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To leave the EU, or to stay in with 28 other countries. Trying to avoid that junk word Brexit.

I opposed joining the EEC as a young doctor 40 years ago, as did my father. Reasons –

a. an overweening bureaucracy likely b. Italy, Germany, France, GB etc – manufactured goods – all doing the same c. NZ, Australia, Canada, Caribbean > food, with excellent cheap sheep meat from NZ. Mutually good and logical trade. Manufactured goods exchanged d. “EU would prevent future European wars”. I thought divisions might emerge later.

The EU for decades – who can name the 7 MEP’s for the SW? And tell us what power the EU parliament has? Very little – it can influence EU Foreign policy. It it democratic? Ursula von der Leyden has been proposed as the President of the EU Commission – by 28 of the EU elite, whilst 500 million voters look on. Ratification of her ‘annointment’ delayed because the books are in question again.

The Eub has harmed GB – take its Competition Rules. This a cause for ‘out -sourcing’ contracts by OUR NHS to private outfits – 15% of total budget in Labour years – as now.

We should have left promptly in 2016 following a vote of 52% against 48% in a turn out of 72%.

I am pleased to say that I am standing in my 80th year as an Independent candidate!  I am resolute.  I have healed thousands with excellent teams in OUR NHS, and I know the human condition better than most MPs.

As for our association with the other 28 European nations I say this.  I opposed the UK joining with the EEC 40 years ago, along with my late, and independent minded father Joseph Albert Halpin - a self taught electronic engineer with scarce formal education.  (I was the eldest of 4.  Mary, Michael and Peter followed.)  My reasons were several and still obtain.

I believe strongly that the UK should leave the EU forthwith, and without payment of 'alimony.'  I have supported Johnson's negotiating stance in spite of his deeply flawed personality.  There was no other proper way.  The British people should be told the sum of the UK's net contribution to the rather chaotic EU 'books'.  We know that of the 20% VAT - current, just over 10% of that ( the 2.5% part of the tax) went to Brussels/Strasbourg.  The net flow was negative - Greece, Eire, Poland later etc  The less well informed think that the EU logo on say a bridge in Cornwall (priority status) means that the EU 'gave' it.  NOT the case - laundered effectively.

There are very many reasons why we should stand alone again, as in 1939.   A few:

a. European Competition Rules/Law.  A 'neo-liberal' device - the adjective a euphemism.  This binds OUR NHS to invitation of tenders to the likes of the avaricious 'Virgin' outfit. **

b. Environmental protection via EU 'quango' type bodies often claimed.  Not a good record.  Viz glyphosate.  Try piperonyl butoxide - a very potent synergist in insecticidal concoctions eg Vitax  'Bugclear'.  But here and in France, far sighted changes - wood pastures such as I created in Combe-in-Teignhead 32 years ago - attached

c. The gross hypocrisy - the new President of the 'European Commission'  Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, spoke of the EU preserving peace since WW2.  She forgot the destruction of Yugoslavia, with U238 scattered about with its half life of millions of years.  She forgot EU nations in the 'coalition of the willing (39 nations) in the monumental war crime which was Iraq.  And French, Italian and UK bombing of civilians in Libya.  I think I read that she is in favour of a 'space army' - satellite weopons??

d. The former was proposed for President by 28 of the EU elite, whilst 500 million voters looked on.  The EU Parliament's ratification of her as President has been delayed because the books are not 'signed off' as frequently happens.

e. You might recall that when John Major's government privatised the railway (fitting with a basic tenet of the EU) he separated  the wheels from the track, again to fit with the Competition Rules.

I could add much more.  I have had junior doctor colleagues from all round our world, and very many from Belgium, some from Spain, Greece etc.  I love the different identities and respect their histories, some more turbulent than ours perhaps.  I am not a xenophobe.  Indeed the opposite.  I am a 'universalist.'

I will make my stance clear in my manifesto which I will start writing tomorrow.  I watched a large part of the debate between Johnson and Corbyn, the latter promising a second referendum.  He shares with many a disdain for the majority vote and is less of a demos (people) crat than one supposes.  He has been captured, previously being against the EU and its subjugation of the worker.  It is clear that the deadlock the opposition parties  have caused, will continue, if JC is elected.

**  His corporation sued Surrey 'NHS' for cutting short a contract.  c. £350 million of our taxes > Branson in the British Virgin Isles.