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David Halpin Election 2019

David HalpinDavid is standing as an Independent candidate for the Newton Abbot Constituency in the 12th December 2019 general election.

This special “Election 2019” website annexe has been created to present detailing David's manifesto and the issues he is standing for.

Currently, David is working on his manefesto and other materials, which should be published here within the next few days. Please check back here regularily.

If you want to contact David, please click the "Contact David" option in the main menu.

This candidate has made 'differences' in his long life as doctor/surgeon, countryman, plantsman, craftsman, adoptive parent, foster parent etc.  He could make a difference in the forum of a much lowered Britain.  He calls a spade a spade and speaks well publicly.  So vote for David Halpin.

 In his report to the Conservative Party’s Economic Reconstruction Group in 1977, Nicholas Ridley wrote that:

"...denationalisation should not be attempted by frontal attack but by preparation for return to the private sector by stealth. We should first pass legislation to destroy the public sector monopolies. We might also need to take power to sell assets. Secondly, we should fragment the industries as far as possible and set up the units as separate profit centres."

For truth



Dear Kirk,

Thank you for the courtesy of asking me.  My views are plain - NA is being made hateful to live in, and a town to avoid as the 'service' town for those that live around.  I drive through at least twice a week to my 28 acres of woods in Combe, but often take the 'clay pits' road to avoid lights at Church Pond and now the flood plain development at Challabrook. 

We moved to Combe-in-Teignhead in 1975 when I was appointed Consultant in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery at Torbay and at the wonderful Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital. Exeter where I trained for 4 years with a year at the Royal Cornwall.  I took my late predecessors advice, Robin Ling, and chose Home House - a long thatched property in poor repair.  That is to live in the NA/Shaldon/Tq triangle so that if I was called to an emergency in Tq on return home from Exeter 3x per week, I did not have to double back.  In fact - just up the valley of the Dod and over Great Hill. NA then was a Devon town with straight forward DEvon people.  We shopped there most Saturdays.  At least 4 greengrocers in the market, one, Bill Morris, from our parish.  Many trades.

Dear David

In brief, I support you campaign to re-open more hospital, community and social care beds and facilities.

In my world of caring for the local population's sickest patients, we are frequently hamstrung in our efforts by the lack of the above facilities.

I am in no doubt of the negative impact on NHS patients of healthcare policies in the last decade.

Best wishes for your campaign for a better NHS.

Consultant - Torbay

'Hi' Ray, hi

Briefly, because I need to add one short appeal on  david halpin  >  election before 10am.  I have not got time to check your assertions.  I am not impressed as to your commitment to OUR NHS.

I am going out on this last day in the hired motor home with Bill McCluskey, a neighbour driving, - he is used to its width and length.  I had intended similar against Bradshaw (Henry Jackson Society member but a ''Labour'' MP and a revolting Blairite) in Exeter, 2010.  A small old caravan then, with the good intention of going round community halls, estates etc to listen to people's concerns and so they could get the measure of me.  Many know me anyway as a surgeon first, and through public meetings - at least 4 in Totnes - Zion, Kelly, BBC, 'War', organic farming etc  Also through my name on letters in the Mid Devon Advertiser, Western Morning News and national, with other doctors re torture of Palestinians by Israel for instance.  And through broadcasts on national, regional and local broadcast media.  The Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin (google it - the website, soon to be redone, and see the terrible cruelty of Zion upon the noble, native humans, almost all noted by me.  To Gaza 10 times but barred by the Zionist entity after they tried a second time to kill me + 15 others then 30-12-03)  There is a stack of records here I have no time to sift.)

Many know I am a man of strong principle who cares deeply about almost everything.  And they know I get things done - even filling two lethal potholes with quick setting concrete down from Haytor so a cyclist did not end up dead or brain dead.  Also that I call a spade a spade - as now.

Dear Mike, Chris and all postmen/women,

47,300 brochures were handed over at the very large (I am told) SW RM station Friday am.  Dear Nick our postman, told me at 8.15 last Saturday, as I was delivering a load of logs I had cut and split, that the brochure was on doorsteps already!

I thank you, the workers in RM for sticking with oppressive management and helping a man who wants to serve his country, having served already as a doctor first (St Mary's 1964) and then up to full time 1992 and part time 2005 - helping waiting lists - TKRs, and seeing, treating often with simple 'cortisone' injections, diagnosing in 7 GP surgeries.  One in Dartmouth where a visit to a DGH in Torbay or Plymouth was a day long and often pricey.

You and I will never give up.  Millions of Britons did not in 1939.  Born 14-04-40  My Dad Joe, a self-taught electronic engineer with a sparse education, found a crater courtesy of the Luftwaffe in Southampton on December 1st 1941 - the family radio (him) and electrical business being one of 4000 'hits' with 40,000 incendiaries - they could see the glow from Cherbourg.

An elderly lady, Brenda, who got our annual newsletter from the Dove and Dolphin which had a hand on the shoulder of the Palestinian people, sent this with her donation:

Say not the struggle naught availeth
The labour and the wounds are vain
The enemy faints not, nor faileth
And as things have been, things remain

For while the tired waves, vainly breaking
Seem here no painful inch to gain
Far back through creeks and inlets making
Comes silent, flooding in, the main

I thought they were William Blake's words.  In fact they are A.E. Clough's (she penned the name in), and they make me weep.

 'Never give up .....' she said. The post card was of Hampstead Heath by Constable.  Amidst the evil and the filth there are good and gentle souls.