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I recommend that people read this full account of the US/Trump stance by Professor Chossudovsky, editor of Global Research.  It contains many facts which will never be given by the most corrupt western 'media'.  You have to go on line to find any truths -

Quote re US/UK air attacks within Syrian and Iraqi air space

'The air raids were intended to destroy the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.'

I add my amateur assessment of the hair trigger for WW3 in the Persian Gulf as of 14-06-19, published in Global Research

Search ' david halpin persian gulf' >  one of several but this in particular -

Others  and I recommend them for the fact that HMG lies consistently  - › 36-articles › 128-syria-hmg-posture-an...

Syria. HMG posture and actions. International law as written

31 Aug 2012 - The Website of David Halpin. ... you to answer the question at the foot. I have just read a transcript of Mr Hague's speech at the UN. ... As I write several Dolfin class submarines are on station in the Persian Gulf. There are ... › syria-britains-foreign-secretarys-litany-of-l...

Syria: Britain's Foreign Secretary's Litany of Lies and Distortions

21 Sep 2012 - By Dr. David Halpin ... and the creation of refugees on a vast scale. ... I write several Dolfin class submarines are on station in the Persian Gulf.) )

An accurate analysis of the complete absence of respect for international law by HMG -

Using that oft used word 'trajectory' - for GB, it is downwards.  Turkeys voted for this last Christmas.  A two party 'democracy' - endless horse trading, no principle.  You heard them cheering 'leaders' who do not know the words of the Nuremberg Protocols and the Charter of the UN, and who have no respect for the part of GB within those documents.

Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Opposition – 08-01-20 Hansard  “The Government have said that they are sympathetic to the assassination of General Soleimani. What evidence has the Prime Minister got to suggest that this attack on General Soleimani, and his death, was not an illegal act by the United States?”

The Prime Minister “Clearly, the strict issue of legality is not for the UK to determine, since it was not our operation. I think that most reasonable people would accept that the United States has a right to protect its bases and its personnel. I remind the House that the individual concerned—General Qasem Soleimani—was, among other things, responsible over many years for arming the Houthis with missiles with which they attacked innocent civilians; arming Hezbollah with missiles, which again they used to attack innocent civilians; sustaining the Assad regime in Syria, which is one of the most brutal and barbaric regimes in the world;and, of course, supplying improvised explosive devices to terrorists who, I am afraid, killed and maimed British troops. That man had the blood of British troops on his hands.”

Ben Chacko is the editor of the Morning Star, a paper which is shunned by the rest of the media.  His editorial is entirely true and stands against the terrible output of the BBC.  (And which I have challenged X3 since the assassination of Suleimani and fellows). For space Chacko cannot tell that Israel has bombed Syria over 200 times, without much retaliation, and illegally held the Golan.  Nor that PM Johnston, as 'Foreign' Secretary, stood up to say on a visit to the ME that GB was set to 'topple Assad' and that 'we' were giving, or had given, £90 million to the 'rebels'.  All was unlawful in international law. 

It is no surprise that evidence of 'societal disintegration' is all about us in a previously thoughtful and principled country - OUR NHS being the best symbol of that.  The leaderships are rotten.  Just look at how Tom Watson, as deputy leader of Labour, was supported by many Labour MPs for three years plus.  More to the point, we have seen Blair re-habilitated by the BBC especially and no attempt made by official Labour to bring him to international justice.  Many of his acolytes like Jess Phillips etc have been voted back in.

Chacko's " Going back to the Iraq war is instructive. Partly because this “crime of the century” spawned much of the chaos and destabilisation of the Middle East that has occurred since."  is true, completely.  Just think, Hitler retiring from his 'Fuehrership' to his home near Berchtisgarten to tend geraniums - in 'peace'.  Attached.  Blair.  Albania August 2016 - advising the president.  Close protection officers from the Met.  £3 million pa.

for truth