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Your 'Journey' has been long on miles but absent of humanity, reason and law. 'It can only get better'. Could it have got any worse? Your vapour trails have left millions weeping. One million of those are widows in Iraq, at least 1.2 million humans are with their Allah, five million orphans and four million refugees. We will leave out the blood and the mayhem you have left in Afghanistan, Somalia and the Yemen. You sprang from each jet with strange eyes ablaze with more lies and plans for yet more Muslim decimation. You had been re-fuelled at high altitude by your fellow psychopath Campbell and other 'advisers' like Manning.

You joined the dummy Bush over blood-oozing steaks in April 2002. The false flag of 9/11 had been repeated by the media megaphones of the UK/US/Israel axis and the absence of a judicial inquiry ensured the 'big lie, oft repeated' sank into irrational, Mammon possessed populations. All that was modelled in the 'think' tanks with the aim of breaking Iraq, the Arab bastion, for ever. You, and another three of the mafiosi, Aznar, Barroso and Dubya met for an hour in the Azores 16 March. Two of these mafiosi have fascist connections. The capo, Dick Cheney, was home pushing buttons and pulling strings for shocking and awing and burning and blasting. In your 'book' you wrote that Cheney wanted a wholesale reorganization of the political map of the Middle East after 9/11. The vice president "would have worked through the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran, dealing with all their surrogates in the course of it -- Hezbollah, Hamas, etc,". [1]

In your speech on those Azores, which insulated you so well from world wide protest against your coming crimes, you pretended that the door was still open for Saddam Hussein to disarm. Your lust for Arabic and Islamic blood gave only 24 hours for the UK/US resolution for WMD disarmament to remain on the 'Security Council' table. You pretended peace whilst you ravened for genocidal war. You said there were '10,000 litres of anthrax that the inspectors just a week ago said was unaccounted for'. [1] Your complete absence of any scientific training or of logic allowed you to speak of litres of bacillus anthracis. You certainly did not know that this strain was isolated from an Oxfordshire cow in 1936, cultured by a professor in the spires and transferred to the US post WW2. Your trans-Atlantic buddies passed it and all the works to Saddam's regime in the Iran-Iraq war. [2] This quote reveals the treachery and the incest of the British press with the traitors.

''Finally, on 14 March, the Ministry of Defence replied to Sir Teddy Taylor with a written statement confirming that it was now aware of the Riegle Report, though it stopped short of providing any specific details. Three days later in his landmark resignation speech, Robin Cook made the first public declaration by a member of the British Cabinet that US companies had sold anthrax to Iraq. Here was an announcement of the greatest magnitude, pointing to a direct breach of the internationally binding Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, signed by Britain and the US in 1972 and ratified in 1975. Yet, remarkably, the significance of Mr. Cook’s statement received no comment in the British press.''

You must read this essay by Geoffrey Holland who was a mature student at Sussex University when you were being let loose on our still beautiful world. [3] He quotes you in our House of Commons 18 March 2003.

''In the final Iraq debate of 18 March, Sir Teddy Taylor was on the case again, this time urging the Prime Minster to make a statement before the war began, asking him, “Will he tell the House whether there has been any identification of the countries that have supplied these terrible biological materials - should those countries not be identified - named by the Prime Minister and condemned?” Mr Blair replied with just eight words, saying, “Much of the production is in Iraq itself.” That is one of thousands of lies you will be questioned on, in the dock.

Within two days of the mafiosi words on the Azores, Australian Special Forces had entered Iraq on armoured cars and within four days the buddies had started liberating the Iraqis with bombs. [4] They proved very good at liberating Iraqis from their lives and their limbs and what remained of their livelihoods after twelve years of genocidal sanctions. The shocking and awing went full swing with B2 Spirit bombers at 2 billion dollars apiece, refuelling on Diego Garcia in their trans-global evil. You might know that another socialist manque and Zionist, Harold Wilson, did some ethnic cleansing there of our Chagos sisters and brothers to aid the axis powers. As the welcome sound of the machinery of war clunked into gear, the 'Zioneocons' high fived. We had had them up to here on the BBC. The Perles, Wolfowitzs and Edelmans were given free rein by our State Broadcaster whereas voices against illegal war were handed three percent of broadcasting time.

So there are many questions to answer before you face charges at the Hague, and a multitude to follow in the dock. But the myriad questions you face at trial are but a fraction of the minds, lives, limbs and eyes you have taken in your zeal. Your sofa war cabinet is in the frame as well. Campbell and Hoon will be going Dutch as well, the former being one of three unelected fellow psychopaths who encouraged you in war over Freetrade coffee. And after a hard day as a sofa general, you told the world you relaxed with a G and T and a half bottle of Chateau Rothschild over dinner. The Islamic world will be have been disgusted to know the fate of some of their peoples was washed down with alcohol. If you had been a driver, the police could have found you 'drunk in charge' and removed the key from the ignition. Three months in prison could have been your sentence. Instead you were in charge of unlawful wars, and the ignition of other humans.

These are two specific cases for your answers, representing a tiny but important fraction of the millions you have killed, maimed or made homeless and stateless.

The first concerns Ali Abbas.

He was 12 years old when 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' came for him in Zafaraniya, 30 miles from Baghdad.

''We had all gone to bed and there was this loud noise and smoke. I felt very scared and I was in much pain. I kept shouting for my mother. I did not know at the time what had happened to her.''

His arms, you see, were incinerated. IMAGE 1&2&3 His mother, who was six months pregnant, his father, brother and at least 10 other relatives were incinerated too. It was reported that, just after midnight on 30 March 2003 and 10 days into your war, a weapon or two weapons exploded in this location. Careful analysis of these images suggest the incineration was caused by the most intense thermal or nuclear radiation. That his head, neck and lower half were unblemished meant they were shielded whilst the energy did its worst through a window aperture or similar.
Image 1
Image 1
Image 2
Image 2
Image 3
Image 3
His most tragic story was carried widely on that media which served your purposes so well but these images were not. There were happy pictures of Ali playing soccer in his Roehampton preparatory school. No hand of his will ever write that book 'My Journey of Liberation from my Arms', but he is handy with his feet.

Questions to Mr Blair in the dock.
  1. One possible agent for this incineration, this little holocaust, is a tactical nuclear weapon. Were these being 'deployed' in Iraq?
  2. Do you recall your fellow psychopath Hoon saying, I paraphrase, 'dictators such as Saddam can be absolutely confident that in the right conditions we would be willing to use our nuclear weapons.' [5]
  3. This promise of mass murder was widely reported so the court can assume you knew of the utterance. Was it discussed in cabinet or later on the sofa?
  4. As prime minister with ultimate authority, did you agree with this 'policy' as outlined by Hoon?
  5. Did you therefore have central responsibility for the use of these terrible weapons?
  6. Were you responsible for the use of over two tonnes of 'depleted' uranium, that is of uranium 238? The terrible effects of this isotope, and on germ cells in particular, are emerging in Fallujah in particular.

The second is Nema Abu Said, a 33-year-old mother of five

She is one of many thousands killed by the Zionist entity during and in every year since its ethnic cleansing of 800,000 Palestinian people in 1948. She was killed 13 July 2010 by a flechette (dart or small arrow) shell fired from a tank - one of those 3,500 in the hands of Israel. The Bedouin family, of which she was part, farmed near the 'border'. There were no guerrillas in the vicinity.

'Around 8:45pm on 13 July, 2010, a few of the women of the family were enjoying the cool of the evening in the courtyard in front of their house. They heard a muffled shooting sound, followed soon after by another, and then by a loud buzzing noise, as if a swarm of insects was approaching at full speed.' [6]

Image 3
Image 3
'Without provocation, an Israeli tank fired two artillery shells at the family’s home. Amira Jaber Abu Said, 30, was hit and wounded in the shoulder by a piece of shrapnel and by steel darts, called flechettes. Her sister-in-law, 26-year-old Sanaa Ahmed Abu Said, was wounded in the foot. Panicking, they took shelter inside their home and called an ambulance. Meanwhile, from the direction of the nearby military turret, an Israeli armour-plated vehicle was stationed underneath and a machine gun was still shooting towards the family and continued to do so for a solid ten minutes.'

"After Amira and Saana were wounded, we continued to call for the Red Crescent ambulance. After 15 minutes the paramedics arrived in our area, but they told us they couldn’t get to our house because the Israeli soldiers wouldn’t given them permission. They threatened to shoot them if they had come near.''

After an hour of apparent calm, Nema Abu Said, a 33-year-old mother of five, realized that her youngest child, Nader, was still asleep outside the family home. Nema rushed out to find Nader when another dull shot was heard and she was hit by a round of flechettes, and was killed on the spot. Her brother-in-law, Jaber Abu Said, 65, was wounded by flechettes in his right thigh.

The Israeli military allowed a Red Crescent ambulance to enter the area two hours later and retrieve the dead woman and three injured family members. (Comment. This delay is typical Mr Blair and it is, of course, contrary to all law and humanity. The delay ensures that some of our Palestinian sisters and brothers bleed to death. The Red Crescent ambulances and their personnel were targets in the greater shoah - holocaust. [7] )

Amira and Sanaa join the other 35,000 plus Palestinians injured since 1998. Talk to young men in Rafah and find that one in three carry Israeli wounds.

An abdominal radiograph of Nema, the mother, might well have been this. Image 4

Further questions to Mr Blair in the dock.

  1. On 27 June you resigned as PM and you were appointed 'Envoy' to the Quartet. What have you done which has contributed in the least way towards justice for the Palestinian people?
  2. One of the specious tasks set by the Quartet was:- 'help to identify, and secure appropriate international support in addressing the institutional governance needs of the Palestinian state, focusing as a matter of urgency on the rule of law.' This implied that lawlessness of the Palestinian was the problem, and not that of the cuckoo in the Palestinian nest. Have you done your best to stop all attacks by the forces occupying the whole of Palestine?
  3. Did Nima Abu Said deserve to die of darts bursting from a tank shell 40 metres above the ground any more than your lawyer wife Cherie?
  4. You repeat with others the mantra - 'a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state.' Although your idea of a viable Palestinian state is risible given its division into small ghettoes and the certain domination of all its functions by the cuckoo, why is 'security' not a Palestinian requirement also?
  5. Reports suggest that you did not reside at your office in the American Colony Hotel for too many days each month. You would have been whisked to your jet at Tel Aviv airport many times and a cosy meeting with your Zionist friends wedged in. There was the South Korean oil company, the Kuwaitis, JP Morgan, Yale, 'Faith' this and 'Faith' that to advise and build. And you had those lectures, those medals for foresight etc. You only found time to visit Gaza once and that was to the UN headquarters in the north of the battered little strip. You kept Haniyeh in Coventry although he heads a party which garnered 43% of the vote in scrupulous elections in 2006. Your garnering was of only 25% of the popular vote. Mr Blair, have you applied yourself to this 'hinge of humanity', the Palestinians, as they face their continued genocide? Have you in fact lifted one finger for them?
We see you cannot stop in your apocalyptic path. "I would tell them they (Iran) can't have it (Israeli type nuclear weapons) and if necessary they will be confronted with stronger sanctions and diplomacy. But if that fails, I'm not taking any option off the table," said Blair. [8] You lust for the spilling of more olive skinned Muslim humans.

You have, with your many accomplices, made genocide banal and the world more cruel as it has become inured to the burning and the shredding. The cold prison island will need many hundreds of cells for you and your ilk, including the authors of this satanic proclamation. [9] The audios of weeping mothers and their children will be piped to every cell. Writing Mills and Boon books will have to keep you busy.

'If the world is to draw back from the abyss over which are poised the weapons of a silent eternity, these creatures must be brought immediately before an international court. They are to be tried with all the rigour of the law, unlike Milosevic, Hussein or currently, Aziz. Those many psychopaths waiting in the wings will be checked at least when smiling killers and cold liars are taken down below. [10] Image 5 – the smiling killer.

Image 4
Image 4

The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men ~ Plato