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By Dr Yasser Abu Jamei Psychiatrist of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme 

May 16, 2021

Hebron/AlKhalil April 2007After Saturday’s bombing raids in the heart of Gaza City killing at least 43 people including 10 children and 16 women, Gazans are once again struggling with traumatic memories. The atrocities that are happening now bring memories. Israeli planes have shattered our families so many terrifying and memorable times for decades. For instance, over and over again for three weeks during Cast Lead in December 2008 and January 2009; seven weeks in July and August 2014.

Collapsed buildings’ blocks and gaping holes in Alwehdah Street where there was normal life a week ago are traumatic sights, triggering memories of those earlier atrocities.

Today there are hundreds of injured people to be cared for in our crowded hospitals which are desperately short of many supplies because of the years of Israeli siege. Huge efforts are ongoing by the community to search for people under the wreckage of the buildings.

Among the people who were killed: Dr Moen Al-Aloul, a retired psychiatrist who treated thousands of Gazans at the Ministry of Health; Mrs Raja’ Abu-Alouf a devoted psychologist who was killed together with her husband and children; Dr Ayman Abu Al-Ouf, with his wife and two children, an internal medicine consultant who was leading the team treating patients with COVID at Shifa hospital.

Memories of every previous trauma are impossible to forget becauseall of us in Gaza always live lacking a sense of safety. The Israeli drones have never left the sky over us between 2014 and 2021. Shelling continued to happen during random nights. Although the shelling was infrequent, it was enough every time to remind us all of what we have been exposed to and will be again.

The weekend’s attack took place without any warning. It's yet another massacre. Just an evening earlier ten people were killed including eight children and two women. One family of seven was wiped out except for just the father and a three month old baby. The father lived because he was not at home, and the baby was saved after being found under the wreckage, protected by his mother's body.

Dear Mr Quinn,

I join with James Thring in encouraging you and the party to which you belong to emerge from the mire which you find yourselves in.  The current expression, and its utter lawlessness, is the Covid_19 lie with which you have wrecked many lives, some under motorway bridges, and our national economy.  Hardly 'conservatism'.  There is NO scientific basis for any of your advice, rules or statutes in this regard.

Palestinian children maimed in GazaI know and love my sisters and brothers in Palestine, and especially Gaza, having been there 10 times since the Voyage of the  Dove and the Dolphin 1-02-2003 which I lead, and which Susan my wife of 60 years and me funded - eventually to the tune of £140,000.  You see I am a 'universalist' and I believe in the sanctity of all life.  I do not look at skin or religion, but at the eyes and the soul of each human - now so damaged by psychopaths world wide - and their tools like the abysmal media.

I am pleased to say that my doctor friend in Gaza, Khamis Elessi MD Manila, took me to see Ismail Haniyeh twice.  He does not speak English but we understood each other.  I judged him an honest man who simply wants justice and then freedom for his people.  He grew up in extreme poverty in 'Beach Camp' which I know well.  What the Zionist mouthpieces here never tell the public/polity, is that 800,000 humans were driven from their homes, their land and thus their living, by a fascist entity using force of arms (Czech, British eg Spitfires etc) and overwhelming terror in the spring of 1948.  (The 'displacement' of the native people actually started in c. 1895)  Deir Yassin was the worst of dozens of planned and terrible terrorist activities of Irgun etc.  Many fled in boats from Haifa, and no doubt some grandparents of that real 'flight' survive in Beach Camp.  From there they can see and hear the machine guns of the Israeli navy firing on Palestinian fishermanevery night as they attempt to glean precious protein for the families.

And the terror has been there in every day since 1948 with the underlying intent to clear Palestine of Palestinians, a noble and very peaceful people - essentially pastoral.  It is called genocide and this in Palestine - by every means.  Either dead or beyond the borders of a loose Judea.  See attached - the long held plan - expressed quietly in Hebrew initially in 1982 by Oded Yinon.

Elyaa Abu HijlehArrest

On 1 July 2020, the Israeli Occupying Forces raided Elyaa Abu Hijleh’s house in Al-Tira, demanding proof of identity, whereafter identifying her, the officer informed her that she would be taken to Ofer Prison. Elyaa was blindfolded with a medical mask, along with another mask placed over her nose and mouth, and transported in a military jeep to Ofer prison, where she was left on the floor of a room for an hour and a half. When she requested a chair to sit on, she was denied. Later, Elyaa was taken to a room near the watchtower where she stayed for four hours in the hot weather.

After being searched, she was transferred to interrogation, with her feet bound so tightly she almost fell on her face. Elyaa was placed in a small room with no windows or bathroom, brightly lit by strong white light, and was refused to have her feet shackles removed. The interrogator then interrogated her about her student and union work at the university. This phase of the interrogation lasted for an hour and a half. She was then interrogated for a second time, when the interrogator claimed that there were new questions. After the interrogation was complete, Elyaa was transferred by the Bosta to a medical center for a medical check-up before being transferred to Hasharon prison, culminating a journey of suffering that lasted seven hours.

At Hasharon prison, Elyaa and other fellow female prisoners were threatened by an Israeli prison officer of being tied to their beds and placing them in a room with surveillance cameras. Elyaa was not allowed any change of clothes while at Hasharon, and she was also insulted and harassed by civilian prisoners who were in the same section.

I joined PSC in Nov 2002, having decided to ACT against the crucifixion of the Palestinian people.  (My quote - Dr Abulafi - whilst I was closing up an operation - some years before in Torbay Hospital.  'You know what they are doing to us in Palestine Mr Halpin?'  'I have a fair idea 'Issa' { = Jesus}  ' YOU HAVE NO IDEA, NO IDEA''  I had more time and the energy in spite of a drug I had been prescribed 1992 >)

My cheque, for the meeting + a generous donation to funds, and letter sent to the PSC in October 2002 - chairman Betty Hunter and secretary Hilary Wise.  I turned up at the Institute of Education, Malet St on the date in November 2002 for a big and good meeting.  Heard that UK doctors with antibiotics for children in Gaza had been turned back by the Gestapo.  I was incensed.  Me - I will take a ship so large that these most evil, life denying people will not be able to stop me reaching the people of Gaza.  Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin  1-02-2003 . from Haldon Quay, Torquay.  See  Eyes Open Gaza  20 minutes

The world tilts on its axis. Now my letter to Mel Stride MP and later to Mr Hunt at the Foreign Office

Dear Mr Stride MP,

I had an 'automatic' reply to the e-mail I sent you pleading for Her Majesty's ''Government'' to support the UN Commission of Inquiry into the shooting of thousands of Palestinian humans by snipers of the Israeli Occupation Force.  There was a further bit of digital technology in the way of an 'automatic' reply, when with your silence, I sent the e-mail on to Mr Hunt with this preface below.  As expected, he did not reply either.  Many in the British political class want mayhem, and have zero concern for mothers and babies being shredded by 'Europeans' - as in Yemen with BAe 'guided' bombs.  You and Hunt, and many others like Johnson of 'topple Assad' are beyond the pale (shades of Eastern Europe.)

Preface to Hunt, whose focus for destructive urges has moved from OUR NHS (many letters to you from me) to the abroad.  

FAO  The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Dear Mr Hunt,

I sent this letter below to my MP Mr Mel Stride.  I have had the usual 'automatic' response.  It attempts to synthesise the causes of the terrible suffering of the Palestinians who now have only 2% of Palestine under their 'sole control'.  Myself, with many others, are pleading that HMG responds fairly to the UN Commission of Inquiry into the unlawful and inhumane responses of the Israeli High Command to the protesters taking part in the Great March of Return.

Andrew Woollatt | Ministerial Support Officer to the Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords | Government in Parliament Group | Cabinet Office

Dear Andrew,

Thank you, and for listing my correspondence.  'Chain' in this context is pejorative.  Read my first e-mail to Baroness Lawrence.  My concern was great and my approach proper, especially given her membership of the Joint Select Human Rights Committee.  That a 'chain' followed resulted from the discourteous silence towards an older, well informed citizen of the UK who had served many thousands of patients in his time.  I asked that two colleagues and myself met with Baroness Lawrence.  An unexceptional request.  I achieved it once with Dr Burns-Cox in the HoC - the International Development Committee, chairman Malcolm Bruce.  We had pleaded that the UK, with others but with Iraqi doctors central, should reconstruct the medical services in Iraq which we had destroyed in an unlawful/aggressive war - Nuremberg.  That the meeting was fruitless was no surprise.

You mention the well worn and empty 'Middle East Peace Process.'  The Zionists, from the turn of the twentieth century, planned for the expulsion of the native people and the forceful acquisition of much of the countries around Palestine.  That unlawful process continues.  The worst expression of it was the 'nakba' when in 1948 800,000 Palestinians (two thirds of the population) were driven by force of arms and by extreme terror from their homes, their land and thus their living.  The terror continues in many ways including with the screams of youngsters I tried to get Baroness Lawrence to hear.  The terrible cruelty practised by the Zionist entity on the native people is shown well in the daily bulletins sent by Leslie and Marian Bravery from NZ, and derived from the Palestinian Monitoring Group.  Attachment 1.  Please read it.  The British Press is silent also.

Dr Derek Summerfield, with many doctors, has been attempting to limit or stop the torture of Palestinian adults and children by Israel since 2009.  The campaign was re-ignited two years ago with the support of 67 doctors.  The plea - 'for doctors in Israel to observe their ethical code and the Declaration of Tokyo by not taking ANY part in torture.'  This time Sir Michael Marmot was approached as President of the World Medical Association.  His response was not adequate.  I do not believe he has communicated with Dr Summerfield at all.  The correspondence can be made available.

There can be little that is more serious than this.  Please read the letter to Baroness Lawrence at the foot.  She was addressed having suffered the loss of her dear son and because she is a member of the Joint Human Rights Committee.

Just in from my good doctor colleague Tony Davies.  I think he is over 80 but keeps going.  We have been in Palestine together.  Note EU funding of community centre.  Hundreds of structures built with EU money have been destroyed.  A vile game since the EU supports the entity in all ways.  Its protests are feeble and made to bounce off the wall.


bcc  to Mr John Mann   Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism

Dear Friends, Just before Christmas I spent a week in the Palestinian village of Umm al Kheir. This was because a number of families had their homes demolished in 2016. The villagers asked for an international to stay with them in the hope that this would discourage the Israeli army from bulldozing more buildings -- a particularly brutal thing to do at this time of year. It has been unusually cold and there have been some heavy rain storms. I am doubtful about my visit having had much influence on the Israeli army but the villagers have been very welcoming and kind to me. At least they feel that there are people in other countries who are aware of and concerned about their plight. With very best wishes for 2017 -- Tony

Let Mr Carter ponder on these specks of Palestinian suffering.  Racist?  Cruel beyond imagining?  Without feelings of guilt?

Just the last three of several hundred acts that I have sifted out of thousands and thousands.

And read this speck Mr Carter

Dear David Halpin,

I recently read the following email/article/opinion piece on your website. It is not entirely clear, but am I right to assume that it was written by you?

I have to say, I read it with some shock and concern. In it, the author states that:

“It is utterly inappropriate for any discussion about anti-Jewishness to be guided by any Israeli organ.  There are many reasons.  For instance, it is a deeply racist entity.”

Israel is the place from which Judaism originates and where half of the world’s Jewish population lives. Since its establishment it has been the one country that offers persecuted Jews from around the world unconditional safe haven. It is the religious and cultural heart of Judaism.

In addition to this, the UK recently adopted the International Definition of Anti-Semitism. As a part of that definition, it makes clear that it is anti-Semitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination – for example by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour or, indeed, a “deeply racist entity”.

Further, I am really not sure what this passage means: Look at the membership.  Phillipa Whitford  Keir Starmer and others on the 'Labour' right - what motivates them?  Certainly not humanity nor logic.”

Can I please ask, what is it that you thinks motivates them? It feels as if you are making deeply uncomfortable suggestions without any evidence to support your claims.

I look forward to hearing from you.


This to Mr Mann MP and Zionists 4-06-16.  No reply so far and one not likely either.  I have no voice - unlike them.

Title    'Conflation' of Jewishness/Judaism with 'Israel'    (version to Mann edited)

Sent to the "Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism" Chairman Mr John Mann
A friend sent me a tweet  "Today MPs join the Knesset Committee on Diaspora Affairs to discuss British parliamentary efforts to address antisemitism & hate crime"  4th January.

It is utterly inappropriate for any discussion about anti-Jewishness to be guided by any Israeli organ.  There are many reasons.  For instance, it is a deeply racist entity.  Lethal actions by it are frequent.  (I have experienced that intent twice personally.)  There are  over 400 children imprisoned there, and many are tortured.  Denial of water.  Robbery of land etc etc. 

 Mr Mel Stride MP for Central Devon and Assistant Whip Conservative Party

Dear Mr Stride,

Thank you.  I was aware of the convention, no more than convention, that ministers did not sign EDMs.  I was not aware that party whips are government ministers.  They surely act for party and not government.  And opposition whips?  Anyway, it is about time 'whipping' was abolished in this new millennium and with the UK pretending to be a democracy.

I leave that aside.  There are several hundred Conservative MPs who are not ministers.  Mr Bottomley is the only one who has signed Mr McDonnell's motion.  I ask that you circulate his EDM, preferably with my words, to your many good friends in the party who are not bound by this convention.

As I write, and as you read, there are children in cruel jails in 'Israel' who are frightened, broken and deeply depressed.  The Hares boys have been in for two years - half your time in government.  No Commons tea room for them but often disgusting food.  As they emerge, eventually, into the light of day, from concrete cells and corridors they will be as caged animals, starting at every sound and sudden image.

My disgust I feel for our governments is huge.  Please do something that is moral and principled against a regime which acts with deep cruelty and outside law.  Get the damned Israelis to lay off.