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Andrew Woollatt | Ministerial Support Officer to the Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords | Government in Parliament Group | Cabinet Office

Dear Andrew,

Thank you, and for listing my correspondence.  'Chain' in this context is pejorative.  Read my first e-mail to Baroness Lawrence.  My concern was great and my approach proper, especially given her membership of the Joint Select Human Rights Committee.  That a 'chain' followed resulted from the discourteous silence towards an older, well informed citizen of the UK who had served many thousands of patients in his time.  I asked that two colleagues and myself met with Baroness Lawrence.  An unexceptional request.  I achieved it once with Dr Burns-Cox in the HoC - the International Development Committee, chairman Malcolm Bruce.  We had pleaded that the UK, with others but with Iraqi doctors central, should reconstruct the medical services in Iraq which we had destroyed in an unlawful/aggressive war - Nuremberg.  That the meeting was fruitless was no surprise.

You mention the well worn and empty 'Middle East Peace Process.'  The Zionists, from the turn of the twentieth century, planned for the expulsion of the native people and the forceful acquisition of much of the countries around Palestine.  That unlawful process continues.  The worst expression of it was the 'nakba' when in 1948 800,000 Palestinians (two thirds of the population) were driven by force of arms and by extreme terror from their homes, their land and thus their living.  The terror continues in many ways including with the screams of youngsters I tried to get Baroness Lawrence to hear.  The terrible cruelty practised by the Zionist entity on the native people is shown well in the daily bulletins sent by Leslie and Marian Bravery from NZ, and derived from the Palestinian Monitoring Group.  Attachment 1.  Please read it.  The British Press is silent also.

I later wrote to Baroness Evans given that she has some responsibility for 'standards' in the HoL.  Again silence.  I recall that she was elevated by Mr Cameron.  Perhaps that inhibits her given that he lead the British part of the bombardment of Libya, the killing of at least 60,000 people and caused the resulting chaos, as with Iraq.  I would not wish to be promoted by a man of such mores.

I reflect on past peers.  Lord Balfour, whose small part in that declaration, has recently and inappropriately been honoured. The words on a half A4 paper were engineered by Zionists.  Weizmann, Baron Walter Rothschild and Leopold Amery.  Genocide was in it.

But the only Jew in the 1917 cabinet was a different man - Lord Edwin Montague.  He would have heard those cries from Palestine and done something about them.  He was against the Balfour Declaration and said so in writing and I think in the HoL.  Attachment 2.

Another peer, different from Baronesses Larwrence and Evans, was the hereditary peer Lord Onslow.  By chance I watched Craig Murray give evidence to the Joint Select Human Rights Committee.  He had told the FCO about torture in Uzbekistan.  There was no special UK responsibility there apart from the fact that the “intelligence” was passed to the CIA and thence to MI6.  One torture was immersing the subjects in boiling oil.  The corpses were dumped with their families.  The only person who showed genuine shock was Lord Onslow.  Dr Evan Harris did not.

I suggest Andrew that you find a Montague and an Onslow to hear those cries from Palestine.  And was this visiting team of lawyers and peers of no import and for the basement?

Meanwhile, please tell me who I should bring this complaint to. 'Outrageous silence in response to my telling the Ladyships about grotesque crimes against Palestinian children and adults.'  We shall not be worn down.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

ps  copies to the 67 doctors who signed the plea to the BMA, WMA

On 27/11/17 16:14, PSLeaderoftheLords Mailbox wrote:
Dear Mr Halpin,

I am writing on behalf of the Office of the Leader of the House of Lords in response to the chain of emails that we have received from you. As stated by my colleague, on 24 May 2017, we do ensure to bring correspondence to Baroness Evans' attention. However beyond this, the Government's efforts towards achieving a negotiated settlement and the Middle East Peace Process is a matter for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office rather than the Leader of the House of Lords.

Kind regards,


Andrew Woollatt | Ministerial Support Officer to the Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords | Government in Parliament Group | Cabinet Office

On 25 November 2017 at 09:19, David Halpin wrote:
Ms Tombs

Please bring this report, which corroborates what I have previously told you, to the attention of Baronesses Lawrence and Evans.  You will agree that it describes great evil and that 'silence is complicity'.  That includes your silence - a  paid public servant.  You know that of about 8 e-mails, and to Lady Lawrence in the first instance, I have received not one word in return.  I regard what is being done to these children in AD 2017 as Satanic.  Yes, Satanic.  
  I will ask the web master to make the several additions.  Dear children.

David Halpin FRCS

bcc  Dr Derek Summerfield.  Dr Ghada Karmi


The arrest and abuse of Palestinian children has to stop. By Issa Amro, human rights defender living in Hebron. A 2013 report published by the US Department of State – Israel and the Occupied Territories found that Israeli security services abuse, and in some cases torture, minors to coerce confessions of stone-throwing. I myself have heard children being asked, “Do you want to see your mother? Confess to throwing rocks and we will let you see your mother right away.” They have to force these confessions because young children are often not the rock-throwers themselves; rather, they are the easiest targets for soldiers to catch and load into the back of their military jeeps. A Bill presented in the US House of Representatives would require the Secretary of State to certify each year to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees that none of the funds the US provided during the previous fiscal year were used, in violation of international law, to subject Palestinian children to physical violence, such as restraint in stress positions, blindfolding and hooding, sensory deprivation, death threats, solitary confinement, detention without charge or trial, lack of access to parents or legal counsel and illegally coerced confessions. Read more:

House of Lords

Ms Tombs,

I have had no reply to my e-mail of the 10th.  Extraordinary - our premier court

Please read this -

by a lady Palestinian who serves PACBI.  Public Committee against Torture in Israel.

'One of the medical team testified that a senior Israeli police officer known as Shlomi “walked towards us and told his troops: ‘They’re not paramedics, they are all liars, take their vests and fuck them up.’”

PACBI - the title speaks for itself.  It provides some of the evidence to Dr Summerfield in the campaigns against the routine involvement of Israeli doctors in torture.

I repeat, and copy this to a long list of fellow doctors, that Baronesses Lawrence and Evans have not said one word in response to my letters.  Thus they are complicit by their silence in these most evil things - in the year of our Lord 2017.

And do get hold of the State of Terror by Thomas Suarez

David Halpin FRCS

Ms Tombs,

I have not received an acknowledgement to this most important e-mail - sent on 4th of October.  It concerns great terror and pain in many of our sisters and brothers.

David Halpin

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