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 Mr Mel Stride MP for Central Devon and Assistant Whip Conservative Party

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you.  I was aware of the convention, no more than convention, that ministers did not sign EDMs.  I was not aware that party whips are government ministers.  They surely act for party and not government.  And opposition whips?  Anyway, it is about time 'whipping' was abolished in this new millennium and with the UK pretending to be a democracy.

I leave that aside.  There are several hundred Conservative MPs who are not ministers.  Mr Bottomley is the only one who has signed Mr McDonnell's motion.  I ask that you circulate his EDM, preferably with my words, to your many good friends in the party who are not bound by this convention.

As I write, and as you read, there are children in cruel jails in 'Israel' who are frightened, broken and deeply depressed.  The Hares boys have been in for two years - half your time in government.  No Commons tea room for them but often disgusting food.  As they emerge, eventually, into the light of day, from concrete cells and corridors they will be as caged animals, starting at every sound and sudden image.

My disgust I feel for our governments is huge.  Please do something that is moral and principled against a regime which acts with deep cruelty and outside law.  Get the damned Israelis to lay off.

yours sincerely

David Halpin FRCS

My web site for the parish and wider

The killing of youngsters with high velocity rifles

One boy aged 13 - imprisoned for a shorter time than usual

On 26/03/15 13:57, STRIDE, Mel wrote:

Dear Mr Halpin

Thank you for contacting me about the Israel/Palestine conflict. I am sorry for the delay in responding.
I understand your concerns. It is tragic that so many innocent civilians, including women and children, have been killed and injured. Ministers have made clear to all parties at every opportunity that the conflict is in no one's interest. Unfortunately, due to my role as a government minister, I am unable to sign EDMs, but I can assure you that I will continue to monitor this situation closely Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. With best wishes Yours sincerely

Mel Stride

Assistant Whip

MP for Central Devon

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Dear Mr Stride,

I have not had a reply.  I had hoped that you would join your fellow Conservative MP, Peter Bottomley, in signing this EDM.  It is sad to see though that he is the only Conservative in the list of 25 names.  I know that EDMs are regarded by the servants of the HoC as graffiti but they are, surely, one proper way of allowing members to table their opinions about important matters.

In this case, can one question whether Tories lack fellow feeling with those who 'have the boot on the face - forever'.  Orwell.  Is there no empathy in those Tory MPs with the NATIVE children of Palestine?  Most of you have families and in your case 3 children.

In the absence of a response from you to my admittedly terse plea, I have to conclude that you condone the nightly raids on West Bank families, the violent arrests, the imprisonment - often in solitary confinement (torture in itself) and torture of children (10 up to 18).

You have probably not spoken with these people in their homes or received daily reports for years as I have done.  I therefore give you this link of a night invasion but without an arrest.  The father is unusual in being obese.  The film is probably taken by a Palestinian with a camera provided by the Israeli Human Rights group B'tselem.  When you see it you will bear in mind that this is the Year of Our Lord 2015, and that he was crucified not many miles from Al Khalil/Hebron.

“Night search of Sameeh and Mai D’ana’s home, Hebron, 24 February 2015.”

The article from whence this video came   

HMG condones this.  I am hoping you do not.

David Halpin FRCS

Dear Mr Stride,

We pretend to support the rule of law and human rights world wide.  HMG turns aside from most wrongs committed by Israel.  Words of mild condemnation, as with settlement building, are insufficient.  Please sign this EDM composed by John McDonnell and urge robust action to follow.  The main purpose of this most cruel strategy is to break the minds of these young people.  Lack of action on the part of MPs will not be consonant with recent holocaust commemorations which received the most widespread coverage, including in the House.

Thank you

David Halpin FRCS


Session: 2014-15
Date tabled: 12.03.2015
Primary sponsor: McDonnell, John
That this House notes that 15 March 2015, Mothering Sunday in the UK, marks the second anniversary of the arrest of five 16-year-old Palestinian boys from the village of Hares; condemns their having been dragged out of their homes at 3am by Israeli soldiers with attack dogs, taken without explanation to an adult prison, denied lawyers, tortured physically and psychologically and each put in solitary confinement until they allegedly confessed to crimes they did not commit such as stone-throwing and attempted murder; further condemns this breach of Israeli law, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 76 of the 4th Geneva Convention; and calls on the Government to honour Ms Um Fadi, who spoke in the House at a public meeting in 2014, and the other mothers and families of the five boys who have campaigned tirelessly for their release by doing all it can to get the Israeli government to return the boys to their families without further delay.