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FAO   Simon Wood  Head, Crisis Management Department  Foreign and Commonwealth Office       

Date  9 November 2015

Dear Mr Wood,

Thank you for your letter of the 5th of October.  I have been unwell.  You display irritation in my persistence.  Any irritation should be felt by me.  I asked straight questions and should have received straight answers.  They were  a.  why were only 8 bodies brought back on each of the C17 flights  and  b. the cost of the 4 flights carrying the 28 coffins.

You answered a. with the fact that 8 chapels had been built at Brize Norton and that respect was to be given.   I understand both, but I know that some military families found it incongruous and perhaps upsetting that a military type ceremony was used to take each deceased person to the chapel.  As for the cost in a country where 'austerity' is in every broadcast, I have to find that by looking each month at the FCO account spreadsheets via the link you gave me.  I have said before that the FCO must have had an estimate of cost from the MOD, and if it did not, maladministration is the charge.  I exclude the vulgar possibility that the staged repatriation was not done to further dramatise mass 'jihadi' killing.

I have looked at your 'Support for British nationals abroad: A guide' and note 'Making special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil unrest or natural disasters.'  The FCO response has been appropriate under this heading to the mass homicide in Sousse.

It might be instructive to examine how the Russian government has dealt with the mass homicide (assuming an 'external cause') of 224 of its citizens, including 17 children.  I noted that 140 dead persons were taken home by a transport plane.  As you also arranged, all were taken to one mortuary.  Among other public displays, respect was given and grieving helped by services in three Russian Orthodox Churches this last Sunday.  They have been used to loss of course, with 26 million lost in WW2 saving Europe.

Given that Britain has been a party in 'setting the Middle East on fire' against the Nuremberg Protocols, and has taken no action whatsoever in stopping the increasing torment of the Palestinian people, it would seem, very sadly, that more mass homicides are likely whether they arise from 'terrorism'/vengeance or have a false flag basis.  Thus, a less costly means of re-patriation will need to be planned, ensuring of course that respect is maintained.

I was born into this country in 1940.  There was cohesion then and a great decency.  In adult life, I served thousands of patients with all the energy and skill I could muster.  During the same time I saw the world being torn apart, largely by the west, and millions killed, maimed or made refugees as with the 4 million in Iraq, and a similar number in Syria.  The UK is also a part of that latter and great evil.  Do not defend it.

You will know at the FCO what is at the bottom of all this blood and tears.  Before PNAC and the later 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' was a short but central plan laid out by Oded Yinon in 1982.  He was ostensibly a journalist working in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but Mossad was his likely base.  Israel Shahak, a good man, translated the 'words' of Yinon in which there is no reference to the human loss his Satanic plans would cause.  If you do not know his plan for the decimation of ALL Arab entities, you will not know that IRAQ was first in line   you have to scroll down to Yinon

I thank you Mr Wood.

for truth and with kind regards

David Halpin FRCS

ps  copy to Mr Tobias Ellwood, Mr Mel Stride MP and my web site