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The Western media portrayal of the Ukrainian 'crisis', but silent on the history. The words and actions of the psychopaths - Cameron etc.      

25 March 2014

His excellency, Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the 'Court of St James'.

Dear Ambassador,

Many Britons are outraged at the manner in which Russia and its people are being 'demonised', especially by the state mouthpiece, the BBC.

Few Britons know that Nuland had visited the Ukraine three times since last November or that she had spoken of 5 billion dollars having been spent in subverting the country in the last few years. Or that she had appointed Yatseniuk as "PM" in an illicit government. We find the word 'hypocrisy' becomes more inadequate the more egregious become the words and actions of western/NATO/EU 'leaders'.  We know that the sniper shots came from one source, killing 27 unarmed policemen and over 70 protestors. We know too that the 'government' arising out of this most violent coup d'etat has swept aside any investigation of these killings. As a surgeon I know very well that the investigation would have been straightforward. This is a good example of the depth of illegality of this gang.

We reflect on the contrast between the killings and injuries in the Maidan and the fact that the Crimea has been brought back into Russia without one death.

We have longer memories and better learning than these wicked clowns like Hague who rule our disorderly nation. I remember how the people of Murmansk celebrated the bravery of the very courageous British merchant seamen who survived the Arctic convoys and how the USSR wanted to present those men with a medal. That was resisted, as you know. A medal with a white ribbon was given to the surviving few by our government recently; those men who had died already did at least know the warmth of Russia for their deeds.

We know that 26 million Russians died in WW2, many suffering terribly in the cold. Without the sacrifices on the Eastern front, we know that here in the UK we would have been serfs of the Third Reich.

We know that when the Red Army liberated that major part of Germany, it fed the people. We know that in the 'western' sector at least a million German humans starved to death.

There are many western leaders who show the worst characteristics. They feed division and they frighten the people. I have done my best to stand with the Palestinian people in Gaza and the ineptly named West Bank. I have said often that if I took a troubled British family to Gaza and sat them in the family circle of poor people, then they would learn a great deal about calmness in the face of terrible poverty and about respect for one other, especially for the child. And so it is with almost all humble people the world over. We would get on with a smile and an embrace.

I see most people yearning for peace in this still beautiful world and I love the universal qualities in all of us, including our Russian sisters and brothers.

My wife and I send good wishes to you and the Russian people.

For truth

David Halpin MB BS FRCS