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Dear Sarah,

I will try to be brief Sarah.  I meet many people, mostly the 'common' man.  Men and women who actually do things that are useful unlike the loudmouths in the Commons with their infinite conceit.  Their loathing of those in the 'House', but especially,for the present, in the opposition benches is plain but is expressed quietly.  Ms Swanson and the LIBERAL and DEMOCRAT party are good metaphors.  The party of Cleggover, now in Ca. with Facebook and in a 'mansion' we are told.  The party of coalition that drove the April 1st 2012 Health and Social Care Act which removed the duty of universal care from the NHS and made the moves via destabilise>demoralise to the eventual dismantling almost complete.  Still recoverable by a people that will get together when a yoke is taken off.  The party of coalesced austerity - the latter so successful that our National Debt is at its highest - 86% aside from those post WW2 years (at least 150%) when bankrupted again to the US, fighting for the freedom of Europe in WW2 as against for the ragtags of Empire with Germany and France in WW1.  The party of weather cock politicians.  But nothing new there in our representational '''democracy'''.  Peterloo, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the Diggers, the Cornish Rebellion truer samples.

I have said for a long time that there is a strong Zionist current in the 'Remain' bloc with its varying content and former colour.  Partly because the paramount war criminal and psychopath Blair and his still extant sofa cabinet have been working the field, including his conferring with Merkel.  Bliar - rehabilitated in the London centric media by the BBC/ZBC.  In part also because there are over 300 MEP's who are Friends of Israel while it shoots to kill and maims civilians in Gaza.  Raised in the House?? In part again because the zealous Zionists like Hilary Benn are so strident (he of the no-fly = defeat of Dr Bashar).  In part because Zionist thugs like MP John Mann are at the front of the shouting.  I noted that he was among the few 'MPs' who had insisted on sitting with a few in a prorogued House.  You will know that there are often no more in that place when the House is sitting when not on holiday or enjoying a freebie to the Promised Land courtesy of Lord Chinn etc.  SIR Oliver Letwin, banker,  - Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Eton College, London Business School, The Hall School, Hampstead has been in the No 10 engine/conspiring room for a long time, but is among  the 28 kicked out by 'toppling Assad' Boris.  He has urged the dying of OUR NHS for years, a process started by Thatcher whose inner cabinet were almost all pro-Zionist, pro-Israel Jews.  I asked sister Mary, being a good researcher, if she would look out the Labour vote re the Iraq 'war', 'investigation' of the latter, Libya, and Syria - all part of the Oded Yinon plan for the decimation of ALL Arab nations/peoples starting with Iraq > Syria>Libya. (attached - a must read.  I have written of it for 15 years about.  And again - the prescient Jew - Milton Mayer - Britain for at least 20 years, it has 'thought it was free'  )

The ZBC has been totally balanced towards 'Remain', even importing Faisal Islam from Sky from C4 to pump out 'economic' scares.  He said: “It is a great honour to be taking up this crucial role at the BBC at this critical moment in the country’s economic history."  Press Gazette - 'Fighting for the Freedom of British Journalism' sic.  I presume Kamal Ahmed would not toe the line.  Here is the latest from the ZBC - a typical microbe from one culture plate to another on the 'opposition' benches

Do read it Sarah.  This was at first on the Conservative Friends for Israel website I see.  When 'Sam' was writing this in September 2018, or CFI was writing for him, the 'Haganah', the Givan Brigade etc had already killed over 100 and maimed over 10,000 Palestinian humans at the unarmed, every Friday, Great March of Return demonstrations at the borders of the largest existing concentration camp in our still beautiful world.

Think on this.  Iraq, Babylon, the cradle of our 'civilisation', Libya and Syria, the Yemen - gateway to the Red Sea which Zion seeks to control, Somalia, Sudan.  What part has the pinnacle of democracy, the EU, played in these 'theatres'?  The two former destroyed, (along with many of its citizens plus millions maimed, FOR EVER - as planned.)

Finally - back to Britain for all its terrible faults.  Exmoor, where last Saturday, a marvellous sawmill/museum was open for the two days.  The Cowbridge Museum.  A dear old fellow and his wife, Owen Rush, had bought a derelict sawmill which had been stripped by the retiring owner years ago.  He, with good old fellows and their wives, had restored the mill and collected wood working machinery from round the country. An Aladdin's cave for me and all very good men.  Ten of them worth more than the House put together.  Recalling the energy and brain of our country.  One, Arnold, was apprenticed at the BR Derby carriage works.  His later work was on

Having known the virtues of the rail since boyhood, (and writing of the need for a low mass, light railway for local transport in the State Examination as a sixth former) I appreciated the comfort of these well designed and very well made coaches on the 125 expresses.  All this in spite of deliberate under-funding of British Rail.  You know that with inflation adjusted, we now spend 2.5 times more on rail via state subsidy of private outfits.  By 'backhanders' he said, Derby lost out to Italian Pendolino and Japanese Hitachi.  And I bet EU Competition 'Law' and EU 'anti-trust' manoeuvres were involved, as elsewhere in defeat of our industry.  The Derby works were ancient - asbestos and the rest.  Investment.  So the 'new' Hitachi is built in Japan, carried by polluting heavy oil from the other side of the world to Italy where it is finished.  Thence by rail to the UK????

The Pendolino, Branson the crook and borrower, noisy with the motor units underneath each carriage, and uncomfortable seating with little friendly exchange with others.  A triumph of the neo-liberal. 

Stephenson's Rocket, not the first in 1829.  The rocket is needed to project the parasitic, political class, few of which have ever done a proper job, into orbit, or onto a sparse island where they can insult and shout at each other until they starve, like some of their subjects at home and abroad.
All about is mouthing and bugger all substance and principle.  And the traitorous.  I bet the blue/gold flag wavers in Westminster (? a bit of Soros funding perhaps) know little of this.