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Dear 'Today' re 17-03-06

My Lord Haskins: 'Looks a bit dodgy to me!' (He should know)

The citizens: 'Bribery is bribery. There is no other name'

And we do not forget - for instance - that Dr Chaitanya Patel OBE BM FRCP (?formerly/presently of Westminster Health Care Ltd) was advising Messrs Blair, Milburn, Reid, Hewitt etc on 'reform'** of the National Health whilst his loan to the rose perfumed party of government lay in a special account which Lord Levy might know about (Michael Crick - Newsnight 16-03-06). That he had a direct financial interest in the expansion of private hospitals had no bearing of course on the advice he gave. The irony of the firm's title is no longer lost.

**Reform - in Blairese: dismemberment, evisceration (as at the University Hospital of Stoke on Trent),,1544694,00.html

Excerpts from this long and interesting article - The Caring Tycoon:

It was there that he began to envisage replacing the traditional healthcare model with a commercial one that guaranteed accountability to the patient. ..........

He decided that in order to do this properly, he must first learn about finance by working in the City, something that disgusted his parents and his first wife, a GP whom he had met at Southampton. After training with Merrill Lynch in the US he landed a job with Lehman Brothers. It made him a lot of money, much of which he sought to invest in a healthcare business. "I could have stayed as a banker, but I didn't find it fulfilling. It was hollow."