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The world tilts on its axis. Now my letter to Mel Stride MP and later to Mr Hunt at the Foreign Office

Dear Mr Stride MP,

I had an 'automatic' reply to the e-mail I sent you pleading for Her Majesty's ''Government'' to support the UN Commission of Inquiry into the shooting of thousands of Palestinian humans by snipers of the Israeli Occupation Force.  There was a further bit of digital technology in the way of an 'automatic' reply, when with your silence, I sent the e-mail on to Mr Hunt with this preface below.  As expected, he did not reply either.  Many in the British political class want mayhem, and have zero concern for mothers and babies being shredded by 'Europeans' - as in Yemen with BAe 'guided' bombs.  You and Hunt, and many others like Johnson of 'topple Assad' are beyond the pale (shades of Eastern Europe.)

Preface to Hunt, whose focus for destructive urges has moved from OUR NHS (many letters to you from me) to the abroad.  

FAO  The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Dear Mr Hunt,

I sent this letter below to my MP Mr Mel Stride.  I have had the usual 'automatic' response.  It attempts to synthesise the causes of the terrible suffering of the Palestinians who now have only 2% of Palestine under their 'sole control'.  Myself, with many others, are pleading that HMG responds fairly to the UN Commission of Inquiry into the unlawful and inhumane responses of the Israeli High Command to the protesters taking part in the Great March of Return.

You will know of the Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights submission on the 10th of December to do with the law -   this links tp

the executive summary of the judgment made by Israel's Supreme Court is chilling, in this the 2019th year of Our Lord.  War to end wars?  Sanctity of Life?  As I say below, HMG is either 'looking from the side' (link below) or being part of that descent into hell.

This is a very important interview by Robert Fisk of a very perceptive and compassionate Amira Hass,   26-08-01  and all is much worse since then.

yours sincerely

David Halpin FRCS

Mel Stride MP

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Chief editor of Global Research, a geo-political web site, has very kindly posted my letter to you.  So, now some thousands might read the truth about Britain's past and present treatment of the native people, and its consistently evil role in Palestine.  Shame on you for your silence, and with all your trappings.

I thank him from my heart.  Here is the link -

David Halpin

This fragment of the pitiless, lawless and lethal actions of the Zionist entity just received by my sister.  Your/our government supports it or sometimes condemns such actions with mealy mouthed words.  Large numbers of the other parties join with the Conservatives in this - Mr Tom Watson an example

Fatah, which HMG also supports, is complicit - see

And did I hear your Mr Hunt of the FCO condemning the persecution of Christians?

Shame on you all for your for your moral cowardice and alliance with the 'terrorists', a word you often mouth.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


Dear Mr Stride,

Delayed due to a question regarding my own health.  I skimmed the speech by Mr Alistair Burt.  Mealy mouthed and his defence of HMG's attitude towards the UN Commission of Inquiry was as expected.  This is a man who appears, as Balfour was, a ''''Christian '''' Zionist - an oxymoron.  A man who said that President Assad would come to heel, in effect be 'toppled' as per the words of May and Johnston, if he had a 'bayonet up his backside' as per your destruction of Ghaddafi and his country.  What hell you bring to earth.

I provided the evidence for his sacking with two postings in Global Research.  I think I might have given you the links but they will be on its search engine.

You and your party have given up any pretence of proper government given the swathe of failure - education, health, roads, Brexit - scandalous.  I am hoping that with the widespread disdain and anger felt by many that there will be at least 50 independent MPs of principle and high calibre - as opposed to career politicians who dominate the House as at present.

for truth

David Halpin FRCS


On 26/03/2019 7:33 pm, STRIDE, Mel wrote:

Dear Mr Halpin,

Thank you for your e-mails.

There was an Urgent Question on ‘Gaza Border Deaths: UNHRC Inquiry’ on Friday.  You may find the Hansard of interest.  This can be read here:

As you know, I am always happen to put concerns to ministers.  Please let me know any points you would like me to raise.

With best wishes,