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Part 2: Step 2.

Left Right Right! Shun! High Port Arms! Take Aim!!

I woke early, for a usual visit, and with a sixth sense and sensitive antennae of the natural sort, switched on that which the Foreign (and Commonwealth/Colonial Office/Windrush) Office was pumping trough the World Service which it funds from our taxes. It calls itself ‘The world’s radio station’. It is a canny mix of the excellent broadcast and obvious propagandare nero (PN). It is switched from BBC Radio 4 just after the beguiling lullaby Sailing By and a ‘’News’’ clip.

There was ‘news’, around 4am of the Dictator, and ‘Crown Prince’, Mohammad Ben Salman – MBS to you.

He had, with all the forensic evidence such as satellite records of myriad ship movements in the Gulf, gas chromatographic analysis of the explosive used on SIX tankers (?C4), said that he too held Iran responsible. Whether Greek logic was applied was unlikely. The State Broadcaster never transmits CUI BONO. But MBS ‘did not want war’. His utterly corrupt and psychopathic junta has ordered, bought, been cajoled into buying, bribed by BAe/Boeing $/£ 44billions worth of life-destroying toys. It has the closest ties with the Zionist Entity, Israel, as well as possible ethnic ones. Latest - Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih earlier called for a "swift and decisive" response to the attacks.

I caught the last of Yolande Knel reporting from the media ‘community’ in the capital of the ‘only

democracy in the ME’ - Tel Aviv-Yafo תֵּלאָבִיב. From ‘Tell of Spring’! It sounded very frank – charges against PM Netanyahu and ?honest efforts to depose him.

There is incidentally, no continuing interest in Mrs May’s husband Peter (2) who is employed by the Capital Group ‘Assets’ under Management $1.3 TRILLION. (Which definition- ten to the twelfth power 1012, or to the eighteenth?). The Canary, with its journalists (‘investigative’ a given) sparked very relevant interest

The ‘world’s radio station’ is switched back on to similar megawattage at 5.20 am BST from GMT.

In ‘review of the papers’ where government PN is switched back and forth between terrestial and print sources, we learned that a few hundred British ROYAL Marines were being sent to the Gulf to ‘protect the British Fleet’ there. They are probably in fact SAS. They will be flown to Bahrein, and conveyed by US navy helicopters to billets on HMS Queen Elizabeth, a £5 billions plus attack and austerity weapon (last ‘news’!) in the Gulf of PERSIA.

Then. There was further supporting PN via the State Broadcaster, and the rest, showing Chinook helicopters (Boeing) dropping sand bags for an unacceptional flood in Lincolnshire. All the services – social, fire etc pulling together, unusually, but as in WW2 .

Coincidentally, of course, we have had a massive commemoration of the Normandy landings excepting any reference to Russia, the massive demonstrations in Hong Kong (Soros anywhere in the sardine packed crowds), and yesterday news that the urbane husband of NazaninZaghari-Ratcliffe,imprisoned in Iran for 3 years and away from her children, started a hunger strike from a tent outside the Foreign Office in parallel with his wife. Her image was paired by the State Broadcaster with an image of a burning tanker, a column of black smoke above it.

The orchestration is loud, but not harmonious and very obvious.

Finally, from the Foreign Office of the ‘World’s Greatest Alliance’, leaving out a third partner, is this -

The UK has always taken a leading role in responding to global challenges and in making the most of opportunities for our country. However information and influence are dispersed and contested amongst many more actors, both state and non-state. This, and the pace of change in an ever more challenging global environment, inevitably have a significant impact on how the UK government projects influence and protects its national interests.

The shifting global context, a new relationship with Europe, and the need to deliver more with finite resources, requires us to evolve and enhance how we achieve our goals. We need to use government assets more cohesively and efficiently to maintain our global standing. Global Britain is about reinvesting in our relationships, championing the rules-based international order and demonstrating that the UK is open, outward-looking and confident on the world stage.

Added 19thJune Trump, a major psychopath at the Tampa Nuremberg rally - And as I heard, Mike, saying before, we recognized the true capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem and we recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.And I withdrew the United States from the disaster -- its a disaster, a disaster, the disastrous Iran nuclear deal and imposed the toughest ever sanctions on the world's No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism.









About the author. David Halpin is a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in his 80thyear. He gets some peace from this Satanism in the woods he planted 30 years ago. He and Sue his wife, with many supporters, launched the The Voyage of The Dove and The Dolphin (7) - video – 20 minutes. This voyage was in common humanity with a people on the Cross and to shout against the looming Supreme War Crime, the bombardment and destruction of Iraq and many, many thousands of its innocent humans. ‘No mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world’ - the author.

He often quotes Milton Mayer says ‘do your best to heal and not to harm’ - derived from a surgical maxim.