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Preface. I wrote the e-mail below at 9.10 am on the 1stof December in the hope that ‘our’ MP would join other Conservative MPs in opposing further draconian and destructive actions to ‘control’ a virus that has petered out . I understand that he capitulated to the No 10 cabal.

I ‘phoned his constituency office the next morning asking him to call me back, so he could hear facts from a doctor/surgeon who was well trained at St Mary’s Hospital 1958 to 1964 in the relevant subjects of bacteriology, virology, epidemiology and immunology. The latter was very well taught by a leading expert in the field – Professor Ken Porter – later a Nobel Prize Winner. I was referred to the HoC number – but it recommended writing a letter or an e-mail. That office continues not to be staffed apparently, during the Covid ‘crisis’. A circular experience. No reply – not even the very usual ‘auto’ response. Searching ‘Stride’ on my website produces 35 references. All attempts at any discussion fruitless.

Induced insanity. C19. Your vote today in the 'House'. Green's 'empire' - 13,000 and the rest from that alone. Debenham's >>>> Most in debt already. 70% of the British - NO ASSETS 9.10 am 1stDecember AD 2020David Halpin FRCS

To Mel Stride MP Central Devon     URGENT  Copied to Kevin Corbett Registered Nurse, MA, MSc - who with other courageous people is providing a mass of evidence re this global lie - kept going by 'instilling fear' - continuously - via all main stream media outlets - bar some deviation in the Sunday Times.  I do not read the papers bar the local Mid Devon Advertiser - we use firelighters.  George Pascoe-Watson - ventiloquist for Hancock, and major beneficiary of our taxes.  Legal action in train - corruption/incest at the centre of our government.

Dear Mel, 

I saw the clip of you on the State Broadcaster's (SB) regional propagandare nero  programme last night.  I learn you are thinking of rebelling - about time.  You know your party has chosen badly.  That his last chief adviser said that he wanted to be joined at No 10 by 'weirdos and misfits' will ring round at the next election.  I might stand against you - certainly I am considering standing against Ms Morris in NA again.

Dear Prime Minister and the Rt.Hon Matthew Hancock,

I refer you to an e-mail, now a docx., sent to BBC Spotlight SW and the Leader of Teignbridge District Council on Friday 27thNovember. Attached

I have written to you and Mr Hancock previously attempting to tell you that there is very little in your ‘policies’ that has a basis in medical science. Other well qualified people have done the same.

You have ignored that advice whilst your draconian attempt to ‘control the virus’ has wreaked havoc on millions in the UK and seen the national debt climb from £2.2 trillion to over 2.8 in 9 months – now exceeding the GNP.

The regional propagandare neroservice continued its C19 output in the service of your mendacious and very corrupt government this last Friday. The so called ‘health correspondent’ Ms Jenny Walrond, with I recall her degree in English, did as she is instructed by continuing to generate fear by reciting cases of ‘infection’ with this virus in conflation with the ‘toss a coin’ RTPCR ‘test’. She also spoke of deaths ‘with covid’.

These are two brief case reports that have come to me since I wrote to Spotlight and the leader of our local councillor in the evening of the 27thof November.

Tears - 1 Cornwall 2 - Devon, Dorset and parts of Somerset. Solution - take the filthy masks off, and reject totalitarian diktats that have no basis in medical science. 27-11-2020 11.24 pm

Dear Spotlight, and Mr Connett, Leader of Teignbridge District Council,

I watched, to take the sickly pulse, tonight's Spotlight Evening News

Mr Connett  'There is no need for Teignbridge to be in Tier 2."   Spotlight - 'The 'infection rate' in Teignbridge is the lowest in the SW.  I write from Haytor in Teignbridge. 

Mr Johnson, the philanderer and present Prime Minister, followed speaking of the need for 'clarity and simplicity'!

There were the usual, selected vox pops, of the usual shallow analysis.

It was obvious from the broadcast that the natives are getting restless - at last, and that further businesses will be joining those like the boarded up Ridgeways, Peacocks etc in Newton Abbot.

To Jemma Woodman, journalist/presenter at BBC Spotlight SW.  Copies to DG etc

Dear Ms Woodman,

I do my best to avoid the BBC except for Monty and Countryfile, but sample the wall to wall propagandare nero occasionally - as tonight at 6.30 pm.  I find, unusually. that there is no I player link yet. Quote - at 9.35pm  via

This programme will be available shortly (sic) after broadcast.   See link below.

Briefly - I was trained in medicine at St Mary's Paddington from 1958 to 1964, and have been learning, and teaching, ever since.  The scientific principles were at the fore in the home of penicillin, and the hospital had a strong focus on infection.  We were taught very well in bacteriology, virology, epidemiology, and especially immunology.  The later by an unusually good teacher - Professor Ken Porter. the son of a railwayman -
Pathology was central in our teaching and I was 'good' at it.  Hence my continued interest in the 'unnatural' death of Dr David Kelly, a death uniquely never having been subject to an inquest - a sign of lawlessness in our dear country.

You unfortunately, along with many BBC commentators, including those on health, are not so well informed.  However, you saw fit to interview the Chief Constable in an unbalanced way.  It was almost an harangue.  You could see the strain on his face.  He is representing the Devon and Cornwall Police.  His force 'picks up the pieces', and that has to do with the lowest media standards.  You were citing several of many e-mails - in general demanding that the police should enforce 'The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill' - passed on the nod in just over 48 hours by a generally, morally bankrupt legislature.  And to apocalyptic societal and economic cost.  The BBC has amplified this C19 propaganda in every hour since.

cc to Director - Tony Hall - Baron Hall of Birkenhead. + Mel Stride MP

The BBC - motto  'Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation'

Dear Editor - BBC Spotlight - Seymour Road, Plymouth.  ( I have been to your studios on about 6 occasions - Dove and Dolphin - Palestine, Community Hospital closures by diktat- etc)

Some questions for you

ONE   The broadcast -  emphasis on 'outbreak' of C19 at Exeter University -

Intro - "There has been a big increase in corona virus cases in Cornwall and Exeter in the last week ....  ... now self-isolating"