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The following data has been submitted from a form on the Archbishop of Canterbury website:

Name: David Sydney Halpin

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message : What is Archbishop Welby's response to these acts?  Thank you.

Cheer with the Givati brigade for the demolition of the mosque at Khuzaa **

Imagine if this was, say, the Finchley synagogue, or St.Michael's in the centre of our parish here at Ilsington (vicar copied). I imagine that Archbishop Welby will be speaking out against the destruction of people, the temples of the family - the homes, their hospitals, the schools in Gaza, and of lesser importance, the destruction of their places of worship. You will know that in addition to the destruction of dozens of mosques, some churches were also damaged. The church in the centre of Gaza City gave shelter to ALL.

You will know also that the occupier, the Zionist entity, is bound in international law to ensure the safety and welfare of the occupied people. The US and the UK failed to do that for the German people after the defeat of Germany in WW2. As with Gaza now, collective punishment was meted out.

And the envoy to the Quartet, the paramount psychopath and war criminal. What salve is he offering?

For truth


Archbishop Welby     Lambeth Palace

Dear Mr Andrew Nunn,

I had read this statement before writing to Lambeth.  You asked me to read it

'Please see the Archbishop’s statement at -

I found the statement wordy and the Archbishop's position carefully balanced  on the 32ft 'Separation Wall/Fence' which, as you know, was itself declared illegal by the ICJ in 2004.  'Fence' is the chosen euphemism.

I am not a 'formal' Christian but revere the teachings and life of Jesus Christ.  I can say from my exposure to Christianity from early childhood, that Archbishop Welby is not speaking as Christ would speak about the continuing genocide of the gentle Palestine people, which did in fact start well before 1948.

Silence is complicity.  We would agree on that.  Our local vicar, David Harris, has failed to respond to the same message.  He too is complicit.  He also failed to join a plea from 6 citizens, written by me, to seek commutation of the death sentence on Tariq Aziz.  He was imprisoned illegally under the Transitional Authority - an US and illegal construct, in 2005.  He is rotting in jail.  Bishop Langrish was one of the signatories but the Rev Harris was not swayed by that apparently.

Suffer little children to come unto me.  At least 2000 dear children have been injured in this most massive onslaught upon the people in the ghetto which is Gaza.  I attach an image of one.  Another - Saad was not injured in one of the massive assaults, but like many in between times.  Palestinians are killed and injured every day in Gaza and the ineptly named 'West Bank'.  Having been to Gaza ten times  ** and reported on some of the injured children, I know well how many now will have very serious injuries.  I have also reported on the vile weapons and how they injure and test any surgeon

When the Archbishop returns from Penang, do show him this letter.

And ask him whether he agrees, without equivocation, with this surgeon that 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world.'

For truth, reason and justice

David  Halpin MB BS FRCS               cc for my web site

**  It would have been eleven if the Zionist entity had not tried to drown 16 humans plus large quantities of antibiotics by ramming our vessel during '''Cast Lead'''.  That was in a stiff sea, in the dark and 66 sea miles from land.  Their nature is lethal.  They are not 'life enhancing, but life denying', as I frequently say.

An examination of the Satanic belief systems that allows the entity to do this to a people the law requires them to protect