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Hiroshima August 6th 1945
London Agreement setting up  Nürnberg  -    August 8, 1945
Nagasaki  August 9th 1945

The fascist -"The sub-human who delights in crushing the life out of humans'.

Dear David      Good evening!

I have arrived home. It has been a great pleasure to meet you, Sue and Jo. Thank you for your hospitality and love. We had discussed many things about the past, current situation, and future strategies with wisdom and understanding. I trust we are winning and we will win soon!

I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Please pay my regards to Sue .

kind Regards   Mo.

Is each human reading this below - a human? To determine the answer - read this - again by Michel Chossudovsky earlier -

Nuremberg Two must happen. The Palestinians in the Gaza strip - crushed into Rafah -  starving, cold, sick, injured and with sewage at their feet - must be taken to hospitable homes in Palestine proper - statim.

>>>   Parts Three and Four

Hell brought to earth. 'The vortex sucks for ever louder'. One dear child - aged five. Born to die - shot by an 'Israeli' with a US bullet.  via If Americans Knew

12-07 GMT   This to Israeli embassy in the Wen


Dear Mo,     sending noon 11-02-2024 

This is a very important article from Professor Michel Chossudovsky bcc - Editor-in-Chief of Global Research, a friend for truth whose brain is never at rest for the sake of our wonderful world - so contaminated

We are friends - for that truth and for all dear children world wide. His father was an academician in Russia - of a 'jewish' family who came to the UK in 1938. He taught in Wales. Later he was attached to the UN - the hope for reason and world peace! Michel was born here and is thus a British citizen. He is based in Montreal and is bilingual. When I occasionally phone him - usually to press one of my postings on GR, it is a delight to hear his first response in French. (I hope my recall is right Michel.)

So he thinks and writes in one fascist country under a Young Global Leader - Trudeau a psychopath, and I write here in welcome sun currently on Dartmoor in another fascist country lead by a midget both of mind and body, with fellow 'genocidists' clustered round him, Starmer of the same psychopathy in the wings, and an execrable print and broadcast media - half owned by yet another psychopath Murdoch. As I say often to good men and women - there are many, 'we are in the shit, but we will climb out and feel the warmth of light and love' - keeping our nerve, with logic and with our souls intact and strong.

You Mo are a symbol of all that is good in our caring profession - your probity, your excellence as a general surgeon, and your courage. I learned in your hours with us that the courage comes from your Pashtun heritage but especially from your very moral father - who played soccer for India whilst serving as an officer in the tag end of the Raj - 'India'! You have been crucified by the fascist GMC, an arm of the pharmaceutical giants, and an extension of our 'government'.

8 refs - this the last below and of course - Sue and I weep for our dear daughter who suffered death so bravely from a 'turbo-cancer' of the rectum. Two months from first symptoms to obstruction by a pin hole in the rectum, a ring of cancer in the wall with so much peritoneal secondary tumour the surgeon could hardly find a segment of bowel to bring out for the emergency colostomy. And already some liver metastases. Fiona had two inoculations of Pollard's cc most toxic junk in February and May of 2021 because she wanted to return to being a carer/supervisor. Injection of experimental material - no third phase trials, was 'mandated' by the cabal in Westminster who were in obeisance to the executive of Schwab, Gates, 'Dr' Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Fauci, Bourla etc etc

This low and most evil rabble is slavering for World War 111 via the culmination of incremental GENOCIDE (Ilan Pappe bcc) of our sisters and brothers in Palestine whom I know so well, via a 'first strike' '''tactical''' nuclear war on Iran. I call them 'Armageddonists'. Or alternatively microbial members of the Death Cult. 'Fascist' a fair title if one accepts my current definition -

"The sub-human (who does not deserve to live on this beautiful planet) who delights in crushing the life out of humans'.

All the signs are there - especially on the BBC, the Zionist Broadcasting CORPORATION. Just as 'they' with vast input from the Ashkenazim in the Land of the Free, demonised Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadaffi -   etc  Cue Hillary Clinton - 'verify her age' - 'We came, we saw, he died'.

And so the ZBC and all the hack platforms are after Putin who has stated that the federation will only use nuclear force in defence, whilst the cabal here sends precious pounds from a country broken on the fascist anvil whilst hundreds queue in Bristol to register for NHS dental treatment with charges and 11 million are facing 'fuel poverty', to another fascist in Neo-Nazi Ukraine.

for truth and for 'no mother and child should be in the least harmed in our still beautiful world' 

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  Dartmoor, UK.  0044 1364 661115 (A good deal of blocking - phone, e-mail, post.

The beauty of the natural world - in this corner of the Isles of Britain   9 minutes