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Palestinian children maimed in Gaza-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject:     Mr Netanyahu. Stop this genocide. This is a shoah, an holocaust. Holo - the whole. caust - Hebrew - 'nothing but the smoke is left'.
Date:     Sat, 14 Oct 2023 09:00:03 +0100
From:     David Halpin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
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CC:     David Halpin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, SUE HALPIN <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Mr Netanyahu via the BBC - your present friend.

Read the header.  I add this plea in memory of my friend, the late Hedy Epstein. She was a young child in a shtetl in eastern Germany. Her family were anti-Zionist but the majority in the village supported Zionism. Hedy's family perished in the Nazi death camps.

I also give tribute to an uncle of my wife's.  Stanley Stevens.  He was a young man at the start of WW2 - Britain fighting at first alone to free Europe from the most evil Third Reich. He was a 'conscientious objector'. He joined the
Friends Ambulance Unit  He helped evacuate the emaciated survivors at the Belsen 'concentration camp'. Gaza is a concentration camp - the largest ever.

I suggest that if my humble suggestions are carried forward, that my friend Mordechai Vanunu bcc, now calling himself John Crossman in obvious allusion, should be at the head of the dear children being released from Israeli jails. I cooked a supper for him and his friends at St George's Hostel when he was celebrating his 50th birthday - and I recall that his birth was in the Argentine.

for truth    and for our remaining humanity

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Dartmoor, Britain

Quote -  at the end -Stephen Vincent Benét poem   "Song for Three Soldiers":

Oh, where are you coming from, soldier, gaunt soldier,
With weapons beyond any reach of my mind,
With weapons so deadly the world must grow older
And die in its tracks, if it does not turn kind

Dear BBC (and ITN and C4)  Sending at 4.52 am BST 14-10-2023

After precious sleep - absent among my sisters and brothers in Gaza, I make these humble suggestions.

Fact. Humanity is in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. A nuclear inferno in the chasm yawns before us. Recall the images of Hiroshima - held back by the criminal US and no doubt - by the UK.  As was the 'War Game' by the BBC for 20 years.

Reconciliation must be built brick by brick. My dear friends Dr Khamis Elessi and Mahmoud Baroud PhD in Gaza - please convey this - if you can get on to the net, to Ishmail Haniyeh whom I have met with you Khamis twice. On the 'Israeli' side - I am addressing the embassy in London and its consulate officers - as a doctor first and surgeon second.

The 100 + Israeli citizens held hostage in Gaza are brought to a border crossing with no weapons anywhere to hand. All the children - 17yrs and down to 12, held in Israeli prisons are brought south. Exchange takes place with a promise by Haniyeh and the Israeli High Command that all violence will cease - statim as we say in medicine.

A boy and a girl from say Ashdod - of biblical time, and a boy and a girl from say Khan Younis, meet and shake hands. We were taught as boys after a fight to do this simple thing.  Light and love often follow, the heart is warmed.

Daniel Barenboim's West East Divan (bcc) orchestra play healing and inspiring music - to include Faure's Requiem

Quote - Its focus is on eternal rest and consolation.

for truth and in eternal hope.       ' Blessed be the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God'.  Matthew. All know the Mosaic -'Love thy neighbour'.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Dartmoor, Britain.

Not this

Quote -  The doctors were advised to document the likely causative weapon, eyewitness accounts of the explosion, smoke seen etc. Of course, they were asked to keep similarly careful records of each casualty. Tissue samples would be kept in formalin if that was available. It was fully acknowledged all this would be very difficult for them.    This was my advice then but they were overwhelmed.

Dear BBC,

I omitted to sign this e-mail.  I am never anonymous. And I add these quotations via Jonathan Cook in his 2006 book - "Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State". (I usually put Jewish in commas - as 'jewish', because I shun racial tags, being a universalist and with my belief in the brotherhood of man)  Pluto Press 0 7453 25556 

What is (sic) necessary is cruel and strong reactions.  We need precision in time, place and casualties. If we know the family, (we must)  strike mercilessly, women and children included. Otherwise the reaction is inefficient. At the place of action, there is no need to distinguish between guilty and innocent'.  David Ben Gurion 1948 (Ref 1 - the Paradox of Jerusalem. Haaretz. 9 June 2005)

Break their bones. Yitzkak Rabin 1988  (Ref 2.) (And I recall a boy of 13 having his radius and ulna smashed by a baton or rifle butt as he was held down by other thugs on a limestone hill in Palestine.

Jonathan Cook has written this a few days ago.  It is entirely accurate

I add  now a statement by ECCP   The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine  (Shukran Paola)

for truth, which is setting us free after the most terrible and wilful suffering

David Halpin MB BS FRCS    Dartmoor, Britain

ps  I also omitted my other website devoted to Palestine which I have not had time yet to bring up to date

pps  My own suffering at the hands of the Zionists is but a tiny speck of that suffered by the native people - the second attempt on my life - this alongside 15 good others - without a bullet amongst us.  Instead gentamycin donated by LIBYA and CYPRUS

Dear BBC,

I wrote last Sunday morning and will later edit my thoughts for yourselves especially - later. This is an interim message in an attempt to stem the filth spewing from a BBC we pay for. There will be good journalists and editors within who will read these messages below. I write as someone who has healed thousands with good teams by my side in OUR NHS. In me is 'heal and do no harm'.

I have seen at first hand the Warsaw ghetto 11 from February 2003. And written, reported and analysed the elemental evil of it ever since. I recorded the Voyage of the Dove and Dolphin from Torquay 1-02-2003  for BBC Radio SW. It was praised by its journalists and broadcast in segments. The 20 minute video of that voyage and testimony of the fascism wreaked on its noble native people is all there.

Eyes Open Gaza

Preface - The voyage of the Dove and Dolphin on MV Barbara from Torquay in the UK to Ashdod in Israel was conceived and lead by David Halpin. The crew was Danish, there were four British passengers including David and there were 50 tons of flour, cheese, vegetable oil, milk powder and olive oil in the hold. There were also a thousand pounds worth of dressings from Dr Hamami, 1.2 tons of waste carpet wool for weaving, and clothes and blankets.

This journey took place in the first two weeks of February 2003, six weeks before the illegal war on Iraq was unleashed. It was a cry for justice in Palestine, a shout against the looming war on Iraq and a demonstration of our common humanity. This film is a pastiche of TV broadcasts and amateur video recordings taken inside Gaza. It starts in darkness with the officer of the watch being interrogated from a fixed wing plane in the eastern Mediterranean.

I connect with many who yearn for justice first - with the peace that follows, and add these messages for BBC journalist and editors to read and judge. I say 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world.'

Dear Father Frank

A good, honest resume of the history and current Genocidal elimination of a decent, innocent and remarkably tolerant people.  Hamas is blamed for leading the break-out.  But perhaps it was several inmates driven to a suicidal explosive bid to escape by the jolly squatters' party outside their jail provocatively displaying their freedom and gay abandon.  The Black Hole of Calcutta springs to mind.
You are right to suspect fake news from Netanyahu et al. I think the whole episode was 'allowed' to happen.  How could Mossad and the IDF which have surveillance drones, cameras and secret informers all over Gaza, not have known a break-out was planned?  Was it not a convenient excuse to eliminate a section of the Palestinian population?  And has it not availed Netanyahu of the support of his critics who were about to commit him to trial for fraud?

Just one niggle:  Osama bin Laden was never proven to have been behind '9-11'.  There is, however, abundant evidence (I fully agree - David Halpin) that Israel and her
friends, such as Rabbi Dov Zachiem (DOD Supremo), Larry Siverstein (property developer), Richard Perle, the Kagans and other authors of 'Rebuilding America's Defences' which called for a 'New Pearl Harbour', may have been.
Threats of a War Crimes Tribunal might save the Gazans who survive the military rampage, as previous Tribunals have led to execution of the perpetrators...

Yours without prejudice

James     sent on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023 at 17:17

The Israeli War On Gaza Evokes Unlikely Spectres: 9/11 And The Warsaw Ghetto

Rant Number 1035 11/10/23


After the lethal Hamas incursion into its borders, Israel compares it to the 9/11 attack on America and seeks revenge. Besieged, deprived of water, food, electricity and subject to devastating bombardments, Palestinians will face indiscriminate onslaught by Israeli missiles, troops and tanks. Why am I thinking of the Warsaw ghetto uprisings?

In WWII the German occupiers had herded 360.000 Jews, a third of the Warsaw population, into the capital’s ghetto. Then the ghetto was sealed. No one was allowed to leave or enter. Food was scarce and the conditions terrible. In January 1943 the inhabitants rose up. The Jewish fighters threw bullets, grenades and bombs at their tormentors. Waffen SS General Jurgen Stroop used flamethrowers to annihilate the resistance but it took him 28 days to fully subjugate the survivors.

What opposition will the Israeli army encounter after they reduce Gaza into rubble (Netanyahu has vowed that) and penetrate what’s left? You can bet the survivors won’t cheer them as liberators. Rather, Hamas would call for a general uprising and armed jihad, from house to house, from cellar to cellar, from tunnel to tunnel. The IDF disposes of more high-tech arms of destruction than Jurgen Stroop’s flamethrowers but the spirit of Muslim resistance would not be quelled. Hitler never cared to visit what was left of the Warsaw ghetto and I doubt Bibi Netanyahu would posture as a conqueror in Gaza but the result will be similar: a Pyrrhic victory.

9/11, the unprovoked strike on America, was a one-off but Israel has been tormenting Gaza and the occupied territories for years. Regularly imprisoning, torturing and killing Palestinians, including children. And destroying people’s homes. My late friend Tony Horwitz, a valiant American journalist (and Jewish), reported with fairness and objectivity from Israel/Palestine in 1987. He wrote of the humiliations, insults and deprivations Arabs had to suffer, as well as relating the arrogance and the contempt of the average Israeli towards Palestinians. Yet Tony remained hopeful. Until, shortly afterwards the Intifada began. One telling detail: he saw an Israeli patrol ‘beat an old woman till she crumpled to the ground’. 36 years on, I am certain Horwitz would condemn Bibi’s war.

George W. Bush, along with his British poodle Blair, exacted his stupid revenge for 9/11. To destroy the Taleban sheltering Bin Laden, Afghanistan was invaded and the Islamic regime demolished. 22 years later and many lives lost Afghanistan is back under Taleban rule. What a lesson! Iraq was next. No WMD were found by the victorious Yanks. It was a vile lie and the war unleashed a vast deluge of evil on the Middle East. It fuelled extremism, engendered terrorism, Isis and butchered many. If Netanyahu dismembers Gaza…expect similar long-term results.

The Western media spread blood-curdling accounts of Israeli babies slain by Hamas warriors. If true, monstrous deeds. What if it is fake news or propaganda? Besmirching the war enemy by inventing atrocities is an ancient technique. The Metro paper has a photo showing a bespectacled Israeli soldier with a rescued, cute puppy cradled in his arms. Slushy PR but a tad more subtle than the Allies did in WW1, travestying German soldiers as gangs of ‘Jack the Rippers’ and peddling lurid stories of raped nuns and Belgian babies spitted on German bayonets. Sheer falsehoods. Oh, Belgian colonialists in the Congo actually did cut off the hands of many black children!

The US, Britain and other European nations brand Hamas as terrorists. It is well to remember that Israel was born out of terrorism. Ever heard of the Stern Gang? And the Irgun? Zionist terrorist orgs that blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem (nearly a hundred died), murdered Lord Moyne and UN envoy Folke Bernadotte, kidnapped and bestially killed British sergeants Martin and Paice. That did not stop the state of Israel from electing former Stern Gang terrorist Itzak Shamir and Irgun’s Menachem Begin as Prime Ministers. Does Netanyahu wish to emulate them?

Theological question: where does Jesus of Nazareth, the awaited Jewish Messiah, stand between Israel and Gaza? I believe the Lord stands with the oppressed.

Revd Frank Julian Gelli



In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Press Statement

The Palestinian resistance does not target children, and the Western media must be accurate and not blindly side with the Zionist narrative, which is full of lies and slander.

We in the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" categorically affirm the falsehood of the fabricated allegations promoted by some Western media outlets, which unprofessionally adopt the Zionist narrative full of lies and slander against our Palestinian people and their resistance, the latest of which was the claim of killing children, beheading them, and targeting civilians. We consider this adoption and bias The Zionist narrative without verification is nothing but a media downfall in an attempt to cover up the crimes of the occupation and its massacres that it commits day and night in Gaza, which amount to war crimes and genocide by targeting civilians and cutting off their electricity, water, food and medical supplies.

The Palestinian resistance and the Al-Qassam Brigades worked to target the Zionist military and security system in the Battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood.” These were legitimate targets, and at the same time they sought to avoid civilians. This was witnessed by many video field clips, and many settlers spoke about this with video testimonies through the media. .

Those Western media outlets that are biased towards the Zionist narrative were unable to mention the extent of the Zionist crime against our people in the Gaza Strip, which completely wiped out entire neighborhoods and bombed residential buildings over the heads of their residents, leading to the death of 950 Palestinian civilians so far, including 260 children and 230 women, who were killed. All of us, without warning, in a Zionist crime that can only be described as genocide and war crimes. Accordingly, we call on those Western media outlets to be objective and professional in reporting and media coverage of the course of the Zionist aggression, and not to blatantly and blindly adopt the Zionist narrative.

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas

Wednesday: 26 Rabi’ al-Awwal 1445 AH

Corresponding to: October 11, 2023 AD


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

تصريح صحفي

*المقاومة الفلسطينية لا تستهدف الأطفال وعلى وسائل الإعلام الغربية أن تتحرى الدقة وألا تنحاز بشكل أعمى للرواية الصهيونية المليئة بالأكاذيب والافتراءات*

نؤكّد في حركة المقاومة الإسلامية "حماس" بشكلٍ قاطع كذب الادعاءات الملفقة التي تروّج لها بعض وسائل الإعلام الغربية والتي تتبنى بشكلٍ غير مهني الرواية الصهيونية المليئة بالأكاذيب والافتراءات على شعبنا الفلسطيني ومقاومته، والتي كان آخرها الادعاء بقتل أطفال وقطع رؤوسهم واستهداف مدنيين، ونعتبر هذا التبني والانحياز للرواية الصهيونية دون تحقّق، ما هو إلا سقوط إعلامي في محاولة للتستر على جرائم الاحتلال ومجازره التي يرتكبها ليل نهار في غزة والتي ترقى إلى جرائم حرب وإبادة جماعية باستهدافه المدنيين وقطع الكهرباء والماء والمواد الغذائية والطبية عنهم.

لقد عملت المقاومة الفلسطينية وكتائب القسّام على استهداف المنظومة العسكرية والأمنية الصهيونية في معركة "طوفان الأقصى"، وهي أهدافٌ مشروعة، وسعت في الوقت ذاته لتجنب المدنيين، وقد شهد على ذلك الكثير من المقاطع الميدانية المصورة، وتحدّث بذلك العديد من المستوطنين بشهادات مصوّرة عبر وسائل الإعلام.

إن تلك الوسائل الإعلامية الغربية المنحازة للرواية الصهيونية لم يسعها أن تذكر حجم الإجرام الصهيوني على أهلنا في قطاع غزة والذي مسح كلياً أحياء بأكملها، وقصف بنايات سكنية فوق رؤوس ساكنيها، ما أدى إلى مقتل 950 فلسطينيا مدنيا حتى اللحظة، منهم 260 طفلاً و230 سيدة، قتلوا جميعا دون سابق إنذار، في جريمة صهيونية لا توصف إلا بأنها إبادة جماعية وجرائم حرب، وعليه ندعو تلك الوسائل الإعلامية الغربية إلى التحلي بالموضوعية والمهنية في النقل والتغطية الإعلامية لمجريات العدوان الصهيوني، وإلى عدم التبني الفاضح والأعمى للرواية الصهيونية.

*حركة المقاومة الإسلامية – حماس*

الأربعاء: 26 ربيع الأول 1445هـ

الموافق: 11 تشرين الأول/ أكتوبر 2023م