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Dear Lord Mann,  House of Lords:  HMG appointed 'Anti-Semitism Czar'     There is no international law.

I think I heard you quoted on Classic FM news; I avoid all 'news' bulletins bar these which are restricted to a few minutes only. However, its anti-Palestinian bias is still evident in spite of the brevity.

I could not find a direct quote of your statement but I think you spoke  of 'anti-semitic' utterances in UK schools of having increased in schools by a factor of six in one year.

I am fairly expert in linguistics and attempt in my many writings to be utterly clear as to the meaning of any word I use.  For instance, I reject the word 'islamophobia'. It is immediately pejorative - coupling 'fear' with Islam. And I reject 'anti-semitic'. Not so much because the genetic basis of Arab peoples is 'semitic' in origin, but because it is oblique in meaning. Thus I prefer 'anti-"Jewish", realising immediately that we are all mongrels.  A good example would be the oft quoted genetic origins of about 80% of Israeli citizens who are said to have Khazarian genetic origins and are frankly labeled Ashkenazim in 'Israel'.

But all this racial labeling I reject being a universalist. So my question is this Lord Mann. Are you conflating 'anti-semitic' expression with anti-Israeli sentiment, and 'anti-semitic' with anti-Zionist expression? I suspect you are, and that in doing so you are doing your best to cloak the most terrible crimes of the Israeli/'Jewish' State?  The latter legitimised  by statute in the Knesset.

I ask for a clear answer from you. Meanwhile I will continue to write and to speak publicly for the full restoration of the rights of the native people in the land of their birth, and for the return if they wish of the 9 million living abroad.

My web site has 54 refs to 'Palestine'  

This is but one 

Today I have received this via If Americans Knew - Alison Weir.  I ask you to read it and consider why such terrible crimes, especially against children, should not be reported throughout the world media and the high command of the Jewish State brought before the International Court of Justice.

I have bcced Gideon Levy. I recall his speaking in London.  When asked if Israelis turn up to public meetings called by him, it seemed there was not much interest

I add that I say 'Palestine is the Hinge of Humanity'. My other web site - yet to be updated is represented well by this - almost all written by me -

I have been to Gaza 10 times but since the Zionist entity attempted to drown 16 of us 30-12-2008

I was silently banned from entering via Lodd Airport.  Perhaps you could use your good offices to allow me entry so I can go to Gaza this Spring

for truth, reason and justice

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  0044 1364 661115 Dartmoor  20 minutes

Eyes Open Gaza 1-02-2003 - 16-02-2003

The voyage of the Dove and Dolphin on MV Barbara from Torquay in the UK to Ashdod in Israel was conceived and lead by David Halpin. The crew was Danish, there were four British passengers including David and there were 50 tons of flour, cheese, vegetable oil, milk powder and olive oil in the hold. There were also a thousand pounds worth of dressings from Dr Hamami, 1.2 tons of waste carpet wool for weaving, and clothes and blankets.
This journey took place in the first two weeks of February 2003, six weeks before the illegal war on Iraq was unleashed. It was a cry for justice in Palestine, a shout against the looming war on Iraq and a demonstration of our common humanity. This film is a pastiche of TV broadcasts and amateur video recordings taken inside Gaza. It starts in darkness with the officer of the watch being interrogated from a fixed wing plane in the eastern Mediterranean.