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Dear Mel,

Thank you too for hearing me.  I am pleased that you are bringing your concerns to Mr Hammond.  There is in fact no proportionality.  As you know, there is a vast history to this, 'the hinge of our humanity' as I call it.  I know a good deal about it.  My interest, and all my work there, is/was based in humanity, fairness and law.  I am not anti-semitic.  I am pro-human, and as my father taught me, everyone should have a 'fair crack of the whip.'  If a select committee sat on these vital matters, I would be honoured to give evidence.

The first pain came to the native labourers when they were driven away by their new landlords in the early 20th C, ending in squatter camps in Haifa.

You know that 2 thirds of the Palestinian population - c. 800,000 (80% Muslim 20% Christian) were driven from their homes and land, and thus their living, by force of arms and by terror (Deir Yassin and much more) in 1947/8.  Plan Dalet.  The pre-WW2 population of Gaza was about 60,000 and life was idyllic.  200,000 refugees were added in '48  

And now, moving through blood and tears we come to the now.  Chris Gunness of UNWHRA said yesterday that the IOF had been given the co-ordinates of that school cum shelter 17 times, the last being 2 hours before the shelling,

The cottage industry rockets of the Palestinians start flying when there is usually more than one provocation.  As an example, this happened before ''Cast Lead''.  (I am below par from a new drug so I will not look up the texts.)  It has happened here in 'Protective Edge'.  The 3 young men from an illegal settlement went missing.  Soon, Netanyahu with no evidence, was blaming Hamas.  In fact the Israeli police/Shin Bet knew they were dead within 24 hours but that was concealed whilst the anger and hatred were brought to the boil.  You know that over 500 West Bank civilians were summarily arrested in the search for the perpetrators, including legislators.  Palestinians were shot and the death toll reached ?11 I recall.  Then the 16 yr old lad was set alight after petrol was poured down his throat.   This most cruel act was central in raising anger in the remnants of Palestine.  His 16 yr old US citizen cousin was beaten up by Israeli police most terribly.  An image emerged from one hate group of his grossly deformed face counterpoised with a pig.  Goaded again, the rockets flew, with long standing and great desperation in the ghetto a factor.

They suffer constant loss and torment.  In the NON-VIOLENT demonstrations in the ineptly named West Bank, killings happen frequently.  .22 sniper rifle shots are one method.  An asphyxiating type of 'tear gas' is another.  A much loved doctor died of this recently.  Children as young as twelve are dragged out of their beds at 2am, handcuffed, blindfolded and taken against law to Israeli prosons and interrogation centres like Ofer.  Some are held without charge (administrative detention) for months.  The clear intention is to break the spirit of the youth and to cow them.  Vile - a Commons/Lords committee did visit but the practice continues.

These are important indicators as to what is going on  




Britain's responsibility in this country the size of Wales is great.  I know, on good evidence, that the zealous Zionists want the Palestinians out.  Out.  They will not go, and neither should they.  The outside nations must force concessions which give the native people hope.  The two most obvious -  a.  lift the very vicious siege so goods and people flow freely and  b.  get building on an adequate commercial port.

There is no two state solution.  The Israelis have not produced a land corridor as ?Oslo required.  Sharon's strategy of 'facts on the ground' ie the 'settlements' has ensured that.  The attached map, which is now out of date re disintegration, shows this well.

This is the hinge.

For truth   and for the little ones


On 31/07/14 08:47, STRIDE, Mel wrote:
Dear David

It was good to see you the other day and thank you for your email and the letter that you passed to me.

Regarding the current situation it is clearly vital that all Israeli security operations are conducted with due care and the proportionate use of force and I have significant concerns that Israel’s actions in Gaza may lack such care and proportionality. I am making my concerns known to the Foreign Secretary.

As you may know, more broadly, the UK is working with international partners to achieve three important goals. Firstly, Ministers will push for a ceasefire agreed by both sides that ends both the rocket fire and the Israeli operations against Gaza, based on the ceasefire agreement that ended the conflict in November 2012. This will require cooperation from all parties in Israel and the OPTs, as well as assistance from regional partners such as Egypt.

Secondly, we have committed to do all it can to help alleviate humanitarian suffering in Gaza. At least 17,000 Gazans are seeking shelter with the UN and hundreds of thousands are suffering shortages of water, sanitation, electricity, fuel and medical supplies. The Government is already the third biggest donor to the UN Relief and Works Fund, providing much needed healthcare, fuel and water and I am pleased that Ministers have committed to doing more as required.

Finally, it is again important to re-iterate that a negotiated two-state solution remains the only way to resolve the conflict once and for all and to achieve a sustainable peace so that Israeli and Palestinian families can live without fear of violence. No other option exists which guarantees peace and security for both peoples. I can assure you the UK will work with all parties to make progress towards this goal.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me and I hope the above is helpful.



Mel Stride

MP for Central Devon

Minister, Whips Office

From: David Halpin
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 4:22 PM
Subject: Gaza. Hospitals bombed.
Dear Mel,

I am pleased we met briefly on Saturday and that you were receptive.  I heard a few minutes ago, from a journalist friend, that the Shifa Hospital in the middle of Gaza city has been bombed.  Our 'civilization' is going quickly backwards.  I say often - 'the black vortex sucks for ever louder'.

It has not helped, at all, that the PM appointed a man as Foreign Secretary who announced aet 16 that he was a Zionist.  We want fair women and men leading our country.  The late Earl Onslow comes to mind as an exemplar.

for truth, reason and justice   and with kind regards


No mother and child, anywhere in our still beautiful world, should be in the least harmed.

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