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Clerk to Haccombe with Combe Parish Council  bccs to interested/supportive villagers

Dear Suzannah,

I have yet to reply to your brief e-mail when you told me that the 'PRWO' Mr Jonathan Rowlands had walked up the drove track, and then right up to No Man's Land a week or two after the 'fire', with two parish councillors.  I will do so but should be grateful for your help as numbered below.

1.  The PC has been privileged in receiving information from PC Robert Harvey about the arson.  Although I e-mailed him twice I had no replies from him.  He had replied about the theft of the post - in essence down to me.  You told me that he said the black Ford Focus had been sold on several times.  No crime number was given to me that your contacts with him had generated.  The registration plate (and I learn they are being stolen and swapped without DVLA or police action) was recorded by the PC chairman, Tim Boarer.  Please tell me of his relevant observations.  You told me he had walked up the track that afternoon of the 2-06-2020 and seen the car positioned on the track - at a point nearest the linhay we finished building with a good stone mason and carpenter in 1994.  Home to barn owls later - nest included by me in the building.

2.  You said Mr Rowlands was going to write to me.  4 months have passed.  I have heard nothing from him.  As you know I have never had any contact with him ever since he was party with Dr Matthew Fox and the parish council in the removal of the posts in October 2012.  The posts had been set in place by me and Mark Blaber, whom I have employed for most of 40 years in about 2000 to stop destruction, especially of the hedge bank I own.  You will know that I have cared for this ancient drove track for c. 40 years, about six years before I bought the 25 acres to the east in 1986. 

I have read again the two postings on my website found by searching <drove track>. My accounts are clear.  I do not retreat one iota from saying 'the culmination of a malicious campaign by the Haccombe with Combe Parish Council.

This is the first posting below

I quote   I advise that the past and present members of the PC who agreed to the removal of the posts, some of whom you told me stood round in appreciation at the removal by posts by a mini-digger (driver anonymous), read Franz Kafka's The Trial.  I also call for the resignation of these destructive members of the Parish Council of Haccombe with Combe.  Councillor Dewhirst should join them. I offered to meet him and show him the damage done by these motorised vandals.  He in effect refused.  He wanted to be guided by a PC member instead!  That a DC and TD councillor supported the use by 4x4s of an Ancient Drove Track which the DC has no lien over should and will be publicised - at least on my website.

This is the second posting -

I have been fobbed off as regards examination for toxic chemicals firstly in regard to Ms Hilary Bond's sheep grazing on pasture below the lower buddle, and secondly re. contamination of the estuary.  Both Mr Peter Ball of the EA Devon, and the TDC manager (who wrote by e-mail 2 weeks ago) are the 'fobbers'.  I will be writing further.  An advanced 'democracy' does not have the energy, principle and facilities to examine a potential problem raised by a conscientious retired doctor and surgeon.

I am greatly relieved by the attention given by the D&C Police Force, and especially by PC Clarke Orchard.  An appropriate family name.  He has the added benefit of having grown up close to Combe and worked as a lad delivering f&v for the Luscombe family market gardeners.  I have asked that the force place formal posters requesting any evidence top and bottom.  THese vandals are ruthless, and have certainly been 'stalkng' me.  I remain fearful that our linhay will be set on fire.  Insurance for re-building of it would be insufficient relief from such evil.  Police posters might stay their dirty hands.

Penultimate - Mr Tim Boyd, who with is 4 siblings 'buried' their dear mother about 2 months ago, has given further evidence.  He was awakened at about 3.40 am by 4x4 noise.  Later, at around 9.15 am, Carl Napper of Combe Garage heard 2 chainsaws going in the direction of the ancient drove track.  He went up a bit but thinking it was men working for me, did not want to appear nosy.  He saw a rope coming down from a tree.  I then understood how a butt of a large cherry was separated from its roots on the west side of the track, and then swung over the hedge bank I own, then crushing the stock fence and soft wood stakes.  Risk of sheep escaping/2 hours of extra work for Richard and myself.

Carl has come back and said that it was Tuesday 22nd of September.  Fair to assume that Tim Boyd's wakening was the same date.  The Parish Council can see the sort of people it has allied with. 

Having met with PC Orchard last Sunday afternoon, and helped him witness the advanced damage to my hedge bank up past the scene of the intense fire, I returned to cut and split a load of logs for/with Tim Boyd.  About 3.45.  I saw a couple examining the butt, which I had with Richard Penellum's help got on to my link box (at least 4cwt) and placed it back in the track.  THe couple eventually appeared.  To cut it short, the male identified himself as the chairman of the Combe PC- Mr Tim Boarer.  He persisted in claiming this ancient drove track was listed/shown on the DCC maps.  He seemed uncertain about his use of a mini-digger on the track - hired by him to the council I recall for £200.  I enquired as to the propriety of that you will recall.  The lady with him concluded the conversation by saying 'we cannot get up the track.'  She had legs but I am certain she me ant by vehicle.  So I ask - a.  Has the chairman had ANY contact with 4x4 drivers/owners about this particular track?  b.  Has the 'Combe' parish  council had any communication - verbal, e-mail, or by post from or to with 4x4 ers ?  FOI.

Lastly, I have asked for an apology, and for the resignation of parish councillors who had agreed this malicious campaign.  Have these two requests been put formally, and iuf so what were the minuted responses?

for truth    and for our forebears, and for those who made sacrifices for Britain 1939 to 1946.

David Halpin  MB BS FRCS

ps  I will deal with the parts played or not played by Dr Matthew Fox and 'PROW' Rowlands later, if the latter is still in post and on the DCC payroll.