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Dear Mr Woolvin,

You might be restrained in responding to me by your editor or the 'rules'.

The only truthful way of telling this story was to add 'an aim which was shared by the British Government under Mrs May.'

Being within the BBC bubble, you might think its broadcasting is benign.  It is the opposite.  A good example is the recent BBC output on McCain, helping to ramp up the cruel imperialist wars of the USA in which the UK almost always plays poodle.  This article spells it out well by my friend Finian Cunningham.

The BBC consistently reports with bias on Palestine, showing little fairness towards the crucified native people.  I have had much to do with the Palestinian people whose suffering is not told by the media here, nor the context.

The BBC reports daily on what I call our societal disintegration.  Today it is the outrageous lack of specialist maths and physics teachers in particular, and in 'disadvantaged' areas.

Do read the attachment.  Remarkable words by a man who was part of a German Jewish family which emigrated to the US in 1936.  He is describing Britain in 2018 and the BBC is aiding the spiral downwards.  Your piece on the Muslim dental student is a good example, stimulating hatred of the Muslim but nothing else.

You have the megawattage via your magazine programme in Plymouth.  I just have my web site, where this will be posted

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS


Dear Mr Woolvin,

I sent this e-mail to the Spotlight offices on the 17th August.  It might not have come to you because the BBC office 'auto replied' that very many are received.

Dear Spotlight.

I have just played this segment back.  I respect Ben Woolvin for his even and accurate reports on matters of law.

However, in this report there is very serious omission and I wonder whether his copy was all his.  (Odd the synchrony between the long segment on Obeidi on BBC1 National, and this one of which I write - same evening)

He reported that his motive was 'to overthrow the Syrian government'.  But this was precisely the aim of HMG.  'Topple Assad' was heard often from Mr Boris Johnson.

The aims of HMG were plain via its actions.  Infiltration of SAS soldiers with the rebels (terrorists), supply of communication equipment and later supply of Toyota pick ups - all from our pockets.

Terrorist immigrants partly from Libya which has been destroyed and is dangerously unstable. 

£90 million from the UK to the ''white helmets' - trained in the US. 

All funded by those nice people in Saudi and Qatar.  The 'policy' supported by Israel (see Oded Yinon), the US, NATO.

I have written at least 15 essays on Syria

Within this last -  Johnson >   

He has shown no balance but only an arrogant disregard for the further loss and maiming of Syrian people, and the creation of yet more terrified refugees.

The dental student is a bit player in the terror, the physical destruction, the killing of many thousands and the creation of over 250,000 refugees.

I ask you to broadcast a correction and to interview Prof Dapo Akande, Professor of International Public Law, whom I quote here.

for truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS      01364 661115



Please tell me how the BBC intends to reply to my charge based on the facts.  This is a lie of omission.

for truth, reason and justice

David Halpin