended to 'scare the pants off the public' was deeply criminal, especially considering that so many were vulnerable. eg Those many citizens who were depressed and anxious - heightened by the sea of propaganda. The parents of those children 12-17 who might give their consent may be persuaded by such. And the doctors who I assume will be asking for consent, cannot with honesty spell out the many dangers.

I ask you to intervene urgently.

David S Halpin MB BS FRCS