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David HalpinA war baby, eldest of 4 siblings. Born in Lyndhurst, the New Forest. Father a self taught electronic engineer within a family business in Southampton which was bombed during 2nd World War. Grandfather a chartered engineer in electric motors and refrigeration. Great Grandfather a Legendary Cape Horner under sail and later a Senior Pilot on the Mersey.

Shaftesbury Grammar School > St Mary’s 1958 > MB BS 1964. 11 years of surgical training from 1970 in orthopaedic and trauma. Appointed Senior Consultant In Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery at Torbay Hospital and the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. The latter, most wonderful hospital being bull dozed with its 120 beds, under a Tory government c.1994. David has healed thousands with good teams by his side. He cares deeply about almost everything, calls a spade a spade and has striven always for the highest standards. People say: ‘Britain has gone to pot’. It has, and David acts!