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Dr Derek Summerfield, with many doctors, has been attempting to limit or stop the torture of Palestinian adults and children by Israel since 2009.  The campaign was re-ignited two years ago with the support of 67 doctors.  The plea - 'for doctors in Israel to observe their ethical code and the Declaration of Tokyo by not taking ANY part in torture.'  This time Sir Michael Marmot was approached as President of the World Medical Association.  His response was not adequate.  I do not believe he has communicated with Dr Summerfield at all.  The correspondence can be made available.

There can be little that is more serious than this.  Please read the letter to Baroness Lawrence at the foot.  She was addressed having suffered the loss of her dear son and because she is a member of the Joint Human Rights Committee.

Just in from my good doctor colleague Tony Davies.  I think he is over 80 but keeps going.  We have been in Palestine together.  Note EU funding of community centre.  Hundreds of structures built with EU money have been destroyed.  A vile game since the EU supports the entity in all ways.  Its protests are feeble and made to bounce off the wall.


bcc  to Mr John Mann   Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism

Dear Friends, Just before Christmas I spent a week in the Palestinian village of Umm al Kheir. This was because a number of families had their homes demolished in 2016. The villagers asked for an international to stay with them in the hope that this would discourage the Israeli army from bulldozing more buildings -- a particularly brutal thing to do at this time of year. It has been unusually cold and there have been some heavy rain storms. I am doubtful about my visit having had much influence on the Israeli army but the villagers have been very welcoming and kind to me. At least they feel that there are people in other countries who are aware of and concerned about their plight. With very best wishes for 2017 -- Tony

Let Mr Carter ponder on these specks of Palestinian suffering.  Racist?  Cruel beyond imagining?  Without feelings of guilt?

Just the last three of several hundred acts that I have sifted out of thousands and thousands.

And read this speck Mr Carter

Dear David Halpin,

I recently read the following email/article/opinion piece on your website. It is not entirely clear, but am I right to assume that it was written by you?

I have to say, I read it with some shock and concern. In it, the author states that:

“It is utterly inappropriate for any discussion about anti-Jewishness to be guided by any Israeli organ.  There are many reasons.  For instance, it is a deeply racist entity.”

Israel is the place from which Judaism originates and where half of the world’s Jewish population lives. Since its establishment it has been the one country that offers persecuted Jews from around the world unconditional safe haven. It is the religious and cultural heart of Judaism.

In addition to this, the UK recently adopted the International Definition of Anti-Semitism. As a part of that definition, it makes clear that it is anti-Semitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination – for example by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour or, indeed, a “deeply racist entity”.

Further, I am really not sure what this passage means: Look at the membership.  Phillipa Whitford  Keir Starmer and others on the 'Labour' right - what motivates them?  Certainly not humanity nor logic.”

Can I please ask, what is it that you thinks motivates them? It feels as if you are making deeply uncomfortable suggestions without any evidence to support your claims.

I look forward to hearing from you.


This to Mr Mann MP and Zionists 4-06-16.  No reply so far and one not likely either.  I have no voice - unlike them.

Title    'Conflation' of Jewishness/Judaism with 'Israel'    (version to Mann edited)

Sent to the "Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism" Chairman Mr John Mann
A friend sent me a tweet  "Today MPs join the Knesset Committee on Diaspora Affairs to discuss British parliamentary efforts to address antisemitism & hate crime"  4th January.

It is utterly inappropriate for any discussion about anti-Jewishness to be guided by any Israeli organ.  There are many reasons.  For instance, it is a deeply racist entity.  Lethal actions by it are frequent.  (I have experienced that intent twice personally.)  There are  over 400 children imprisoned there, and many are tortured.  Denial of water.  Robbery of land etc etc. 

 Mr Mel Stride MP for Central Devon and Assistant Whip Conservative Party

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you.  I was aware of the convention, no more than convention, that ministers did not sign EDMs.  I was not aware that party whips are government ministers.  They surely act for party and not government.  And opposition whips?  Anyway, it is about time 'whipping' was abolished in this new millennium and with the UK pretending to be a democracy.

I leave that aside.  There are several hundred Conservative MPs who are not ministers.  Mr Bottomley is the only one who has signed Mr McDonnell's motion.  I ask that you circulate his EDM, preferably with my words, to your many good friends in the party who are not bound by this convention.

As I write, and as you read, there are children in cruel jails in 'Israel' who are frightened, broken and deeply depressed.  The Hares boys have been in for two years - half your time in government.  No Commons tea room for them but often disgusting food.  As they emerge, eventually, into the light of day, from concrete cells and corridors they will be as caged animals, starting at every sound and sudden image.

My disgust I feel for our governments is huge.  Please do something that is moral and principled against a regime which acts with deep cruelty and outside law.  Get the damned Israelis to lay off.

Dear Mr Levy,

Elizabeth Morley kindly linked me to your explicit article.  Telling the truth is a rarity now is it not?  Thank you.  I recall hearing you speak at ?the Amnesty headquarters in London.  You told of how you would arrange a public meeting and just a few would turn up.  We will agree that a public mind such as this is dangerous in this still beautiful world.  These words will be known to you - Milton Mayer.  I often say this is Britain NOW

There is another dimension which needs exposure, both in Palestine, Britain and  the US.  That is the sensitivity, rigour and truthfulness of the law in violent death and in the forensic investigation of it.  I have looked into the killing, which is what it was, of Youssef al-Ramouni, the Palestinian Egged bus driver.  At present his corpse is refrigerated at Abu Kabir; the words Abu Kabir alone fill me with dread