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ref:    16-01-20

Very good web site.

Dear News Editor of the Morning Star,

First - a slight apology for the length of this.  My deep concern for the Palestinians, and for our nation and world grows daily.  As I say - 'Palestine is the hinge of our humanity'.  An elemental fight between good and evil,  expressed often as 'public good against capital with open talons'.  Furthermore, this will be the first page of an 'uplifted' Dove and Dolphin web site, first set up in hours before we left on the Voyage of the Dove and Dolphin by our then neighbour Simon Milton.  His team at Thinkology  kindly offered their skills in bringing the very factual    up to date.  I have been headed in this for too long.  That the site was sabotaged within hours by a Zionist sayanim who overlooked the quay is symbolic of the fight for our humanity.    

You did not reply, but whoever wrote it, and I imagine it was 'off the wire', put a euphemism in the title.  'Pummeling'.  It also included a reference to the shooting by the Israelis of the fishing boats, from their 'gunboats', as if this was unusual.  I used to hear the rattle of machine guns and see the flashes out at sea. It occurs on every night. Every one in the tiny strip can hear the blasts and vibrations of any Israeli missile or bomb.  That is why my late friend and psychiatrist Eyad Serraj reported frequent bed wetting in adolescents.  My friend in Gaza, Dr Khamis Elessi, told me how his little daughters were scared in the concrete stair wells during bombardments as in Operation Dreidel.  They feared Israeli soldiers.  And with only a few hours of electric current, most night hours are dark.

Fishing.  The children in Gaza - half of the 2 million being under age 17, need precious protein.  The very poor families rely a good deal on lentils.  That is why some children are stunted.  Adults, being fully grown, need only 70 grams of protein per diem, but in this increasingly obese country, the consumption in adults is often multiples of 70 grams.  Beefburger -   Growing humans need more, especially in the 'spurts'.   Lack of iron in some, possibly compounded by intestinal parasites, is known to retard cerebral development.  A hidden fraction of the genocide started slowly in the 1890s, but spurred greatly by Plan Dalet.

I have been to Gaza 10 times, the first when Sue and I chartered the Danish SS Barbara which set off from Haldon Quay, Torquay 1-02-03. ** This was to show our common humanity with a people suffering wilful violence and the greatest oppression against all moral 'law' and international law.  We could recall the early Judaic rule of 'love thy neighbour'.  The second purpose was to cry against the looming 'war', the pretexts for which had been snatched from thin airby the paramount psychopath and war criminal Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.  The words in italics were censored by the incompetent young reporter for BBC Spotlight.  He said there was no balancing comment!  I said that there had been acres of 'balancing comment', and might have added that in the previous autumn the BBC had used its megawattage with a stream of Zionists (Wolfowitz, Edelman, Susskind, Lucifer Bolton,etc etc) telling the sleeping British *** and the world what a danger Saddam Hussein presented.  The video recording was stopped by him for a second time on the bridge of the good ship Barbara, and the third was broadcast censored.  The ITV report on the same day did include reference to Blair.

Since 30-12-08 I have been barred from entering the Zionist entity at Lodd airport - its name before that of Ben Gurion, chairman of the Plan Dalet genocide.  There is a bronze of his head in this most luxurious airport with its host of Shin Bet operatives.  For my ease I copy this from an e-mail to like minded and principled comrades last evening -

( Just think - me, a retired surgeon, universalist and 'humanitarian' has been barred from travelling into Gaza since 2008, past the concrete, antennae and Uzis -   do link to this and share the fear of anyone at one of the dozens of 'check points.

because Israel tried to drown 15 of us 30-12-08     NB Not 2 gunboats capable of 45 knots, but three. Learned from Free Gaza later.

I keep returning to it because if it had succeeded it would have been a paragraph or two - 'Italian built motor yacht founders in Mediterranean storm...  15 ''activists'' feared drowned.'  David Milliband did spend a few words in the House in response re me, only one Briton in GB, the other the master in Cyprus.  'Papers in the Commons library.'  Isolation, including of the very sick in Gaza, part of genocide in my book I am starting to write.)

I know you, the News Editor of the vital, shining Morning Star will note that bulletins have been coming from an elderly couple in Wellington, NZ for years, and in spite of frequent sabotage.  Leslie and Marian Bravery, and Leslie has suffered badly with his health.  They are derived via and were available from a web site in NZ.  I salute them now and weep a little.  I compare them in my mind with the ever replicating bacillus anthracis  **** - Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton etc, 'topple Assad' Johnson, Raab, May, myriad accomplices in silence Stride etc, and their commanding officers - Netanyahu, Gantz his 'opponent', and all those past - Zeevi, Vilnai, Dorog Almog etc etc etc >>>>  Vilnai, an assistant 'defence' minister of Israel promised a shoah to the humans in Gaza.  Search 'vilnai' on my web site.

Finally I pay tribute to your morning star.  I became a friend of the late editor John Haylett on one of the marches in the Wen (Cobbett) that the BBC did not often report.  I was privileged to write often in 'the paper of the left' and supported it with a fraction of my good NHS pension.  I bought a 1000 shares for instance.  I encourage every one reading this, and it will be posted on    or simply   Google   'david halpin' , to subscribe to

Morning Star Daily Alert    >>>

There are hundreds of references to Gaza, even within this last year. The width, depth and crispness of this reporting is so easily read and passed onwards as I have been doing.  It shows the skill and love of the team, small by comparison with the megaliths.

This love and deep sense of humanity is shown in this piece by John Green which caught my eye in the very long list -

What a star that shone - a very courageous human with the greatest love within her - born of a Polish 'jewish' family.  We must stop using ethnic and national titles.

I finish this open letter having just heard most of Fergal Keane's - The Remarkable Resistance of Lilo (Gloeden)  He finishes with - "this is an example of the courage that is possible when confronted by evil.  This is timeless and universal."  bcc to Fergal Keane.  And so it is. 

We must 'never give up'.

for truth

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS) 

ps   and join this list  Global Research - led by the chief editor  Michel Chossudovsky

**   20 minutes

***   and     No answer from BBC

****        anthrax included - very interesting, the evil 
Read attached - second, and a current blog by Tony Greenstein vis a vis Vad Yashem

Dear Editor,    17-01-20

I should be grateful to know which MS journalist wrote this report, or if is a 'wire' source.

I am very familiar with Gaza and its people, and in particular what families suffer day by day.

many thanks

David Halpin  FRCS