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12th August 2022

Further e-mail to Professor Pollard BSc MBBS PhD (Lond), DIC, MRCP (UK), FHEA, FIDSA, FRCPCH, MA, FMedSci  Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity, Oxford University   ( and to Dame Sarah (Gilbert)

I have had no responses to my two previous e-mails, the first being sent 25th July, and the second the 3rd of August.

Update on our daughter Fiona - saw the oncologist last Tuesday with her partner, and we parents.  Fiona has agreed to undergo chemotherapy.  She is having preparatory blood tests etc, the insertion of a permanent IV line, and the start of chemotherapy in two weeks +.  The kindly doctor and senior nurse were explicit - cure was not being presented, but hope encouraged, which our dear Fiona has, along with great courage.

I saw my tyre fitter friend yesterday, Derek Hopkins.  He helped save me from a potentially serious road accident.  I had had a rare puncture in my pick-up.  The spare wheel was rusty from long disuse.  In the few miles to his workshop, the wheel nuts had worked loose!

He was saved from likely death due to systemic micro-thromboses from the toxic junk your team developed because he was already on Warfarin.  He had first suffered DVTs and PEs from a crushing injury of his chest when a combined harvester collapsed on his trunk years ago.  He has suffered DVTs and PEs since - hence the prophylactic warfarin.

Read these please, central is my friend Derek Hopkins, and my surgical colleague Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed FRCSI who has been excluded from his expert practice for 2 years plus - (the posting will be copied to the acting chairman of the GMC - the General Medical Council)

We are in a fight for civilization, and within that - for freedom of thought and expression, as well as the future of mankind.  This most oppressive, even fascist action against fellow citizens, is emblematic.  We must stand for them and for the freedoms Britain fought for in WW2.

Does my definition fit my description of the actions,  and judgements made against Deanna Yeates and Michael Pendlebury? Details can be found here.

"The subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive. "

Guess why the Western Morning 'News' did not publish it.

Dear Letters Editor,

This as you know is a most important test of our mostly illusory democracy.  I should be grateful for your publishing this letter below - from my heart, and as a patriot.  I am greatly concerned by the lowering of this country.

David H.

Dear Letters Editor,

I am certain that many thousands of your readers will have been outraged by the treatment of this couple through our justice system as reported 12th April on page 8 of the WMN.

I first comment as a well trained and observant doctor first, and surgeon second, on the 'science' at the bottom of government responses to an epidemic of a novel and nasty virus.  It proved vicious in the frail elderly and in those with so called 'co-morbidities' ie other chronic illnesses like gross obesity.

" In absence of an acknowledgement that my open letter sent to him at 5.19 pm 22-03-2022 via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  had been received for his attention, I 'phoned 01392 205 205.  I assumed, this being the Exeter exchange number, that I would be answered at Devon County Hall.  No, - a switchboard operator in Pomona House close to Torbay Hospital. 'Debbie' could not immediately find 'corporate services'.  A 'Sam' in this department answered, and would not give his surname - as so often.  (I am never anonymous). 

He told me that Dr Paul Johnson was on leave until next week, and uncertain of his date of return.  I am not certain if Sam found the e-mail.  But I asked that my letter, sent by e-mail, is read by a qualified doctor on the CCG medical board, in the absence of the clinical chairman. 

Dear Sam,

Please confirm before 5pm today by e-mail and telephone that this letter

has been sent to Dr Johnson's deputy, a medical doctor, and that the doctor has noted receipt.  This is not a trivial matter.  It is the polar opposite, and I am logging the responses.

David Halpin MB BS FRCS  01364 661115   KJiln Shotts, Haytor, Newton Abbot TQ13 9XR "

Professor Lim Wei Shen,
JCVI and all members

Professor Sir Christopher Whitty
Chief Medical Officer 

Rt Hon Sajid Javid
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Cc Rt Hon Boris Johnson
Prime Minister

10th February 2022

Updated 22ndFebruary

Dear Professor Shen, Professor Whitty and Sajid Javid,

We wrote to you and also the MHRA last month regarding urgent investigation of the acknowledged increase in all cause mortality in males aged 15-19 since the Pfizer covid vaccine rollout commenced in this age group in May 2021. ONS have acknowledged in the High Court in London, that the figure of 402 excess deaths is significantly higher than the previous 5 year average of 337 deaths. It has proved impossible to get the actual data.  Indeed they stated it is probably an underestimate because of delays for coroners’ cases.  This equates to at least two additional teenage boys dying each week of the roll-out, possibly more.   It is thus very disappointing not to have received any response.

We are writing further to ask you to pause the vaccines for children while you undertake and publish an urgent review of the risk/benefit analysis.  In August 2021 you concluded that there was no medical justification for vaccinating healthy 12-15-year-olds, with the authorisation based on an aim to reduce school closures. But this new safety signal and the impact of this uncertainty, must affect your assessment of the risk to benefits.

Part One. The case of the GMC versus Mohammed Adil FRCS Ed FRSCI

I became sharply aware of biased judgement and response by the GMC when I brought evidence in 2011 of serious professional misconduct against two key witnesses in the case of the unnatural death of David Kelly CMG Dsc, the pre-eminent UK germ and chemical expert. His death has never been subject to a formal inquest. I will deal with this in Part 3.

Part 2 will encompass GMC failings in its duty towards standards of care provided by medically qualified persons, especially since the emergence of Covid_19 in the autumn of 2019. The campaigns by the UK government which followed, the propaganda paid for from our taxes, and especially the inoculation of experimental RNA contained material, have no basis in the sciences within medicine. This current paper by David Hughes MA is a very punctilious analysis and record confirming the latter phrase ‘ no basis in the sciences within medicine’-

The evils are the more stark given the ‘roll out’ of the experimental inoculations to children over 5 years of age starting this week in the UK.

Born 08/12/1958  GMC Number 5183820 Nationality British.Mohammad qualified MB BS 1986 in the Nishtar Medical University, Multan Pakistan. He served as house officer and SHO for five years there before coming first to Eire in 1991. His fellowships were gained in 1996. In his training in these isles he has served in leading surgical units. Altogether he has served for 30 years in the NHS, and for many years as a consultant general surgeon in mostly long locum tenems posts.

His central specialism is colo-rectal surgery; he is very adept in laparoscopic techniques. The many testimonials and references speak of his empathy with patients and of his surgical skills. All was well for him and his patients until 30/06/2020whilst working as a consultant general & colorectal surgeon from 1/03/2020 at North Manchester General Hospital NHS. He was dismissedand removed from the Medical Register. In April he had exercised his right of freedom to speak out of his concern for fellow man. In interviews on ‘social’ media he opposed the mixtures of advice, rules and statutes arising out of the bill, first titled ‘The 2019/2020 Corona Virus Bill’ and passed after 48 hours of minimal scrutiny on March 23rd.He saw great harm coming to poorer folk especially and to the medical services in the UK. He noted a global dimension and a well predicted plan of subjugation of the mass of humanity. His predictions have all come to pass.

Mohammed Adil FRCS Ed has been re-instated on the medical register. He was removed from it 20 months ago for speaking the truth about the C19 lie in March 2020. His greatest concerns were the loss of livelihoods, especially of poorer people, and the damage being done to OUR NHS and its vital services. He has served in OUR NHS without blemish for 30 years.

Mohammed senses that the global war for truth and then justice, and then the victory of innate human goodness, is being won. And these will finally be restored in this 'still beautiful world.'

Had this overnight from Robin Upton in Bangladesh.  Thank you Robin.  We met over the www because of my involvement in campaigning for an inquest into the death of David Kelly CMG DSc 17/18-07-2003, with Stephen Frost and Miles Goslett ** . Robin has since stayed here.  A mathematician by graduation but an analyst of our world - in seeming chaos.

Dame Cicely SaundersDear Richard,

My good help on Mondays  - in the woods mostly.  I am copying this to everyone on my main list + a few others.  There is no question that homo non-sapiens is at a cross road, and Frost's poem is apt here

Induced insanity is all about - yesterday I was almost assaulted, certainly verbally, by the proprietor of the good fruit and veg shop in Bovey for not wearing the 'mandated' and usually grossly contaminated mask.  This designed to speed viral transmission, and bacterial infection of skin and possible lung.  There were women driving about with their decorative masks on;  I hoped the mild hypercapnia and hypoxia would not affect the safety of the vehicles.

So to rekindle our humanity, our love for our neighbour, inspiration is at the centre.  So when, by the 2 cider barrels you had filled with juice from the orchard Sue and I planted within the wood pasture in 1988, I was very pleased to meet your friend from school days - Spike.  This man of muscle and brain, who works for Stihl, is my man too.  I share his love for trees and timber, and look forward to working with him.

But this is the key, and why I am writing pre-porridge.  And there is again the mystical synchronicity.  Spike's partner has been a nurse in palliative care for 18 years.  I told Spike how, as a student at St Mary's in about 1963, I walked with a few fellow students down to Bayswater by Hyde Park to meet Cecily Saunders.  I imagine she took us to a bedside.  She reminded me in her stature and gentleness of my mother - a Cecelia.  And I managed later to retrieve her name.

You too will be inspired by the story of her life, growing on from a most unhappy family.  And it was interwoven with 3 Polish men, the first 'Jewish' with whom she shared a spiritual love.  All this emphasises the universality of our humanity, the shedding of genetic and 'belief' connections.

"Thank you for contacting Devon and Cornwall Police. Please accept this email as acknowledgement of your correspondence......"

I thank the Chief Constable's Staff Office for this acknowledgement 6/12/2021 12.21 pm.

I add this briefly.  As a result of the maelstrom created deliberately by HMG in this country, force officers, their families, and many relatives will have been subject to the worst of the medical services currently available, and the best here and there.  Perhaps like my wife who was asked to phone the GP surgery and was number 11.  She waited later all day until 7 pm, and now waits again for a call promised at 10.30.  Now 12.30 pm  As I say,'the vortex sucks for ever louder.'

I spoke publicly by the Dart to about 300 20-11-21 re the plandemic and my hopes for a renaissance of medicine in the UK and the re-building of OUR NHS.  This is relevant to everyone, including our dear children and those yet to be born.  And later on line -

Part 1  My 31 minute contribution is from 1.03 hours to 1.32 hrs.

This should be read Chief Constable by every member of your force, including the civilian employees.  Written in the Guardian which I do not read.  By a fellow doctor, Professor of Public Health Allyson Pollock with whom I correspond, and a barrister Peter Roderick.  Together they put forward a very well reasoned 'NHS Re-instatement Bill'.  Has the 'bobby on the beat' got £4000 for his and his family's medical insurance?  Does he know that in an emergency, perhaps injured in a road crashe is attending, due usually to excess speed, that it will not be the Nuffield or Spre or -, dealing with him, but the skeleton of a demoralised NHS shell.

This letter was kindly published in the above local paper 21-10-2021.  I omitted, for space, this - When a doctor hears a patient with full attention and obvious empathy, the patient is lifted up.  The hands of the doctor have taken those cares into himself, and shown that help is at hand, with relief from pain or distress.  If those hands are then used in the examination that lightening, that transference, is further enhanced.

The reader will note the final paragraph.  Today HMG announces, via the ex-banker Sunak -   'The UK economy is 'back on track'.  In our family, as in many, to lie was a cardinal sin.  

Letter to MDA 18th October 2021

Dear Editor,

As a doctor first, and surgeon second, who was educated at St Mary’s W2 and qualifying in 1964, I need to respond to the article in last week’s MDA entitled ‘Trialling blood tests which could detect cancer earlier’. There is obvious irony.

Months ago it was noted that as a result mostly of HMG’s policy in reaction to Covid_19 there were at least 300,000 humans in the UK waiting to be seen with symptoms of potential cancer. A good many would have had cancer within them. For most cancers, time is of the essence. Delay in diagnosis means advance of those cancers in a majority, and when and if they came to the specialists, treatment would need to be more complex, suffering greater and eventual death more likely.

Negligence vis a vis 'Covid_19'. E-mail to BMA – last 9.48 hrs 22-10-2021

I question whether RT has noted my letter to the BMA.  Same day - me 2.13 pm   RT 17.48


Quote - Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) itself is a rare nerve disorder that can cause paralysis, but recent data has shown the likelihood “of a possible association” to the vaccine “has strengthened,” according to the regulatory agency.

Of the millions who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine, there were 432 reports of GBS possibly stemming from the vaccine. There were 50 similar cases reported for the Pfizer vaccine.

My attempts at analysis.  And note also that the 4 recorded deaths (?all reported and ?? autopsies performed) will be greater, because some of these will be on ventilators, and will die off or on them.  That is - lesions at T3 spinal segment level or above.  GBS - does follow certain infections, vaccinations or without a diagnosed trigger.

The total number of NHS hospital beds in England, including general and acute, mental illness, learning disability, maternity and day-only beds, has more than halved over the past 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2018/9, while the number of patients treated has increased significantly.

Say 130,000 beds now.