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Gaza GirlThe Apogee - the Culmination in Palestine - the Hinge of Humanity

The fascist - "The sub-human/untermensch who delights in crushing the life out of humans".

Tethering and then slitting the throat of a creature or child before sacrifice in fire on an altar has been a black thread over millenia. Homo non-sapiens can veer from Luciferan blood lust to the most beautiful and ethereal.  I think of Yehudi Menuhin in his art, of Archbishop Romero, of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and of the millions who put self second. And of those truth tellers who strove but who were set aside and kept away from the distracted, ill informed and semi-conscious populations. John Pilger left this 'veil of tears' last Saturday. The BBC, the ZBC, records it but shunned broadcasting his words and film. (1)(2)

October 7th of 2023, the 'break out' from the largest concentration camp ever created, is reported as pivotal in this culmination of elemental evil now seen via Al Jazeera. Just as Zionist evil swells ever larger in the other remnants of Palestine - 'East' Jerusalem and the ineptly called 'West Bank'. Journalists, doctors, paramedics are 'eliminated' along with whole families, one recently numbering 70. These sacrifices, this infinite negation of the sanctity of life, is neatly done at arms length by Hariri style 'AI', appropriately named by the Israel High Command as Gospel and Alchemist. (3). But the goading of a captive but resistant native population has been there in the Land of Milk and Honey since about 1885 when the first Zionists started 'settling' and dispelling Palestinian land workers from that fertile land.

Is this four year long Operation Barbarossa of the German fascists rolled up into weeks the zenith of Zionist goading for an even greater evil? Know that the arch priest Netanyahu, recently quoting the 'Bible' in justification, with others using words like 'animals', dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza, rendering another Auschwitz etc has been calling for the destruction of Iran for over a decade. And the Iranians know this, and know too that WW3 and wide annihilation by nuclear fission is minutes away. (4)      

As turkey is washed down with wine in the disintegrating 'western' societies a dear child is crushed to death or shredded every ten earthly minutes in Gaza. Some lie there at this minute, alive - limbs trapped with concrete dust in the lungs. The most terrible and terrifing crucifixion. In Gaza with a population of 70,000 during WW2, an oasis on the Via Maris 2000 years ago. My friend, the  late Eyad Serraj, doctor and psychiatrist, told me how as a young boy he ran through trees, with birds in their boughs to a sparkling sea. There was the glint of fish. He would not have foreseen thousands and thousands fleeing into Gaza by boat and by road in the 'cleansing' of 1948 - continued right up to this second. (5)

But have not smaller Barbarossas and Babi Yars (6) been going on - continuously since those 50 million were heaped on altars in the second 'war to end wars'. As Pilger often said, the US has bombed over 30 nations since WW2 and usually with the support of the other two members of the actual axis of evil - the UK and 'Israel'. The latter named itself in its Knesset the 'Jewish State' - a total denial of humane bases in Judaism. So the infinite crimes of those who have gripped 'Israel' with its pseudo democracy and its burgeoning 'parties' have been going on and been rained down on civilians since Nürnberg One by other armies. The 'land of the free' predominates, with a 'defence' expenditure and its Raytheons, Boeings etc exceeding the total of next 9 nations in rank. The 50,000 tank 'rounds' being hurried to 'Israel' by the walking corpse and 'rapturist' Biden is the most recent.

The abyss of 'mutually assured destruction yawns'. Fallujah (7), Sirte, My Lai (8), East Timor, Panama, Chile/Allende, etc etc etc pass by. Memory of milliseconds aided by an execrable press and broadcast media; electronic noise via the cell phone first distracting and then washing the 'mind'.

The only way to stop this Gadarene rush into a black hole within a wondrous universe is to bring the present criminals, and those like Anthony Charles Lynton Blair who have escaped so far, is to indict them, judge them - and punish them. Only then might the hands of further Hitlers, Stalins and Kissingers (9) be stilled.

So let this 'still beautiful world' gain joy through light and love, through justice under international laws - all written and never realised.

How was Nürnberg One set going, with 8 Nazis later hung, and a similar number of Japanese war criminals. The rope or incarceration - together and for life the choices for those who tortured, maimed and killed so many millions of loved ones?

It was the London Agreement arising out of the Potsdam Conference - the US, the UK of course, France and the USSR. The latter, with its sacrifice of 25 million soldiers and civilians forgotten as the present fascist alliance supports a comedic dictator in an effort to 'Balkanise' Russia with its vast mineral resources and land mass. (10)

Note the dates! 

Hiroshima August 6th 1945
London Agreement setting up  Nürnberg  -    August 8, 1945
Nagasaki  August 9th 1945

(11) Quote - "The bombings killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians, ..."

Thus was fascism set to continue, having started with the 'Pilgrim Fathers', the Conquistadors and other European 'white skins'.
It fits that Holocaust Day Memorial - funded by the UK government with £500,000, does not include 'Little Boy' and Fat Man' on Japan. (12)

5.  'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' Ilan Pappe 2006 One World Publications
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