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The Western media portrayal of the Ukrainian 'crisis', but silent on the history. The words and actions of the psychopaths - Cameron etc.      

25 March 2014

His excellency, Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the 'Court of St James'.

Dear Ambassador,

Many Britons are outraged at the manner in which Russia and its people are being 'demonised', especially by the state mouthpiece, the BBC.

Few Britons know that Nuland had visited the Ukraine three times since last November or that she had spoken of 5 billion dollars having been spent in subverting the country in the last few years. Or that she had appointed Yatseniuk as "PM" in an illicit government. We find the word 'hypocrisy' becomes more inadequate the more egregious become the words and actions of western/NATO/EU 'leaders'.  We know that the sniper shots came from one source, killing 27 unarmed policemen and over 70 protestors. We know too that the 'government' arising out of this most violent coup d'etat has swept aside any investigation of these killings. As a surgeon I know very well that the investigation would have been straightforward. This is a good example of the depth of illegality of this gang.

Re: Alistair Burt MP/ Dr Bashar Assad/ bayonet up backside
Dear Ms Garnett,

It will not do Ms Garnett.  My own 'MP' refused to pass a letter from me to the FCO on a matter of international and national law.  I can assume that he will be as inert now as he was 18 months ago.

I have read the sparse minutes (surprising in itself) of the Standards Committee and can assume that this responsibility Mr Cox is not too onerous.  He might take the view that the reputation of the House is so low that he might wish to exert himself in this.  Someone has to stand up so that our country is not pulled further down.  It is interesting that 'rules' are always invoked in the seats of power but so many are broken in the same places.  I note, in this respect, the 'deselection' of Mr Yeo.  I was, incidentally, responsible for bringing Mr Simmonds MP for Boston and Skegness to book for not declaring a large financial interest in 'health' during the debate on the disastrous Health and Social Care Bill.  A good example of the probity of current politicians of all colours was the promise before the election that there would be 'no top down reorganisation' of OUR NHS.

Manning, Assange and Snowden strive to set us free of the coils by telling the truth.  Thus we MIGHT be set free if we join them, even in humble ways.  This press release by the Hong Kong Government is important in several ways, of course.

To Holocaust Memorial Day

7 January 2010

I hope to attend the Exeter event. I am disturbed however that the killing of thousands upon thousands of Japanese people by US atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not included in the short list of holocausts on your web site. I should like to hear why these two holocausts are not listed for remembrance. I feel similarly about the genocide of the 20 million North American Indians, the Australian aborigines and the Armenian genocide.

For truth and justice

David Halpin FRCS

This is an interview with a remarkably courageous and eloquent lady. Cynthia and myself were amongst sixteen people on our way to Gaza when our vessel the MV Dignity was rammed in darkness 30 December 2008. The captain of the gunboat clearly had orders to drown us. I have kept in touch with her since. Her soul speaks clearly through her wide eyes. As President she would tower over the timid. the corrupt and the killers.

Cynthia McKinney On Leadership
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