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I joined PSC in Nov 2002, having decided to ACT against the crucifixion of the Palestinian people.  (My quote - Dr Abulafi - whilst I was closing up an operation - some years before in Torbay Hospital.  'You know what they are doing to us in Palestine Mr Halpin?'  'I have a fair idea 'Issa' { = Jesus}  ' YOU HAVE NO IDEA, NO IDEA''  I had more time and the energy in spite of a drug I had been prescribed 1992 >)

My cheque, for the meeting + a generous donation to funds, and letter sent to the PSC in October 2002 - chairman Betty Hunter and secretary Hilary Wise.  I turned up at the Institute of Education, Malet St on the date in November 2002 for a big and good meeting.  Heard that UK doctors with antibiotics for children in Gaza had been turned back by the Gestapo.  I was incensed.  Me - I will take a ship so large that these most evil, life denying people will not be able to stop me reaching the people of Gaza.  Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin  1-02-2003 . from Haldon Quay, Torquay.  See  Eyes Open Gaza  20 minutes

At the door, both had not heard of me.  Not on the list of 300 + delegates  Friendly but 'puzzled' - 'but do go in'.  The letter + cheque were received here, about 10 days later, at Haytor in an opened envelope - blue crayon -Incorrect Address or similar.  I investigated.  The Box Number company - very helpful.  The address they said was more than perfect - post code with correct Box Number. GPO - board member - no interest.  My envelope had been intercepted.  (My post has been since and e-mail traffic watched, and sometimes stopped for 36 hours post visits to Gaza (x10 until ramming of the Dignity 30-12-03. Barred since by the Zionist entity.  My work for the Dove and Dolphin 'Charity' greatly hindered - visits essential for many reasons.  D&D wound up in 2011 - barring + too much work for Sue).

I observed Zionist interference at rallies and directly towards me.  I brought this to Betty's attention.  NO response.  (My arranged visit to War on Want, Southwark  ?2007 re Palestine - trailed back to Paddington Station and my homeward journey by Israeli 'intelligence'.  I think I told the PSC office.)

Timid responses then and to mounting (monumental) evil suffered by our sister and brother humans.  That is why I do not want to receive any more e-mails.  Magazine previously and donations occasionally