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Note the chief officer, his gut, and his hands in his pockets.  The same mentalities that enjoyed shooting the native people in their own land - on a Sunday.  And do not forget, a close ally of the US Empire and the Old and and cunning country. .

Coming down the line folks.  Do read Milton Mayer again - on my home page but easier attached.  Down the line.  Fall in or - resist, in every way you can.

 Dear Mr Hughes,
I had your ‘auto’ message. It came immediately – 20-04 10. 20 am -Thanks for your message. I am away until Tuesday 21st April and I won’t be looking at emails. If you need immediate help with something please call the Newsdesk in London. Thanks, Dominic Hughes BBC ‘News’
I have not from you since. Might I advise you as to your responsibility given that you are speaking to at least 10 million of my fellow citizens. Most are ill informed by the ‘media’ though most will have some idea as to how a bankrupted Britain will so badly affect their future lives, especially their children’s.

Dr Darmady is the second ‘corona virus’ death you highlighted. Brother Peter sent this link She was obviously a very caring person.


Dear Chief Constable Sawyer and Commissioner Hernandez,

These two letters are now posted on my web site - easily linked by people 'googling'  <david halpin surgeon>  my web site comes up second.  I have had automatic responses from Middlemoor and I am confident a senior officer has read them.

I have just walked a mile on Dartmoor with Polly and Trixie, the re-homed and unspayed! JR.  4 cyclists, 5 cars, a light lorry.  No 'hairs' ie. people on top of Haytor.  No helicopters for the third day - not even the air ambulance.  (Grounded?  Roster of 13 for  each flight.)  Yesterday - going to my 28 acres of woodland in Combe to do essential work - 5 ambulances lined up at NA Ambulance station.  No sirens.  One police car seen.

Many have clapped OUR NHS.  But the public can be fickle.  A third are badly over weight and ignore, largely, the burden put on the NHS, with diabetes first.  A minority torment the A&E departments at the w/e and at religious festivals.  A majority has not listened to those few of us informing them that the NHS is at the end of this process -

destabilise>demoralise>dismantle      They could note the contracts being given to the likes of Dyson in this 'crisis'.

It is possible that the post WW2 consensus to construct truly public services might come alive.  And that, with every citizen believing she and he is being considered properly, the advanced 'social disintegration' will be reversed.  We might see TV stations shutting down for some hours as happened years ago, and 'social media' damned as anti-social. ie. Speaking with fellow citizens becomes the norm again.

 PrimrosesI wrote this 13-03-20 - “The virus can settle in the lungs and threaten life in the vulnerable but the mortality rate as reported from China is a very low percent. There the epidemic is said to be waning. Its infectivity appears to be low given the very low incidence in countries like ours in spite of a great deal of potential human droplet transmission.”

What right have I to comment on this ‘pandemic’. I started training in my calling of medicine at St Mary’s in 1958. It was the home of Fleming’s penicillin. We had the best of teachers. In the pre-clinical two years this included bacteriology, virology, immunology under Professor Porter, and pathology. The latter is the study of things that ‘go wrong’ and is, with anatomy and physiology (the normal working), the tripod on which the fascinating and vital science of medicine is based. I have been learning and teaching ever since, and this will be right up to my 80thbirthday 14-04-40, and longer I hope!

Sue and I live at Haytor, here on the edge of the most beautiful and unique Dartmoor, a National Park. We moved here from Combe-in-Teignhead in 2000 so I could think and write in peace. We had lived there in a picturesque thatched house and garden for 25 years so I could be close to Torbay hospital where I served as a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon. I have loved gardens and gardens since I was a small lad. I am a plantsman. Our garden here has never been more beautiful and lifts the heart in these last wonderful weeks of sun and warmth. Such a wet and dreary winter has almost been forgotten. You can see that I love the beauty of the natural world; with nature by our hand, Sue and I have created 28 acres of broadleaved woodland in Combe.

But what of our fellow beings – cooped up in tight houses with handkerchief gardens. Some thousands live in new ones built in South Devon according to central government diktat and obeyed slavishly by our local representatives on the august Teignbridge Diostrict Council. Some have lost their jobs and fear greatly for the future of their families. They have been ordered, nay ‘instructed’, by Mr Hancock and others to stay in there homes. This was re-inforced by the PM nominated deputy Prime Minister Mr Dominic Raab yesterday – 7-04-20. The Foreign Secretary said the Government's top priority remains to "stop the spread and make sure we can get past the peak" - suggesting there is no imminent end to the lockdown being considered. He said that people should continue ‘staying at home’ this Easter weekend.

Every day there is a ‘news’ conference at No 10, the nerve centre of a people numbering 69 million. The previous spokespersons, PM Johnson, Chief Medical Officer Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Vallance are ‘self isolated’, presumed living and substituted by a succession. This includes Rishi Sunak, the diminutive Chancellor of the Exchequer, with big promises of grants, loans etc to millions of the worried stiff. His title goes back to medieval times appropriately. Three persons come to three lecterns and each has in three colours - Stay at Home Save Lives Protect the NHS. The words would have been approved by the ‘Nudge Unit’, formerly within No 10 but still in Whitehall now. This is lead by a David Halpern. A large team of graduates examine the obedience and gullibility of the ‘great British public’ and tweek its mind where it can find it.

To be brief, Her Majesty’s Government has created mass hysteria through fear and with constant reference to the ‘science’. The draconian directions, especially ‘staying at home’ is slaying the economy; many millions have no income and government promises are pie in the sky. Any recovery will depend on ingenuity and grit, and little on politicians, mostly with their pink, smooth hands which have never done honest work in most.