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Pariah - Merriam Webster “Someone or something that is despised or rejected : outcast

At 8.30 today on BBC/ZBC Breakfast (1)– 12-01-2024, reported thus -

The strikes have also been backed by Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, who was been briefed by the government on Thursday night.

The report continues, quoting thisIsraeli ambassador to the UK, Sir Keir Starmer -

"Clearly the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea have to be dealt with," he told BBC Radio 5 Live's Breakfast programme, "their attacks on commercial shipping, attacks on important trade routes and putting civilian lives at risk and therefore, we do support this action".

Watch: Fighter jets strike targets in Yemen (from the BBC)

‘Putting civilian lives at risk’. Firstly the Houthi ‘rebels’ have not been killing, but under gun point directing all ships to or from the Israeli port of Eilat (2)away from the Red Sea. They have added to their ‘interdiction’ all vessels that have ownership tied to Israel eg the Zim line. Secondly they have bravely been observing the Genocide Convention (3) 09 December 1948 in peacefully attempting to stay the hand of the ‘only democracy in the ME’ in its mass homicide and the planned famine and epidemic disease to follow the carpet bombing, the cutting of all food, fuel and potable water. (4)

The Zionist cabal in the Westminster bubble, separated from the mass of the population which continues to run Britain more or less effectively, pretends that the Houthi action threatens UK security. That is the ‘legal’ basis for US and UK bombing of Houti targets of over 50 Houthi targets during last night. That there is no legal basis - as with the war on Iraq, is the reason why the bombing will not be debated in the ‘Palace of Westminster’ until Monday at the earliest. So the second step to WW3 has been agreed on this side of the ‘pond’ by a man of Hindu parents and an ex- Director of Public Prosecutions (5).

Quote - Within the first few months of his tenure, Starmer upheld the decision not to prosecute the police officers who had killed Jean Charles de Menezes in a UK High Court appeal lodged by the family.[23]


His record in this office raises questions as to his fitness to compete for No 10. An allegation that he ‘lost’ the files on the most evil Jimmy SaVile in c. 2009 is not included in the Wiki account.

So two British citizens in high office, with all their collaborators including those in the execrable British printed and broadcast media, and in siding with the walking corpse and ‘rapturist’ Biden in defending the Israeli High Command in its attempt to obliterate Palestine, are bent on lighting the fuse for Armageddon. The main target of this ‘axis of evil’, these pariahs in broad daylight, is Iran. (6)

This was written by the author about the ‘ciding’ of another sovereign nation and its leader. The reader will recall the cry of that Luciferette Hillary Clinton after President Ghaddafi was assassinated –

‘We came, we saw, he died’. (7)

Last 4 paras -

The actual axis of evil is very busy. One pole, the dominant one, is in Tel Aviv. The other pole is Washington. In the middle is London, and now Paris. London gives the axis propriety with all the flummery. It also gives its cunning and its historical knowledge of imperialism. The power shifts backward and forward along that axis as busily as those jets carrying the psychopaths who pull the triggers. Whilst Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi waits for his high explosive execution, (NATO bombed a bunker in central Tripoli last night) read his long, coherent speech to that sham of shams, the United Nations. (NO LONGER LIVE!) Certainly not a member of that axis of evil.

That UN was formed in some sort of hope after yet another war to end wars. Have Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama and the rest of the murderous gang read this?

"All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations...Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter."

UN Charter - 1: Purposes and Principles


NB There was a good interview of the author by Paula Smith on RT in October 2011 based on this essay. RT took it down.  He was explicit in saying that 'Israel called the shots' and showed the book by Ralph Schoenman 'The Hidden History of Zionism'  On line  Ralph had sent it to the author via Rowena Thursby - who got the Kelly group together. Another cover up in a definitely fascist state.

BBC - Watch fighter jets strike targets in Yemen