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Dear Mr Levy,

Elizabeth Morley kindly linked me to your explicit article.  Telling the truth is a rarity now is it not?  Thank you.  I recall hearing you speak at ?the Amnesty headquarters in London.  You told of how you would arrange a public meeting and just a few would turn up.  We will agree that a public mind such as this is dangerous in this still beautiful world.  These words will be known to you - Milton Mayer.  I often say this is Britain NOW

There is another dimension which needs exposure, both in Palestine, Britain and  the US.  That is the sensitivity, rigour and truthfulness of the law in violent death and in the forensic investigation of it.  I have looked into the killing, which is what it was, of Youssef al-Ramouni, the Palestinian Egged bus driver.  At present his corpse is refrigerated at Abu Kabir; the words Abu Kabir alone fill me with dread

but especially the words Yehuda Hiss.  I recall the case of Sinclair who 'committed suicide by hanging from a radiator' and whose body was returned heartless to the UK.  I also recall the allegations made by the Swedish journalist regarding corpses that were without kidneys.  These were mostly Palestinians? but Israeli soldiers were included.

If there is no truth, or it is thickly veiled, a population that only feels the pain of suffering and death in its own ilk, will be more likely to bathe in complacent torpor.  The irony is that the best pathologists before WW2 were in Germany and a good many would have been Jewish.  I think with warmth of our German Jewish GP in London, Dr Heinsheimer, who was a pathologist in pre-war Germany.

Anyway, my thoughts on this poor man are here as sent to Sommerville of the BBC.  (The BBC's 'mind' is similar to that which you describe.  You shame it.)  You will know him -

Dear Mr Sommerville,

I wished this e-mail to go to the Middle East desk of the BBC but I do not have its e-mail address.  I am fully aware of the pressure put on correspondents working within the pressure cooker from several directions.  And I am also aware how much cutting usually takes place.

There are many reasons why Palestinians feel both angry and hopeless, and some go back beyond 1948. 

I found the reporting tonight on BBC ''News'' to be worse than partisan.  Many of the 'settler' mediated deaths and injuries, supported usually by the IOF, go unreported.

I do not recall mention of this bus driver.  This comment I have just made on Press TV >


The circle of the bruised/killed skin is low on the neck.  I am NOT a forensic pathologist but say  a. hanging is most unlikely  b.  garotting is much more likely.  The 'ligature' is closed from the back.  Whatever - the greatest evil has been done to a native of Palestine.  His suffering would have been terrible.

Note its use by 'elite' forces.

See how US Rangers were instructed in the 'art'

You can bet the Givati Brigade and others are very familiar with it - as is the SAS.  We descend down the terraces into Dante's inferno. 

This article has followed since:-

I add finally, that I spent many, many thousands of hours, with a small group, in trying to get an inquest in the case of Dr David Kelly.  We failed of course.  That included a lone plea in the High Court by myself!

For truth, reason and justice     and with warm regards

David Halpin FRCS