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Open Garden At Kiln Shotts Haytor

For The Children of Palestine

 Sunday 5th and Monday 6th of May - 10am to 4pm

Sue and David Halpin invite you to share the beauty of our two gardens – one wild, and the wood garden behind.
The bluebells, rhododendrons, azaleas - and much else, will welcome you. 

Refreshments Available

All proceeds and donations to The Hands Up Project -

Which through its network of volunteers, connects children around the world with young people in Palestine. By means of online interaction, drama and storytelling activities, it enables the use of creativity and self-expression to promote mutual understanding, personal growth, and English language skills.

Kiln Shotts is half way down the steep hill to Haytor Vale, and on the left.   TQ13 9XR

Limited parking up the drive for people with a disability.  Parking easy in the wider road below the entrance.


Hiroshima August 6th 1945

London Agreement - US, UK, France and USSR setting up Nürnberg to prosecuteNazi war criminals  -    August 8, 1945

Nagasaki  August 9th 1945
The fascist -"The sub-human who delights in crushing the life out of humans' as in Gaza.

This most important piece by my friend Felicity Arbuthnot was first published in 2010.  It is prefaced by the Editor-in-Chief of Global Research - Professor Michel Chossudovsky

In a 'western' world dominated now by a cabal of evil billionaires, and their servants - an execrable broadcast and print media, the genocides are almost instantly buried in the public consciousness. This is aided by millisecond memory, the insertion of distracting 'events' coupled with omission.

Hiroshima August 6th 1945
London Agreement setting up  Nürnberg  -    August 8, 1945
Nagasaki  August 9th 1945

The fascist -"The sub-human who delights in crushing the life out of humans'.

Dear David      Good evening!

I have arrived home. It has been a great pleasure to meet you, Sue and Jo. Thank you for your hospitality and love. We had discussed many things about the past, current situation, and future strategies with wisdom and understanding. I trust we are winning and we will win soon!

I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Please pay my regards to Sue .

kind Regards   Mo.

An open letter to Luke Pollard MP by Dave Berkeley (

To Luke Pollard, MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport.

I have just watched a video. It was of a 12 year old boy in Gaza. A journalist asked him what he had in a plastic bag he was carrying. He was collecting up the fingers and the ears of his neighbour, who had been blown up by an Israeli bomb. He wanted the man to be reunited with his fingers and ears in heaven. It broke me.

Last week saw the International Court of Justice rule that Israel’s actions in Gaza were “plausible” genocide and that Israel must “take measures to prevent : ”

  • “killing members of the group”
  • “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group”
  • “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”
  • “take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance to address the adverse conditions of life faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”

Israel has, of course, done none of these things. The ICJ ruling made page 40 of The Times. The BBC covered Israel’s failed objections live, but didn’t stream the harrowing accusations from South Africa at all. Our press are deeply complicit.

Instead we see accusations against UNRWA, based on “evidence” obtained by Israel through “interrogation”. Israel routinely tortures prisoners. Israel routinely lies. But several countries have eagerly announced that they will cut funding for the agency that feeds, clothes and shelters thousands of Palestinians. Their lifeline. A gross breach of the clause above, making the UK very clearly complicit in the genocide.

We have seen our politicians queue up to support the slaughter.

Pariah - Merriam Webster “Someone or something that is despised or rejected : outcast

At 8.30 today on BBC/ZBC Breakfast (1)– 12-01-2024, reported thus -

The strikes have also been backed by Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, who was been briefed by the government on Thursday night.

The report continues, quoting thisIsraeli ambassador to the UK, Sir Keir Starmer -

"Clearly the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea have to be dealt with," he told BBC Radio 5 Live's Breakfast programme, "their attacks on commercial shipping, attacks on important trade routes and putting civilian lives at risk and therefore, we do support this action".

Watch: Fighter jets strike targets in Yemen (from the BBC)

‘Putting civilian lives at risk’. Firstly the Houthi ‘rebels’ have not been killing, but under gun point directing all ships to or from the Israeli port of Eilat (2)away from the Red Sea. They have added to their ‘interdiction’ all vessels that have ownership tied to Israel eg the Zim line. Secondly they have bravely been observing the Genocide Convention (3) 09 December 1948 in peacefully attempting to stay the hand of the ‘only democracy in the ME’ in its mass homicide and the planned famine and epidemic disease to follow the carpet bombing, the cutting of all food, fuel and potable water. (4)

The Zionist cabal in the Westminster bubble, separated from the mass of the population which continues to run Britain more or less effectively, pretends that the Houthi action threatens UK security. That is the ‘legal’ basis for US and UK bombing of Houti targets of over 50 Houthi targets during last night. That there is no legal basis - as with the war on Iraq, is the reason why the bombing will not be debated in the ‘Palace of Westminster’ until Monday at the earliest. So the second step to WW3 has been agreed on this side of the ‘pond’ by a man of Hindu parents and an ex- Director of Public Prosecutions (5).