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Dear Sue,

You beat me to it. I was going to write to say 'well done' to you all. I could see the souk was stuffed full and saw easily how much work you had done. The atmosphere and brotherhood was good. I have not much enjoyed 'dabke' before but I enjoyed the three good fellows and Isabel enjoyed learning.

I am happy to speak somewhere/anywhere about 'unconventional weapons'. Stroud in January, Barcelona 2 weeks ago, Guildford last April - latter two to orthopaedic surgeons. In fact these weapons are used widely and they are 'conventional'. My talk and pictures are shocking but we have to shock. Our population is sleeping and the dark will grow if they are not stirred. See below - which I have just sent. A fiery sunrise has quickly gone. A beautiful world being ruined by greed and pure evil when shared it would be even more beautiful.

Love David 01364 661115



Copies to BMA ethics committee and Yoram Blachar Israeli Medical Association, my MP etc

BBC Today at 6.50 am today.

Mr Maqboul from 'West Bank' 'Palestine'. 'some humanitarian supplies are getting through' or similar. READ THIS FROM WITHIN THE TORRENT OF EVIL I RECEIVED YESTERDAY.

Gaza hospitals stop surgeries due to drug shortage

Oct 21, 2007, 13:03 GMT Gaza City - Hospitals throughout Gaza have shut down their operating rooms due to a lack of essential anaesthetic drugs, the de- facto Hamas administration in the Strip said.

Khaled Radi, a spokesman for the Hamas-led Health Ministry, said that a mediator company had informed them that Israel did not allow delivery of nitrous oxide, used as anesthetic in surgery operations.

'There were 44 cylinders in stock and 42 of them have been used so far. We have begun using the remaining two cylinders since Thursday and they will run out any time,' Radi said.

The ministry has sent urgent appeals to several organizations to intervene, including the World Health Organization (WHO), warning that thousands of patients are in danger.

Radi accused Israel of violating international law by threatening the lives of patients.

srael declared Gaza 'hostile territory' last month, a response to the violent takeover of the Strip by the radical Islamic Hamas movement and its failure to stop near-daily rocket attacks from the area at southern Israeli towns and villages.

It has since further tightened its closure on the Strip.

Between October 12-17, it allowed the transfer of 114 people needing urgent medical treatment in Israel outside the Gaza Strip, the health ministry said.

But it prevented the transfer of 30 other patients, citing security reasons, the ministry said.

In a report published Saturday, Human Rights Watch said that three Gaza patients have died because they were denied exit permits by Israel, while others have lost limbs or sight.

The human rights group accused the Israeli Shin Bet internal security organization of giving clearance on an 'arbitrary basis,' and Israel of 'punishing sick civilians as a way to hurt Hamas.'

© 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur 

Consider your wife who needs an emergency Caesarean section NOW. There is no analgesic/anaesthetic gas. Consider that we are in 2007 AD Consider that the Nuremberg trials were held 61 years ago. Collective punishment. A coalition of barbarian governments holds sway. 'Fundamentalist'! How far down has humanity reached? Damn them for their cruelty and their moral blindness.

For truth, reason and justice David Halpin FRCS 00441364 661115 (Cannot find the FCO e-mail address - it is made difficult - but I will)


 joseph fanous wrote: Dear David & Sue

Many thanks for attending on Saturday and for bringing up the Dove & Dolphin information. I have a copy of your newsletter and will photocopy some to put on our table on Respect Day on 28th October if that is OK with you. Sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to talk with you much, but we are very interested in organising an event for David to come and give a talk again. We will organise our next meeting some time in November when we have unravelled ourselves from Saturday and try to get some sort of time frame in mind – do you have any thoughts on that?

Are you able to email me your phone number – it’s probably because I am in a state of chaos at the moment but can’t put my hands on it, got in somewhere in the house here which resembles the after effects of a hurricane at the moment Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again Best wishes