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I reckoned that 'George Antoniou' was genuine.  This is is reply to me below.  I have seen the video - and my responses are better than I thought,and should be shared.  Not easy to collect so many thoughts - and sift them.  I had done as Tony Gosling had asked, and after a wonderful day in the woods felling 33 year old ashes for next winter's homes, I had listed ten points with details. (Attached) (I sell fine logs - ash, sweet chestnut, oak and field maple.)  Connectivity with Tony, who is ensconced in NZ with his family there, was difficult - line broke twice    12.30 minutes
Do consider sending this link on.  Note the clip after this video - Porton Down pretends to be purely for DEFENCE against bio-weapons.  All research on 'bugs' should be under scrupulous world surveillance.