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Mr Stride,     MP for Central Devon and  Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster General


Mr Balchin told me that a letter from another constituent from Central Devon had been sent to the FCO, that being similar - allegedly.  I had had no way to judge that having had no response from you to my letters of 27-06-17 and 30-06-17.

and no sight of the letter from the other constituent -anonymised. Your assistant had not informed me of this unusual arrangement.  'A letter from Mr X will do for Halpin.'

Aside from automated replies, you have not sent ONE WORD to me.  I am writing about the likelihood of HMG being party to further killing and maiming - under pretext - as usual.

You probably speak of democracy in the house and elsewhere.  You disgust me.

David Halpin FRCS


FAO  Peter Balchin,

21 days since I wrote to Mr Stride under a heading of urgent.

Thank you for listening to me.  I omitted to say that my first concern is with the killing and maiming of civilians, but World War waits for the trigger.  You know that over 100,000 have been killed in Syria.  By normal ratios at least 200,000 would have lost limbs or sight etc.  5 million have fled - in great danger.  Some dying as with the little child on the beach of Turkey.  We have taken in 5000!!

The Bullingdon Boy Boris is obviously unconcerned by the risk of further loss, safe in the gilded palace of the FCO.  Destruction is in his make up - the psychopathic make up.  See Hare  See Mosul.

for truth

David Halpin FRCS

The letter

attached - Ali Abbas.  One of our small successes in 'Shock and Awe. Agent?  Most probably a neutron bomb - a WMD!!!!  The pretext for bringing hell to earth in Iraq - for ever.