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Dear Mike, Chris and all postmen/women,

47,300 brochures were handed over at the very large (I am told) SW RM station Friday am.  Dear Nick our postman, told me at 8.15 last Saturday, as I was delivering a load of logs I had cut and split, that the brochure was on doorsteps already!

I thank you, the workers in RM for sticking with oppressive management and helping a man who wants to serve his country, having served already as a doctor first (St Mary's 1964) and then up to full time 1992 and part time 2005 - helping waiting lists - TKRs, and seeing, treating often with simple 'cortisone' injections, diagnosing in 7 GP surgeries.  One in Dartmouth where a visit to a DGH in Torbay or Plymouth was a day long and often pricey.

You and I will never give up.  Millions of Britons did not in 1939.  Born 14-04-40  My Dad Joe, a self-taught electronic engineer with a sparse education, found a crater courtesy of the Luftwaffe in Southampton on December 1st 1941 - the family radio (him) and electrical business being one of 4000 'hits' with 40,000 incendiaries - they could see the glow from Cherbourg.

OUR NHS will rise again.  If I am elected I will help ensure that.  See the young doctors and nurses from  North Devon  DGH excise -with its useless board. I do not know it.  Likely but.  Iwas appointed there in 1975 as a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.  I said there in latter years 'it is all process and no thought'!  I trained at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital, Exeter and my appointment was to it as well.  120 beds, a fine history, the origin of the Exeter 'Hip' and world known.  NO overflows with acute medical patients etc.  A very high esprit de corps, a hospital we loved working in.  4 modern theatres, first class nurses, physios and occupational therapists - all staff to Brian the head porter.  9 out of 11 surgeons fought for it - Torbay wanted the joint replacement income in essence.  BULLDOZED under a Tory government c. 1994.  >> into the DGH where, in spite of some THR/TKR patients going home the day after surgery (wrongly), there are never enough beds to help 33 surgeons do their work.  5 consultants in 1992 but high grade training staff with them.

I fought Thatcher's (Chicago School) 'Internal Market' alone amongst about 70 Torbay consultants.  Main reasons - would double admin cost, damage morale with a myriad of junk titles and destroy the happy triangle - real family doctors/patients/specialists.  In the first year, £1.3 billion, was added to a £32 billion budget for ''administration' as I forecast.  And the otherr predictions came true as well.

Finally, do read this. Never Give Up 

for truth

David (Halpin MB BS FRCS)