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Dear Friends,

This book by an ex-RN senior intelligence officer will be read very widely - many more times than Blair's 'A Journey' which I have not touched of course. As the 'vortex sucks for ever louder' we need to know that our country, our country, concealed the culprits in the murder of a fine 78 yr old lady, a very intelligent patriot, who was speaking cogently and with great vigour against the Sizewell B reactor.

Commander Robert Green has logged the many essential details and persisted in telling of the horrific murder of his dear aunt, and its cover up, in an excellent yet very disturbing book.

There are echoes between Hilda's story and that of Dr Kelly's 20 years later.

If there were not just a few, but thousands of thorns in the side of government, we might have law, justice, reason and humanity guiding our ship rather than a succession of scurvy crews.

I add that Robert Green and Kate have been very supportive of our efforts to get UK law observed in the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly. This campaign continues unabated.

For more information on the book, and how to buy it, click here.

For truth, reason and justice