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The BBC, the State Broadcaster, the 'Ministry of Truth' is reviled by a minority who resent paying 145.50 pounds pa for having lies of commission and omission beamed to the UK and the world.

Its propaganda underpins the monarchy, imperial war, capital, the corporations, Mount Zion and the status quo. The list is much longer. It was shown to have allowed only 3% of broadcasting time to humans who opposed the looming genocidal war on Iraq. Instead it used gigawatts to bring the poison of Perle, Wolfowitz, Edelman, Blair and a very long list of fellow psychopaths onto our screens.

The pro-Zionist stance of the BBC, the ZBC, is obvious in every hour of its broadcasts and on most of its numerous outlets. The rage against this is expressed in letters of complaint to this Ministry of Truth. We learn that most of these are 'outsourced' to one or two private companies. One is Tempero which has a long list of 'clients' for which it does the lying or absorption. One such is the NHS. And every thing in the UK is now outsourced in this hollow, illusory democracy. The complaint is reiterated to the complainant and not one thing changes.

The most recent outrage was 'Death on the Med', presented by the efficient pro-Zionist propagandist, Ms Jane Corben. It almost portrayed the massacre of 9 Turkish 'humanitarians' as being self inflicted. The massive and lethal naval/commando force of the Zionist entity was painted a peaceful green. The protests have been loud and many, but nothing will change. The hasbara outfits, like BICOM in the UK, have rubbed their hands.
The excellent MediaLens web site has many posts a day on bias in our media, but especially that which blasts out from the BBC. [1] The calibre of the contributions is high.

The censorship described below is very important because the BBC and its Today team have been caught red handed. There is no wriggle room. There have, of course, been no responses to the complaints so far. A complaint will later sink into the carefully chosen Board of Governors without trace.

On the BBC flagship programme Today, there was a segment at 06.22-55 hrs BST on Tuesday 24 August where Steve Evans interviewed Gro Nystuen of the Council on Ethics in Norway about the decision of the Ministry of Finance to divest from two Israeli construction companies. [2]

The Government of Norway Pension Fund is derived from the profits of its state owned oil industry and currently amounts to 450 billion dollars. Evans noted the fund continued to invest in 'hundreds, possibly thousands of non-Western companies including many that are Chinese. 'Given that they cannot easily be separated from the state, why are some of these not excluded?' Gro Nystuen replied that some were being examined, but until a final decision to exclude a company is made by the Ministry of Finance, no details are made public. The list of a few dozen excluded companies now extends from Africa Israel Investments and Danya Cebus violation of Geneva Convention in occupied Palestinian territory, through BAe, down to Wal-Mart Stores Inc - breach of human rights and labour rights. [3]

The segment ended at 06.27-13 after firm responses from Ms Nystuen had disabused Steve Evans of the implication that the two Israeli companies had been unfairly singled out. He had questioned whether 'our own people were being beaten up harder'. This news of divestment, albeit of single millions, needed sharing with others standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

This is the log of observations made regarding this segment throughout Tuesday 24 August :- At 10.22 hrs the text of the running order ran

Business news with Steve Evans: John Vellis of Russell Investments looks at the love affair between ordinary Americans and the stock market. Is it cooling? Gro Nystuen, of the Council on Ethics, talks about Norwegian ethical trading.

However, on listening to the i-Player through twice the 5 minute segment with Gro Nyusten had been erased.

At 10.36 hrs

Business news with Steve Evans: John Velis of Russell Investments looks at the love affair between ordinary Americans and the stock market. ''Gro Nystuen, of the Council on Ethics, talks about Norwegian ethical trading'' had been deleted from the running order on the web site.

The segment remained deleted from the i-Player.

At 10.55
hrs a complaint was made 'Steve Evans was heard speaking to a Norwegian lady about divestment from two Israeli construction companies. It was on the running order up until 10.22am. At 10.39 when I looked again, it had disappeared. Nor can I find the item on the i-Player Listen Again.

Could you please let me know what is going on here. I want a reply. This message is being copied.' A common place automatic response was received but no engagement followed as usual.

At 21.00
hrs approximately, the five minute segment could be heard on the i-Player

Since Tuesday 24 August the segment can be found on the BBC i-Player but with difficulty. This is the link. [4] It is not known how long this will be active.

The questions are:-
What prompted the BBC to remove the segment from the i-Player, and later its title from the running order on its web site?

Was it stimulated to do this by contact from either the Israeli Embassy in London, by BICOM (an Israeli hasbara outfit in the UK) or by another Israeli agency?

The public service broadcaster receives its 5 billion pounds worth of running costs from the licence fee payers in the UK.

It is widely acknowledged to be pro-Zionist in its news reporting and in its programming. It has also supported the illegal bombardment and invasion of Iraq in every possible way. Its 'brand' is a cause for delusion in many.

This instance, where discussion of a news item which is uncomfortable to Israel and its supporters was removed from the public's ears demonstrates very clearly the depths to which it stoops.