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Every day there is a ‘news’ conference at No 10, the nerve centre of a people numbering 69 million. The previous spokespersons, PM Johnson, Chief Medical Officer Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Vallance are ‘self isolated’, presumed living and substituted by a succession. This includes Rishi Sunak, the diminutive Chancellor of the Exchequer, with big promises of grants, loans etc to millions of the worried stiff. His title goes back to medieval times appropriately. Three persons come to three lecterns and each has in three colours - Stay at Home Save Lives Protect the NHS. The words would have been approved by the ‘Nudge Unit’, formerly within No 10 but still in Whitehall now. This is lead by a David Halpern. A large team of graduates examine the obedience and gullibility of the ‘great British public’ and tweek its mind where it can find it.

To be brief, Her Majesty’s Government has created mass hysteria through fear and with constant reference to the ‘science’. The draconian directions, especially ‘staying at home’ is slaying the economy; many millions have no income and government promises are pie in the sky. Any recovery will depend on ingenuity and grit, and little on politicians, mostly with their pink, smooth hands which have never done honest work in most.

To Hugh Pym, Health Editor + c. 40 other BBC correspondents/editors - to or bccs

Dear Hugh,

I always watch some BBC 'news' programmes to learn what HMG wants promulgated eg the 'toppling of Assad' as per Boris Johnson former Foreign Secretary, currently 'self-isolated'. **

In regard to corona viruses, a large family I read which is often involved in the common cold/coryza, it is remarkable that the BBC has broadcast NO dissenting or even sceptical voices.  Aside from this virus being fatal to susceptible humans, and mostly the elderly near natural death, it is obvious that the 'crisis' is going to ruin many hard working families financially, and for years to come.  My sons' 40 employees in the timber business might be among them.  You, especially, know your duty is to the truth and that corroboration by two independent sources is necessary.


I reckoned that 'George Antoniou' was genuine.  This is is reply to me below.  I have seen the video - and my responses are better than I thought,and should be shared.  Not easy to collect so many thoughts - and sift them.  I had done as Tony Gosling had asked, and after a wonderful day in the woods felling 33 year old ashes for next winter's homes, I had listed ten points with details. (Attached) (I sell fine logs - ash, sweet chestnut, oak and field maple.)  Connectivity with Tony, who is ensconced in NZ with his family there, was difficult - line broke twice    12.30 minutes
Do consider sending this link on.  Note the clip after this video - Porton Down pretends to be purely for DEFENCE against bio-weapons.  All research on 'bugs' should be under scrupulous world surveillance.