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THIS will be my last opinion piece on the Covid-19 virus (C19), and published possibly a day before the mandatory wearing of ‘face coverings’ in shops but not in pubs or the bars in the House of Commons.

I am not sure where ‘la-la land’ is but it seems to exist.

Just heard that Her Majesty’s Government has purchased 100 million doses of a vaccine produced as a sideline by Oxford Uni. And 90 million doses from three ‘pharmaceutical’ companies. The money for this has come from the Sunak Indicae tree I mentioned in ‘Money Tree’ two pieces ago.

But what of the ‘science’ regarding the Oxford vaccine? The zealots producing the magic needed humans with active infection, because monkeys won’t do.

So young people were infected supposedly with anti-viral agents at hand in case they became too ill. After this challenge they were injected with the vaccine intramuscularly.

I have to question this report; it is almost unbelievable even in these times. Anyway, about 1,000 volunteers have had the vaccine and success noted by the antibody levels in the subjects. One can presume tests showed, using antibody titres, than unlike many, they had not been exposed to C19 over the last eightmonths.

Dear Friends, BBC journalists and local editors,

An A&E Consultant has spoken out.  He or she will need defending later.  I will be there.  We must be there

We must 'say it as it is'.  This is totalitarianism.  That doctors and other professionals are silenced should be beyond belief.  I have seen it happening for years in OUR NHS.  Take our lost fight for the vital Community Hospitals.

But it has been slowly accepted as Milton Mayer described after interviewing Germans after WW2.  An educated and rational nation subverted after terrible suffering during an induced recession, as will happen now in spades.  On the home page of my web site < david halpin >.  I have sent this round for at least 15 years and said - Mayer describes the UK over these last 30 years.  Blair, the paramount psychopath and war criminal, interwoven.

I have also said that Britain is the lab rat in this evil global plan.  If 'they' can cow the British, or at least its latent spirit, they win globally.  And Wales is the internal lab rat.  Some of its spokespeople sound fascist.  That report of a military road block on the way to a reservoir?  Reported.

I was bucked by the supportive letter from Bryan Thomas of Abbotskerswell 2 weeks ago. Two citizens took issue with him in last week’s MDA but avoided a tilt at me!

Note that a SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) minute spoke of ‘instilling fear’. You might know that Dominic Cummings attended some of its meetings but he is no scientist! My near namesake, Dr David Halpern PhD FacSS, was there. He runs a large team of graduates under the name of the Behavioural Insights Team, or more ordinarily the ‘Nudge Unit’. It was in No 10 but growth caused its translocation down the road. There is a team of the same name in our ‘ally’, the US of A.

Dr Halpern is a psychologist with a distinguished academic history. Wiki quotes - “11 March 2020 he gave an interview to the BBC on the importance of shielding vulnerable people during the C19 ‘pandemic’ until herd immunity was achieved.” He was right then but Government negligence followed. As Professor Knut Wittkowski said several times before he was quickly censored, all that ‘lockdown’ etc would cause, is extension of the epidemic. Most people know that their behaviour is being recorded – eg. what you put in your trolley at the ‘super’market, your image on CCTV cameras – more in Britain than in any other nation we are told. The Nudge Unit’s skill is in tweeking our behaviour via our perceptions. What we fear, like an invisible virus, is basic in our reactions. I would bet the nudgers suggested that puerile red and yellow cross hatching round the lecterns for those stilted ‘press conferences’ in No 10.

Have written here twice before about this ‘pandemic’ - a respiratory illness due to an unusual virus. A virus that is less infective than the usual Strain A or B winter ‘flu’, but potentially rather more vicious in the frail elderly, those with damaged lungs from smoking mostly, and with other medical conditions that lower immunity. Obesity certainly adds to risk in several ways.

One central message was that there was no risk to families if they were driven up to this most beautiful moor in exceptional weather.

Instead, Government propa-ganda has so cowed a usually sceptical populace that everyone obeyed. So no child heard the arrival of the cuckoo here April 22, some 4,000 miles as the crow flies from the Congo Basin. Nor was the exultant song of the skylark heard above the golden gorse.
Instead, there has been no voice of a child above our wood beside the Bovey to Widecombe road until this last weekend. The public has been scared out of its remaining wits by so called scientific advisers.

A particular adviser, with a record of faulty prognostication going back to ‘foot and mouth’, has been disgraced. For the record, the modeling ‘Professor’ Ferguson of Imperial College had predicted in March that there would be about 500,000 deaths in this United Kingdom.

This was the trigger for the ‘lockdown’ ie virtual house arrest.

Dear James,

Thank you for forwarding the essay by Godfree Roberts Ed.D.  Education and Politics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1973 in the New York Herald Tribune.  This could be regarded as seminal.  I am forwarding this to about 40 friends on my main e-mail list who are all sceptical about the emphasis given by the 'weirdos and misfits', and philanderers in No 10, on the alleged lethality and virulence of Covid-19.  The latter is contradicted by an announcement the other day via the BBC, which has been at the forefront of the propagandere nero (PN), that 6% of the UK population and 20% of those in ?Greater London have had this one of many variants of the coronavirus family - first identified in the 60s. This family is said to be found in 15% of those with the common cold - coryza to give its pompous name.  Given the crowding on public transport, in theatres and cinemas, supermarkets etc in the Wen of Cobbett, one can assume its 'infectivity'/virulence is lower than 'seasonal' influenza of the various Strain A and B types which mutate continuously.  The latter is the reason why the much 'hyped' 'flu vaccination in the UK often fails to protect those submitting to it.  **