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Audio for Radio Devon via journalist Sophie Pierce whom I like, and who has interviewed me several times 11.30 10-12-19

Dear Sophie,

Campaigning hard as an Independent man and mind in the constituency of Newton Abbot.  Back from the woods, I had a message about 10 days ago to contact you.  You have interviewed me several times, first and way back to do with the Voyage of The Dove and the Dolphin - 1-02-03.  Again re my fight with good others for the life of our Community Hospitals and their vital in-patient beds.  Lost - hence the third world chaos in OUR DGHs.  Every day I hear stories of gross negligence.

I 'phoned the Plymouth BBC, and James recorded about 7 minutes of my forth right responses to about 6 set questions. He said 'great'.  I trust he will stay in post.  He said you were unsure when the whole piece would be broadcast.  I have not heard.  I have watched a few minutes of the Boris/Jeremy Punch and Judy show which central BBC 'editors' are keen to flog to infinity.  I have seen a few excruciating clips from the third form debating society - Mrs Swinson.  Britain has been lowered mostly by our politicians but ably helped by the 'media'.

I will not be having my principles, knowledge, determination (as in '39) etc helped by yourselves but It is happening directly.  By my getting out, by attending a shallow hustings at Teignmouth last Friday week, one tomorrow at Dawlish College - 7 - 8.30pm  **, by the brochure delivered to 47,300 households in the NA constituency (attached), and by my factual very large web site.

For this google  'david halpin' .  My very good friend and skilled 'webmaster' and IT expert has added an annexe  . click  'election'.  If you have time click on Core Issues.  Here there is some substance - seldom raised in the P&J shows.

OR  >  >  core issues >

Later search via the first link     'BBC'   52 refs.  Try   OR  OR

That a retired doctor first, and a distinguished surgeon is standing in his 80th year might seem newsworthy.  Might.  But the BBC will do its usual thing in broadcasting only those voices that have been public previously.  I deduced that from Norman Smith who I felt should have given some tome to a National Health Action candidate - an ex-RN doctor.  Unusually, and I appreciated that, Norman Smith replied.

On the bridge of SS Barbara 30-01-03.  A young Spotlight SW reporter.  Why are you doing this - to Gaza?  'To show our common humanity with a suffering people, and to cry against Blair's looming war on Iraq for which he has 'plucked pretexts from thin air' to justify it.'  Stop the camera. 'There is no balancing comment.'  I said we had had acres of 'balancing comment' and could have added the stream of Zionists from the US plus Mangold demonizing Saddam Hussein in the usual way.  Another 'stop' and then the recording without my widely known truth. 

SHAME ON THE BBC.     Motto 'Nation shall Speak Peace unto Nation'  YCNMIU  Search 'Lord Patten'

BBC 'entertainment' - saw 5 minutes of distilled evil.  Waiting for the '''''NEWs'''''.  Penultimate of the third series I learned of 'Peaky Blinders'.  Young man having his face smashed with a rifle butt.  Then a large wooden cross drawn into the winter wood by the 'Glasgow Boys'.  Then the young man, nailed up on the cross, head lolling in death'.  > Credits.  You are promoting a death cult.  Why?

For truth  in a benighted Britain

David Halpin MB BS FRCS