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Our dear Fiona underwent an emergency colostomy for obstruction due to a rectal cancer last July. Symptoms had first appeared about two months before. The advance of the cancer was rapid.

She underwent two courses of chemotherapy, and then palliative radiotherapy for a mass in her tummy on the right side. The cancer was not checked and in her final month of life the obstruction of her large bowel was total. Happily, and with the help of an anti-spasmodic, she was able to drink and eat sorbets etc

Throughout her illness she never complained.  She continued to live her life as actively as possible, and with good humour.

She had wonderful support within our NHS, and especially the 'end of life' care provided by District and Weldmar Hospice nurses. The care given by her partner Andy Napper was exceptional, and added to by the close family. The family is stronger for this.

Sue and I have had many cards and messages in sympathy and love. We have realised how much this sustains people in their grief.

This post is  -  to thank the many, and in celebration of Fiona's life - with her caring at the centre.


The eulogy written by Sue and by Fiona's brother Andrew, and read at the service by the celebrant Antonia Burt.

The service order with an image of Fee.  This includes a short piece by me the father, in thanks for all the care given.