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I have had a long and friendly relationship with our local 'rag' - the Mid Devon Advertiser based in Newton Abbot.  I have written quite often for instance about the closure of community hospitals. About 70% of such beds in these crucial hospitals have been closed in Devon. The fascists in Westminster have minds and intentions that see OUR NHS as being too good for the common woman and man. They want a return to a 'cap in hand' Victorian model, or up your mortgage to find £15,000 to relieve the pain and disability so easily treated by a hip replacement.

I had an especially friendly and productive relationship with Patrick Beasley, a long serving senior journalist on this paper. He encouraged me to write a series of 'In My Opinion by Doctor David Halpin'. There were about 22 in all, and included warm and inspiring pieces like this attached. He told me that they were much appreciated and some older people thanked me in the street for them.

"But the last piece I presented to the MDA on the 31st of October was mangled purposely. The week previously that attached second was published 27-10-2023, but no doubt the Zionist and right-wing lobbies got on the blower. The catch was that I had mentioned a genocide which in fact started in 1947 in Palestine, and which has been incremental since reaching its apogee Oct 7th 2023. Read - Ilan Pappe - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. The text of this article as sent 31-10-23 is attached third. I cannot find my scanning of the version the MDA printed, but the crucial quotation of John Donne was crippled, and the font reduced to make it difficult to read, especially for the elderly."

BBC TV ‘News’ at 10pm GMT 28-01-20 showed jubilant scenes at the White House as President Trump trumpeted a final solution for Plan Dalet (1) in company with the Prime Minister of Israel.

There had been extensive coverage of the 75thanniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen Belsen on the BBC. The news reader Reeta Chakrabarti reported from Auschwitz, where the Duke of Cambridge and his wife were part of the ceremony of remembrance and presumed determination against repetition. The Prince of Wales was shown at Vad Yashem, a mile from an unmarked Deir Yassin (2) where he gave a speech after he had shared a warm hand shake with Vladimir Putin. That speech (3) included these words -

And we must never forget that every human being is be-tselem Elokim, “in the image of God,” and even a single human life is ke-olam malei, “like an entire universe.”

“ …. and to ensuring that those who lived through this darkness will forever, as in the words of the prophet Isaiah, be “a light unto the nations,” to guide the generations that follow.”

Shoah (שואה) , in the text of his speech is spelt with a capital S, just as the Nazi instigated Holocaust is spelt with a capital. These capitals require thought, because they speak of the exclusive, whereas shoahs are common. (4) One was promised by assistant Defence Minister Matan Vilnai (5) to the Palestinian people of Gaza, mostly descended from the largest part of the 800,000 refugees from Plan Dalet.

The Prince of Wales did not refer to the £5 billion attack weapon that is near completion bearing his name. Nor to the other aircraft carrier bearing his mother’s official name, HMS Queen Elizabeth (6). That was with a large US fleet in the Persian Gulf earlier in 2019, waiting for the pretext to attack Iran. The one half of the ‘Peace Deal’, absent of the Palestinian fraction, had been urging the destruction of Iran for a decade at least. Hilary Clinton had echoed this (7) - I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”

Every citizen of Britain, be they either asleep or outraged by a country lowered by design, should see and hear every word of this comedy for tragedy


Dear Colleagues,

Slept short last Friday - of course.  Just missed 'Sailing By' - a peaceful, synthetic music lullaby, the best of the BBC.  Shipping forecast - recalling the exquisite science of meteorology, the skills of the merchant marine and the courage of fisher folk.

Woke to World Service, funded still by the execrable FCO, 'The Real Story'.  Excellent.  Ecological scientists patched in from Norway, Germany, Spain, Britain and the US - Richard Roberts Nobel what? the stain.  The most informative and stolid - Doug Parr, Chief Scientist of Greenpeace.

Then the switch at 5.20am BST to the black propaganda.  Houthi 'rebels' withdrawing from the 3 ports - Hadeida + as per a peace agreement forged in December!!  No mention of £4+billion BAe arms sales to the current decapitators of 47 dissident voices.  A UN woman spokesman - in tune with prop.  But later, the great uplift.  A black bird's song at dawn -

Dear Mr Shaw,

I have not heard from you, as one of the 25 million licence payers and someone with a close knowledge of the Middle East. This country is in TROUBLE and its citizens should be informed for several reasons.

The number of arrests following this latest killing is unprecedented. That suggests a large cell.  The picture painted by Tony Cartalucci appears to fit.  That is there is an organization bent on further killing and mayhem that has had a benign relationship with the SIS.  If this organization is the LIFG and the UK has colluded with it, we must be told.

You will know by now.  Is this cell LIFG and if not, what is its character/name.

Thank you

David Halpin

Dear Friends,

This book by an ex-RN senior intelligence officer will be read very widely - many more times than Blair's 'A Journey' which I have not touched of course. As the 'vortex sucks for ever louder' we need to know that our country, our country, concealed the culprits in the murder of a fine 78 yr old lady, a very intelligent patriot, who was speaking cogently and with great vigour against the Sizewell B reactor.

Commander Robert Green has logged the many essential details and persisted in telling of the horrific murder of his dear aunt, and its cover up, in an excellent yet very disturbing book.

There are echoes between Hilda's story and that of Dr Kelly's 20 years later.

If there were not just a few, but thousands of thorns in the side of government, we might have law, justice, reason and humanity guiding our ship rather than a succession of scurvy crews.

I add that Robert Green and Kate have been very supportive of our efforts to get UK law observed in the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly. This campaign continues unabated.

For more information on the book, and how to buy it, click here.

For truth, reason and justice


Media bury documents revealing Israels deliberate policy of near starvation For Gaza

By Media Lens

November 17, 2010 "
Media Lens" - - Israel has been forced to reveal what Palestinians and other observers on the ground have known for a long time: that the blockade of Gaza is state policy intended to inflict collective punishment, not to bolster Israeli "security".

An Israeli human rights group has won a legal battle to compel the Israeli government to release three important documents. These outline state policy for permitting the transfer of goods into Gaza prior to the May 31 attack on the peace flotilla in which nine people were killed by Israeli forces. The group, Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, is demanding Israeli transparency. Meanwhile, Israel refuses to release documents on the current version of blockade policy which was "eased" after international condemnation following the flotilla attack.

The released documents, whose existence Israel had denied for eighteen months, reveal that the state approved "a policy of deliberate reduction" of basic goods, including food and fuel, in the Gaza Strip. Gisha Director Sari Bashi explains: