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 Mr Mel Stride MP for Central Devon and Assistant Whip Conservative Party

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you.  I was aware of the convention, no more than convention, that ministers did not sign EDMs.  I was not aware that party whips are government ministers.  They surely act for party and not government.  And opposition whips?  Anyway, it is about time 'whipping' was abolished in this new millennium and with the UK pretending to be a democracy.

I leave that aside.  There are several hundred Conservative MPs who are not ministers.  Mr Bottomley is the only one who has signed Mr McDonnell's motion.  I ask that you circulate his EDM, preferably with my words, to your many good friends in the party who are not bound by this convention.

As I write, and as you read, there are children in cruel jails in 'Israel' who are frightened, broken and deeply depressed.  The Hares boys have been in for two years - half your time in government.  No Commons tea room for them but often disgusting food.  As they emerge, eventually, into the light of day, from concrete cells and corridors they will be as caged animals, starting at every sound and sudden image.

My disgust I feel for our governments is huge.  Please do something that is moral and principled against a regime which acts with deep cruelty and outside law.  Get the damned Israelis to lay off.

Dear Mr Levy,

Elizabeth Morley kindly linked me to your explicit article.  Telling the truth is a rarity now is it not?  Thank you.  I recall hearing you speak at ?the Amnesty headquarters in London.  You told of how you would arrange a public meeting and just a few would turn up.  We will agree that a public mind such as this is dangerous in this still beautiful world.  These words will be known to you - Milton Mayer.  I often say this is Britain NOW

There is another dimension which needs exposure, both in Palestine, Britain and  the US.  That is the sensitivity, rigour and truthfulness of the law in violent death and in the forensic investigation of it.  I have looked into the killing, which is what it was, of Youssef al-Ramouni, the Palestinian Egged bus driver.  At present his corpse is refrigerated at Abu Kabir; the words Abu Kabir alone fill me with dread

Dear Mel,

Thank you too for hearing me.  I am pleased that you are bringing your concerns to Mr Hammond.  There is in fact no proportionality.  As you know, there is a vast history to this, 'the hinge of our humanity' as I call it.  I know a good deal about it.  My interest, and all my work there, is/was based in humanity, fairness and law.  I am not anti-semitic.  I am pro-human, and as my father taught me, everyone should have a 'fair crack of the whip.'  If a select committee sat on these vital matters, I would be honoured to give evidence.

The first pain came to the native labourers when they were driven away by their new landlords in the early 20th C, ending in squatter camps in Haifa.


Mr Mel Stride  MP for Central Devon
House of Commons

Ref:  The war on the people of Gaza

26 July 2014

Dear Mr Stride,

The message below from Ally Cohen in the 'West Bank' came to me about 7pm.  It is the tiniest microcosm of the whole.  I reflect that I had several patients in my time who were injured in WW2 and who were POWs.  They were treated with respect by German doctors and with great skill – usually in excess of that which we had to offer.

I 'phoned the FCO and eventually spoke with a good telephonist.  I asked to speak with the duty officer about Beit Hanoun.  She was only able to put me through if my concern was about a British subject.

The following data has been submitted from a form on the Archbishop of Canterbury website:

Name: David Sydney Halpin

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message : What is Archbishop Welby's response to these acts?  Thank you.

Cheer with the Givati brigade for the demolition of the mosque at Khuzaa **

Imagine if this was, say, the Finchley synagogue, or St.Michael's in the centre of our parish here at Ilsington (vicar copied). I imagine that Archbishop Welby will be speaking out against the destruction of people, the temples of the family - the homes, their hospitals, the schools in Gaza, and of lesser importance, the destruction of their places of worship. You will know that in addition to the destruction of dozens of mosques, some churches were also damaged. The church in the centre of Gaza City gave shelter to ALL.

You will know also that the occupier, the Zionist entity, is bound in international law to ensure the safety and welfare of the occupied people. The US and the UK failed to do that for the German people after the defeat of Germany in WW2. As with Gaza now, collective punishment was meted out.

Jon Snow, the lead journalist on C4 News, returned from Gaza a few days ago.  It was clear from this blog  and in the one written as he flew back to Britain that he had been deeply affected by the deliberate injury and killing of children in Gaza.  This was evident too in his colleague Jonathan Miller, and in Lyse Doucet of the BBC.

Last night he tried to elicit truth from Michael Oren aka Michael Scott Bornstein, on C4 News.  Oren was 'Israeli' ambassador to a surrogate US until last year.  He is described as an historian and in the Wikipedia profile as being one of the ten most powerful Jews in the US.  There is no hint as to how that is measured.

The massacres in Sabra and Shatila took place 30 years ago. Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone bore witness as hell was brought to earth. They stood with the Palestinian people and they have campaigned for justice for them from those days 'till now.

January 22, 2002

Maitre Luc Walleyn
154 Rue des Palais
B-1030 Bruxelles
Belgium - Via Federal Express

Dear Maitre Walleyn,

Our friend and colleague, Kjell Bygstad of Oslo, Norway, has written to you with respect to our eyewitness testimony regarding the responsibility of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and of the Israeli armed forces under his direction for the massacres at Sabra and Shatila.