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'Bring peace and stability to Syria' says Cameron
PM yesterday  13.00 hrs  3-09-15

Dear Mr Stride,

I was very pleased to hear that Mr Mercer and Mr Burrowes had spoken for the refugees from Syria.  No doubt they would include those from Libya.

The moral obligation is complete given that the UK has joined with others in overthrowing the Syrian state as it exists.  The 'rebels', almost all imported terrorists who are supported by the surrogates of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are also given communications equipment by us and the SAS are active there I am told.  UK Tornado bombers have been on sortie against IS without the knowledge of parliament.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Syria was a stable country, albeit with some Sunni undercurrents.  Its growth rate was 10% I think before the 'rebellion'.

The BBC has reported that this is the largest flight since WW2.  I am not sure of that but I do know that the Palestinian al nakba was the largest as a percentage of the population of native people - 80% fled their homes.

The words of the Prime Minister will be quoted as an example of the greatest hypocrisy.  The two MPs copied go a long way to balancing that.

for truth

David Halpin FRCS


3-09-15  13.00hrs
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